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I explain why this is numbered 8,10 & 9,11 on page 8.

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119a = 184MB/ 1:13 hrs, 12.26.08, rated X. This explains #102 that was sort of a combination of sex education and the credits for the 9.11 disaster, continued on 119b.
118 = 249MB/ 1:35 hrs,
117 = 362MB/ 2:09 hrs, 1.1.09. I re-did 12.26.08 classes into 117, 117a, 118 & 119, rated X. 
        I show the IRS and me in Amadeus, then the start of #75 where the feedback from New York City showed they knew the 9.11 disaster was coming and why. I read a letter I wrote that explains why hospitals and doctors are too dangerous for me to visit (CNN165). I explain the signs in porno ads (rated X). I explain three parallels of The John Birch Society as soar losers and in The Shawshank Redemption. They are also in 117a and in 127q1, which explains (KAL) Korean Air Lines flight 007 and Korean Yummy BBQ in two KAL crashes. 
        (Here goes another “death bed” sermon, 8.14.09, also @ #49 on page 4; a good TCB day.)
 I just realized another reason for that “oj” sign on Korea, it was in a rated X magazine (PABO), advertising a product called “yummy cum”. That’s a big “fit wit” to the rated X part of 117a where I show that Elle Mae from The Beverly Hillbillies TV show was parallel Amy Richardson and the Miss Rights who refused to do God’s will. That “yummy cum” is to torture Mr Right by starving him for sex (and then call him a pervert if he’s ever interested in sex, please read 117a above) while giving it all to the wrong guys that are out of God’s will. Hence heaven came up with a way to pay them back, (yummy BBQ), and a song that describes it in “Another one Bites the Dust” (ABTD), by Queen (on 125 below). I explain in 127q1 that the the Lord gave me a sign in the Bible “who will stand up for me?”, the day after another KAL jet crashed 8.6.97. It was a loud and clear sign for me to play that song, (ABTD), as a sign that the KAL crash was the wrath of God on my behalf. After that, a private jet crashed and Jeff Nunnes in apartment next to mine (working for the damn 666 FBI before I got him evicted for breaking the law too many times), played parts of that song, (ABTD), trying to get me to claim that crash as the wrath of God on my behalf. 
        In #127n and #127O I suggest its time for Korea to forgive Japan’s WW II war crimes because you become what you judge, and Korea has already become as big an ingrate to the USA as Japan is. I saw “pork BBQ” T-shirt on the bus as we went by a “Korean Yummy BBQ” restaurant and it was a sign of the Lord’s anger. Just like the song “the morning sun is shining like a Red Rubber Ball” is a sign on the Japanese flag of how bad they blew it 12.7.41 at Pearl Harbor (see 127e3 and 127e4). There’s another oriental food that explains this, “Simply Asia” has come to mean “simply prejudice”. See this  11 minute video of Bruce Lee as a god to me and orientals from #127a, (he’s also in a 4 minute video from “Dragon” on page 4 @ #49).    

        Just like the “86ed” signs I explain with a Chinatown parade 1.21.06 (in #113) were parallel the dud party in the park I show 2.23.07 and both foretold of the 86ed magic for the olympics in China in 2008. Actually that 86ed olympics magic was carried over from NBC in Athens in 2004 as I explain next.   
         This has turned into another “brutally honest” death bed sermon that I realized was now or never. That also explains why I show “The Main Event” with the olympics from 8.13.04 (in this #117 class), as a sign that Tom Brokaw and Bob Costus “cost us” a magic carpet ride from heaven through the olympics because they had enough clout with NBC to stand up to the women who were going to mar “the olympics return to Athens” with a bunch of mock the one commercials. Read (and see) the end of #117a above for how evil NBC got to me. On one of my first “death bed sermons” on #1c1 is where I finally had the guts to tell how bad Tom and Bob “cost us” that magic carpet ride, and that led to me showing the scenes in this class (#117), that I only talked about in #1c1. That led to me having the courage to explain “Simply Asia” above. Watch the five minute  video on #125 below and read how the Lord sets me up to be so honest. 
