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127a & b (L) = 192MB/ 1:11 hrs, 1.26.09. I show “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” as how I get poisoned by bad information and need to get the truth as the antidote. That’s how my partner Bruce Lee dies in this movie, then comes back as a kid that shows him doing a “homies oj” on the Chinese. I also cover real estate booms, Realtors and Ray Maybe. After I made this case for public housing I noticed a C// in the song “King of the road” and explain it on 127e1. 
127b = 2 min, 1.27.09. Because it seems I’m getting more disabled trying to finish this and the returns keep diminishing, I got a sign that its time to quit. After this, I did #1a as my final introduction to these classes (its also the last four minutes of this class). I’ve continued classes up to 127v and I hope I’ll be finished before 127z.page_17.htmlhttp://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127a%20&%20b.mp4shapeimage_3_link_0
127e, 3.16.09. This sc has been remade (much better) into 127e1, e2 ,e3 & e4. I hope you don’t watch this one unless you care to see where the next 4 evolved from. Since this was the original I decided to not delete it. It was made 3.16.09 and was continued on 127f. It’s  325MB/ 2:08:07 hours, that’s the same # for the Bowfin submarine, #287 and that was a big “fit wit” because I ended up taking a patriotic detour, like running from one end to the other of a German U-boat in “Das Boot” and me filming the c// scene running the length of the Bowfin (3 times). Its best to start this one at 54 minutes because I did the first 54 min over and better on #127e1, but the patriotic detour is (better on 127e2, e3 & e4) from 54 min to the end. I show the news on TV from January 1999 when they first opened the USS Missouri and on 9.2.05, the 60th VJ day on the MO. Both times they showed Murray Yudelowitz, a former crew member who flew here from New York. I explain afterwards that I think I had the same calling as he had: to keep going to Pearl Harbor to help people remember what happened there. Murray’s last two words were a sign that his job was done and he didn’t have to keep coming back: “ I leave you with two words: we remember.”. Then I explain why that also applied to me not having to go back to Pearl Harbor, (I find another sign in “Singing in the Rain” of how much they knew the 9.11 disaster was coming and their false affection and treachery to me). “King of the road” and the FBI feedback to this is continued on 127f (and on 127q1), but condensed into one class on 127e1, the next one down. http://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127e.mp4
127c = (L)  230MB/ 1:31 hrs, 3.18.09. Is  continued from #1b because I wanted to elaborate on the “jackpot turn off” but I don’t get to that until #127d because of irresistible detours that came up in the movie South Pacific that required me to do a catharsis of finding more scenes (like in Cinderella) to prove my checkmate against the “queen of the Grind” Miss rights that didn’t come through. page_17.htmlhttp://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127c.mp4shapeimage_5_link_0
127d (L) = 314MB/ 2:01 hrs. Is 3.18.09 continued from 127c for 20 min until I finally get back to 3.12.09 because I wanted to put the whole “jackpot turn off” talk on one dvd for better continuity. This is RATED X from about 1:21 on. The end was a over-run sign that caused #127h SC.page_17.htmlhttp://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127d.mp4shapeimage_6_link_0
127f = 60MB/ 24 min, 3.17.09. Is the last part of explaining the “King of the road” song and the feedback from the FBI (a condensed version of 127e & f  is on 127e1) . Also my feedback to Miracle Grow, to keep their name and try to become famous for how well they repent, (like I’ve done). The (dragon) lady I refer to (Loyal Garner @ 17min on 127f) in South Pacific is on #49 @ 22 minutes. I also explain the college 529 plan and what its done to the schools in the USA (c// #74 on pg 7).page_7.htmlhttp://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127f.mp4shapeimage_7_link_0
127i (L) = 326MB/ 2:08 hrs, 3.31.09. I had to step on some toes with a “get over it” talk (also on 127L).  I continue “King of the road” (65 and 75 mph) from 127e & f (all 3 of these are condensed on 127e1). I explain how to play a “seniority trump card” on the USA and  Denmark verses USA’s safety net. “Get it on, bang a gong” was prophetic of this sc (@ the the last 3 min).  Also a scene from “Mulan”.page_17.htmlhttp://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127i.mp4shapeimage_8_link_0
127h (L) = 329MB/ 2:09 hrs, 3.29.09. This is Rated X. The  329MB is a “fit wit” because of the scene from “Hawaiian Blast” that I recorded 329 p.m. on 3.29, 3.2009 that confirmed the first revelation on 3.29.02 of the same scene of Peter North and Kobe Tai and the little bit of sex (for me) that heaven needed to prevent the 9.11 disaster. The #329 means “chicken caesar” and this video confirmed how afraid women and the por-nos are to do God’s will, even when the cost is so astronomical for not doing so.
        Hustler made a porno called “The world’s luckiest patient” and that was another “sign” of how much sex I was supposed to be getting from the porno girls to take the place of my hons, (Venus). The song “If you can’t be with the one you love, honey love the one you are with” by Stephen Stills was permission from my hons to do this, until I could have sex with my hons in heaven. There are very many pornos of a nurse having sex with a patient and one nurse resembled Juliet Lewis who starred in the movie “Cape Fear”. That’s CF or “see F” and a sign that the por-nos got an “F” for obeying God’s request to make me the “luckiest patient” or even the little bit of sex to prevent the 911 disaster.
         While recording this I got a “c//” sign that my battle with women was c// to “the cold war” with the USSR.    I also got a sign that I had “absolute discernment” when I was covering “the cold war” in #122b and #124 and include some clips of it in this video. Another sign is Absolut vodka’s ads have been very accurate with “Absolut OJ” across from “We have a winner” (Hillary elected senator 11.2000) in Talk magazine 2.2001. Then “Absolut howling” (wolves) on the back cover of The New Yorker magazine 10.2001 (after the absolute oj on New York 9.11.01 for voting for the wrath of God when they elected Hillary in 2000). Then the “Absolut discernment” ad that I show in this video. Another rated X class that turned patriotic is 103, (you can read it on page 10). I think these two are more than a coincidence, but I don’t know enough to explain it now. 
        This starts with showing the c// of Jenny McCarthy and MTV to her in “Babes of Baywatch” by Playboy and a c// lady in the movie Dragon and a c// lady in a porno. Also scenes from “Sleepless in Seattle”, that I obeyed the signs I got to go to New York city in 1986 & 1994. In the first hour of 127e1  I also cover me obeying God’s requests about sex verses those who didn’t, like in this video.page_17.htmlpage_10.htmlhttp://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127h.mp4shapeimage_9_link_0shapeimage_9_link_1
127j (L) = 325MB/ 2:08 hrs, 4.3.09. I got a new building manager that was the third in a row that was blatantly working with the FBI against me and so this is the second time I’ve had to do a video to match their evil innuendos back to them. Then I do a talk (mostly to republicans) about how I’ve gotten less prejudice against democrats as an example of how God may use Obama like FDR and I was hoping the republicans would have an open mind about it. A condensed version is on 127e2.page_17.htmlhttp://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127j.mp4shapeimage_10_link_0
127k (L) = 325MB/ 2:08 hrs, 4.12.09. I show “The Perfect Storm”
 as an example how people may get hurt by my early departure
and hopefully this will smooth it over. At 29 to 33 minutes is from
 #125 as a “c//” to the 9.11 disaster. I put this 8 minute video in >
from 127n in here because it was a short summary of the 911 >>
disaster, but 127k explains it better. Like I explain “WAR60” as
 a “big red boat”, (also on 127L, and I show PAN AM II as a “big
 red {911 disaster} boat” at the start of #40), and that the mocking
 and persecution of me is speeding up my departure. That led to 
another death bed sermon that I normally wouldn’t have given and
 I explain some things that Jesus said were just tricks to catch
 hypocrites and force us to use our brain. Then I explain that
 “back in time miracles” are just a magical memory lane visit and 
how I practically live in a back in time miracle (like “King of the road” on 127e1). The scenes in Lonesome Dove I mention at 1:56, I end up showing on 127s at 51 to 57 minutes with the last 7 minutes was also a sign, and all on the 4th of July was a “fit wit” that Mexico should probably join the USA.page_17.htmlpage_3.htmlhttp://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127k.mp4shapeimage_11_link_0shapeimage_11_link_1
127L (L) = 225MB/ 1:26 hrs, 4.14 & 4.16.09. PEC the songs: Afternoon Delight with MTV & The Nightmare Before Christmas. ABC by The Jackson Five. Elaborate on the red boat, WAR 60 from #127k. Delta Pam and the dp at the lake and Lyin’ Eyes by The Eagles. They steal away my diet and the beach so I play Steal Away by Robbie Dupree. Elaborate on the “get over it” talk from #127i. I show the Red Sun truck from 3.21.08 Good Friday then play the songs Red Rubber Ball, “Rock and Roll Lullaby” and “Reminiscing”.page_17.htmlhttp://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127L.mp4shapeimage_12_link_0