        That reminded me of a comedy TV show where “Mr Honesty” visited a couple at home. After telling the wife about her bad cooking he shows the the sexy negligee the husband asked him to buy for his secretary. That also reminds me of the song “I can’t dance” by Genesis,
“gator getting close hasn’t got me yet”. I’ve noticed the gators closing in ever since I started these death bed sermons.page_4.htmlpage_13.htmlpage_4.html
116b (L) = 329GB/ 2:08 hrs, continued from 116a and re-did this on 6.27.09. This was a break through for me and so I did a video table of contents on 116d to explain it. It started with me explaining the end of my 11.13.95 MTV AOL and the signs that God had “saved the best for last” and that my AOLs were over. This evolved into a checkmate on MTV, New York, the stars and the por/nos. I’m getting better at finding out and proving how much they knew they were called to come through and also knew the the price would be very ex-pensive for not doing so. I start to elaborate on “you don’t know what you’re missing” by not having the patience to find sex and love in God’s will and timing. I show examples in the movies An Affair to Remember, Sleepless in Seattle and Miracle on 34th street, also a song by Laura Branigan. There’s a few rated X scenes and one is a “c//”of when I first saw Rosie Odonnel (sp?), and the music video “Together forever” in 1988. She was a VJ on VH-1 and I show that song with a scene from  “Circle of Friends” at 1:09 to 1:17 on #65. The last few seconds of “over-run” at the end was another “sign” of the checkmate on the stars and the por/nos. The ten minutes 
at 1:50 is condensed from 105a.page_17.htmlpage_7.html
116a = 176MB/ 1:08 hrs, 12.20.08. Continued from 115, rated X. (I explain this, especially the first ten minutes, on 116c.) I show a scene from Gettysberg (from a over run of #1c1). Then I start to redo #9 & 10 to prove how much they knew the 9.11 disaster was coming (the last 8 min), but cut it short and sum it up on  #116b.
115 = 328MB/ 2:08 hrs, 12.20.08. This is the first 2 of 4 hours I did because I thought I’d be dead in less than 2 weeks. That is why I wasn’t afraid to tell what I knew about the “curse of Ham”. Like even though the Holy Spirit changed from black to white because the blacks weren’t cooperating in the pornos, when I get to heaven She’s going to be black again, the last 20 min of #127m is what the Holy Spirit looks like and sounds like as a black girl courting me (through brandy).
        The main reason for this is I keep finding more convincing proof of how much people knew the 911 disaster was coming and how to prevent it; also more proof of all the permission for sex God was offering through me. That both of these were turned down by women running things was more proof that “drumstick ice cream” is now “dumb stick” (its gong to stick: dumb broads), for all the ice cream and “happy days” they threw away in their power play against God.
        I show songs from 10.31.95 on MTV about the sex God was offering and how they mocked it away (like Maxim magazine did 12.2003, with far less excuse for being that stupid). I show the song “you’re little secret” with a “secret” deodorant commercial, (the secret was that “you’re horns are showing” and its going to stay that way). I show a commercial by Snickers with the Buffalo Bills and one by Special K . I explain how it was a big sucker play by God on MTV, the pornos and Quality Fresh Cigars (QFC), because it was a great break (834), to quit cigars, MTV and the pornos after they mocked me away.
120 = 320MB/ 2:08 hrs. Show the tourist magazines I got from Waikiki 12.24.08, also on 117a (and at the end of 4ex notebook #3, that’s a reference note for me).
119b = 135MB/ 54 min, continued from 119a.
121 = 320MB/ 2:08 hrs, 1.4.09. Rated X and the credits for the 9.11 disaster.
126a (L) = 311.9MB/ 2:02 hrs. I show the parallels in the movies “Aftershock: Earthquake in New York” and in “The Shawshank Redemption” that were prophetic of the 911 disaster. There’s a Rated X scene at 1:02 and in the last 10 minutes that I re-did better at 1:17 on #108. I show the movie Narnia as a “Buffalo Blue” election battle and blue print that didn’t come true. The song “break out” that I synced with Narnia, still had a blue print value for my premature death, but I will let #63 explain it.
        (From #63.)  After “The King and I” scene I play the song “Break out”, because as I explain afterwards, it was parallel to my leaving Alaska and the pornos, and a hopeful song for the 2008 elections. To prove what a “hopeful song” that was to the 2008 elections I played it in sync with a scene from Narnia on #126; but the “blue print” plan for good clean government was rejected. However the “break out” song now applies my escape from earth to go to heaven early, hence that’s why I played it. What follows is a revelation I got from reading the last two paragraphs. (I read it to you and explain it more on #126b, below.)  
        I’ve known for sometime that there was a “c// wit” to the 11.4.08 election on sc #98. There I explain the #1148 means “I can’t believe how cold you are” as it applies to Jumex; referring to the feedback I got from jews and the TLC girls (The Latin Connection), hence Ju-mex was a sign applying to both of them. At 26 minutes into #98 I show that I wrote to TLC to be taken off their mailing list on 1.14.08, then I show the start of #102 where Ben Hur says “this is the day”, then I show the date was 10.14.08 when I recorded his chariot race as me racing against the “stars” battling over the credits to songs and movies up to the finish line when Ben Hur’s enemy is trampled half to death as a c// to the 9.11 disaster scenes I inserted. After the shock of Hillary re-elected 11.6.06, I synced the song “sing women” where Steve Tyler sings “you know its true” to the newspaper headline: “Voter turn out hits a new low”, (at 2:04 on #84). That was after I explained that I wasn’t allowed to talk on these classes due to the election results. That came after the prophetic sc I did on 10.24.06 (#84), that women had been branded demons, which was confirmed by the election results. Then I saw a bumper sticker that read: “Is it 2008 yet?”. Apparently the women knew they were on a evil roll of taking over because they were so certain of victory in 2008, which also came true. The first time I was allowed to talk on these classes again I said (approximately) “The reason for my premature death is the same as why I wasn’t allowed to talk on these classes for nearly two years, when they reelected Hillary I wasn’t allowed to talk on these from 11.7.06 to 9.21.08, and now this election is going so evil that its not a matter of not talking but of a premature death”, (on 63). At 2:04 on #127g I show the lyrics and play the song: “we’re coming up on re-election day” as a sign of how we were able to skirt another close call of a nuclear attack in July of 1995, (you voted better that time). Before I played “sing women” on #84, I played “come together right now, over me” and I got a sign when I watched that of what went wrong. The election results were a c// to the name: Martin Mull. He starred in a movie where a beautiful young lady says to him “Do you want to talk or do you want to f--k?” That was a “c//” to Deniro’s long grind of trying to get sex from Liza at the start of the movie “New York New York”. The name Martin Mull refers to New York, who couldn’t tell which was the easier girl. Its another big sucker play from God on the girls who rig these election results, if you can’t tell the difference between heaven on earth and hell on earth, then you just voted for hell on earth. It also means  I just got checkmate on New York and the USA for being “queen of the grind”, that’s for being the hardest screw, and probably the reason why I get to go to heaven early, (then I’ll get sex from Venus Herself). On #96 on 3.25.08 was the first of a few times I warned that it may be time to “pull for the one” soon. At 53 min on #1b, 3.12.09, I explain that pulling for the one was “too little and too late”and that means that my time on earth could be up soon. A similar warning was the 24 min of 91b on 8.30.07.                                                                                                           
         This was the first chance I had to explain the #1148 as parallel the dates 1.14.08 and 10.14.08 and the 11.4.08 election results. While typing this I got refrigerator “wits” at 614, 713 (7.13.09) and 726 p.m., all confirming that I’m only seeing the tip of the iceberg of all the evil I encounter, in other words the #1148 is more evil than I’ve conveyed here = rq at 736 p.m.. That reminds me of when I played “and we don’t need the ladies crying ‘cuz the story’s sad, ‘cuz Rocky Mountain Way is better than the way we had” at 33 minutes into 127j. As I explain with that song, it seems the more power and higher positions women get, the more it is off set with the “curse-ton dunce on Little Women”. That’s also explained at 32 min into #39. I found 15 minutes from #112 that would confirm what I just typed here, its on #126b, below.
        I elaborate on the signs in this (#126a), that apply to preventing the 9.11 disaster on 127a, and on 127k at 25 to 38 minutes.page_17.html
124 (L) = 309MB/ 1:59 hrs. I cover “the cold war” from the Yalta conference in World War II through the Reagan administration and the late 1980s (continued from 122b). I think because I was humble enough to say “I don’t know what I’m talking about” that God blessed me with “Absolute discernment” on this, explained in the second to the last paragraph of 127h on this page. Then I cover “signs” that my Miss Rights and New York were Grinch, Grind, Scrooges that accused me of their flaws. I cover some politics and then my relationship with the Bush twins continued on #125 where I found out they were “c//” to me and New York City.  page_17.html
122b (L) = 217MB/ 1:25 hrs, 1.10.09. This was the start of covering “the cold war” that was continued on #124 and then the Lord confirmed that I was blessed with “absolute discernment” in explaining it, (read #127h on page 13). There’s a saying that “hindsight is 20 /20”, but its a bit more difficult when you are trying to read the future. This one covers how three great men
kind of stumbled over how to deal with communism, that’s General Patton, General MacArthur and Martin Luther King. How much FDR and Winston Churchill stumbled over communism at the Yalta conference is on #124. That’s also where I cover the end of the Soviet Union after the cold war came to a climax during the Reagan administration. It seems to have been confirmed that it was the Lord’s will and timing that it ended the way it did, without the bloodshed of a war between the USSR and the USA.  
                                        This is a side note about me married to God.
         I explain in #123 that #122b was like in Proverbs where it says “a wise man’s fun is being wise”. By that I mean when you study and admire great people it will rub off on you and you will start to become great also, and that is very thrilling. So thrilling that after I finished typing that first paragraph and I realized how well I discerned those great men and history that I had to hug Abba to thank Her for how close I got to those great men, then I realized who I was hugging and what I had just said to Her. Its very hard to extrapolate to the God who is responsible for those men’s greatness but that moment of shock helped me appreciate how much I don’t know about how great God is. That’s all for now, except to say that it was fun to find out I got #124 right from the signs I got in #127h.   page_17.htmlpage_13.htmlpage_13.html
122a = 202MB/ 1:20 hrs,
116c = 123MB/ 49 min, 6.24.09. Continue 109a then pec 116a, 116b was so bad I had to redo the sc, (Chronologically these are explained on 116d.)
116d = 137MB/ 52 min, 6.28.09. This is a video table of contents of 116b. There were a few things I forgot to explain on 116b, and how the Lord got me to do it, (with 116c and 63 when I wasn’t in the mood to do them). Chronologically these four came between 127r and 127s on page 13.)
       The Rhode Island bar that was a c// to the movie JAWS is explained in the first 30 min of #52. The song I got as feedback from them is on this class, #116d at 29 minutespage_5.html
117a = 328MB/ 2:09 hrs, 7.6.09. I started to do a table of contents on 117 and then got detoured on christmas canceled for 14 years now and show “The Nightmare Before Christmas” to explain it (also on #127e3). I finish reviewing 117, including my c// escape from Shawshank prison, “the powers that be”, the John Birch Society and women (represented as a checkmate on Raquel Welch). Then a porno over-run (rated X), got me to show the c// scene in the “The Beverly Hillbillies” of Ellie mae that was also a c// to Amy Richardson’s rejection of me. When I was quoting Sherlock’s, “It’s elementary”, my refrigerator quit at 328 p.m., 7.8.09. That means “dead hypocrites” (also on #111), and “its elementary” , like I wrote in #117 below: “... giving it all (sex), to the wrong guys that are out of God’s will. Hence heaven came up with a ay to pay them back (yummy BBQ), and a song that describes it in “Another one Bites the Dust” by Queen...”.  That applies to the Amys above (Miss Rights), and the media below.     
        The last 37 minutes is about the dpoop media and “stars” and their mocking me mercilessly has led to me getting to go home early, (a premature death). Also at the end of 127e3 with “Loads of Fun #34”, and The Queen of hearts ex-posed in “Alice in wonderland”, (@ 2:01 on 127e3). page_11.html
 This is the description of this class, #123, from the bottom of the Welcome page: “This describes class #123 and the best way to watch these classes. Click any where on that paragraph to start downloading that class (except as I explain, its not a good introductory video). I just reviewed it (7.30.09), and realized its a good crash course of what these classes are about and my calling to do this job”.

123 (L) = 299MB/ 2:00 hrs. {That’s class #123, (in mv4 its 1.3GB), in mp4 it equals 299MB and is two hours long.}I referred to this class to explain there will be “no rapture of the church” as I believe God has revealed it (also in #79 & 80). That part of the class begins at 10 minutes in to this. Also I borrowed the scenes of “Toy Story 2” from #120; this class was not made as an introduction to these classes and assumes you have already seen #120 and #60 where I show my first revelation that the end of the world would not be as implied in the Bible. The scenes of “Barbie in the Nutcracker” are from #118, where I was explaining what I recorded on #88 and it turned: “Rated R”. If this is the first class you are going to see then you will probably have to watch it twice, by that I mean skim through it first, thats what I have to do when I haven’t seen these for a while, the second time I watch it (after I get used to the odd way I do things), then it makes a lot more sense. There are many scenes I borrowed from other classes that I put in without an explanation, so I show them twice to emphasize the point I was making. At 1:39 minutes I do that with class 63 & 85 to show the c// of “break out a new chapter” in idol worshiping. That quote is from the song Break Out and I sync it to a talk about the Beatles preforming at the Boston Garden and the c// scene from Conan where James Earl Jones asks a fan of his to commit suicide and she does. I realized I was breaking out a new chapter in disgracing and exposing the intentions of the media’s “holier than thou”, glorifying of the “stars” and belittling the public or worse, if you dare expose them then they try to mock and belittle you to death like they do to me. That’s why this is a good crash course because I cover how Obama became the media’s favorite star after he was elected to the US senate in 2004. Then I show a prophetic sign at the 11.6.06 election where I place the movie cover of Vanishing Point over Obama’s picture as a sign that the 2008 presidential election would turn so evil that it was a sign of my premature death, my “vanishing point”. At the end is a talk of me and the porno business and their share of the credits for the 9.11.01 disaster.page_17.html
125 (L) = 314.9MB/ 2:05:01 hrs. At 10 minutes I show a scene from the movie “Wall Street” that applied to president G. W. Bush and then to the Bush twins. That’s the only time I accidently had my camera set where where everything was over exposed. I later realized it was a sign that I over exposed the flaws of the Bush family and the republicans. Like when Aladdin says “Genie stop!”, it was a sign from G.H.W. Bush because I was exposing him as Jaffar in the movie “Aladdin” (@ the first 20 min of #2). I think that inspired the “Bush’s Baked Beans” commercial where they show a dog saying “Bush family secrets revealed” (@ 45 min on #44). I think the reason for over exposing the two Bush presidents
 was so I wouldn’t slip (on the fly), when I found 
out that Bill Clinton was Randal Flagg in the movie
 “The Stand” in #50a. I automatically said “If the 
republicans and the Bush family flaws are being 
(over) exposed what makes you think that you can
get away it?”. I realized I was to fully expose Bill Clinton>
 and Newsweek magazine both as “the 666 media”.>>>> 
See this 5 minute video from #80. “The Stand” first>>> 
played on TV after the Lord asked me to call a radio>>>
 station and tell them that hell had frozen over in 1994.
(Also read #117  above about me as “Mr Honesty”.)
            Another c// from #124  on #125 is Tip O’neil
 (sp?) to Reagan in this as a graceful way for New York
 to admit defeat (to God) and to admit they knew the 911 
disaster was coming and stop their denial of it (also on #127k). There were good songs to explain this, the Bush twins in #124 helped remind me of it, actually God set it up so I would play these songs next. Then the Athens olympic’s as c// to Hercules, and Queen”s song: Another one bites the dust, (the “Mr Bigstuff” people that have taken over Disney, pushed God a little too far). The end is a “sign” of  a crisis (that’s cry-S.I.S. from “Sleepless in Seattle is history”), because its c// to crying in the elevator in “Miracle on 34th St.”, then the over-run scene of a church is a Miss Rights struck out “wit”. page_17.htmlpage_1.htmlpage_3.htmlpage_8.html