127M = 329MB/ 2:08 hrs. 4.18.09 I obeyed a call to cancel my plans and do this sc, to pec the TLC color and the #628, Dumbo’s revenge flight, Horatio Hornblower: The Devil is the Duchess (a fruit bowl oj). Pec the songs: Levon (one of 3 songs that refer to balloons and sex that I summed up better in the first hour of 127e1), Tiny Dancer & Lido on my rhythm nation drive, and when I learned God liked secular music better than christian music. RATED X scenes that were c// to my life. Songs by Brandy that show what its like to be courted by the Holy Spirit.http://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127M.mp4
127n = 315MB/ 2:03 hrs, 4.23.09. I show that the “Hawaii Lei of Stars” show on 5.2.09 was a c// to a “Twilight Zone” show and c// Randy West porno (Rated R) and the c// in The Man Without a Face. (Also the license plate TZs529 is a c// to this sc and 127e1 on 5.2.09, and my response to the back LASH is on 127q1.) Yummy bears c// Elton John’s song “someone saved my life to night sugar bear”. I show the feedback from the FBI over my last sc, #127M. It was 834 to quit the pornos but it would’ve been 837 (a labor of love and lust) if the por-nos would’ve payed me in money, sex or just in respect, to keep being “the cheering section” (like in Singing in the Rain) for the girls to be Venuses.  Continued on #127o.http://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127n.mp4
127o = 196MB/ 1:17 hrs. Continued from 127n with the same topics, except I explain signs I got that some songs may be a way to get in touch with me after I’m gone. Also a song that explains a way to heal the wounds of traumatizing experiences like the 9.11 disaster.http://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127o.mp4
127e1 (L) = 328MB/ 2:07 hours, 5.2.09. I combined 127e & f & i  to get “King of the road” on one dvd. I explain the “King of the road” song as a Jesus’ return song and cover “the stars” verses the public, (my response to the ill will back LASH I got to this SC is on 127q1) . From 20 to 55 min I took a sex ed detour (a RATED R scene from an X movie to show the tattoo of a kid with balloons that is a ”c//” to the song “Levon”, by Elton John).
     The Last Star Fighter @ 1:02 hrs is about Rori and me, (and is c// to me and the military @1:30 min on #1b, its a military 1129 oj, i.e. you are 86ed for being a V.C. and mocking me, just like Rori; “Oh ye of little faith” and faithfulness. Like in the movie Grease: “Don’t be a slob and get a job, go back to class you can pass.” That refers to the “Beauty school drop out” song @ 58 min on #95.page_17.htmlhttp://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127e1.mp4shapeimage_16_link_0
127g = 320MB/ 2:07 hrs, 6.4.09, (I had a blank spot at 127g and filled it in with this one, thats why its not in chronological order). Rated R or X when I go through a Pabo magazine. Pec the songs: Brass in my pocket (I’m special); Come undone; Election day (D of nukes in July of 95)  & Smooth operator. Pec more proof of God being the “xcel pro” of getting sex perms and how insane it is to keep fighting against an omnipotent God. Pec Red Robin, Sade; Obama and the help he got from the one (me). I talked about Jessie Rivera on this sc. If you want to see him and his wife and daughter, its on #57 at 39 minutes.http://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127g.mp4
127p = 321MB/ 2:08 hrs. 5.27.09, Rated X. This was a spontaneous sc but I covered a lot of details, like in clean sex verses boring sex, and show some examples in the pornos. The picture goes bad at 1:17 for one minute but the sound is still good.  http://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127p.mp4
127e2 (L) = 323MB/ 2:08 hours. On Memorial day 5.25.09, I wanted to recopy the patriotic detour on 127e so it made more sense. I was glad I finally got the motivation and energy to look up all that information but it needed to be elaborated on and organized better. Memorial day provided the motivation to do it over and better. The end of this on 127e4 is not finished and neither is this description of 127e2 but its enough for me to test the download for now.  
        One thing I have to explain is at 56 min; I cover BB63 as the #63 and means “obvious”, then I insert the C// scene of BB63 in the movie “An Officer and a Gentleman”. When I record these I don’t get to preview it because my Samsung VCR has a “Pause” that lasts ten minutes and I just keep adding scenes until I’m done. When I got to see what I recorded I thought “Damn, I crossed the ‘ U R so vain’ line!”. Then I got a sign that it was in God’s will to show you what kind of guy God picked to represent Jesus’ return. (It’s not me as ‘God’, just me accidently trying to do this calling.)page_17.htmlhttp://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127e2.mp4shapeimage_19_link_0
127q1 = 333MB/ 2:08 hrs. 6.11.09, Rated X. This is about soar losers (736), like “Max a million Caddy” (DeNiro), in Cape Fear. Its also about the back LASH (from the FBI and the “stars”) to 127e & 127e1. I replay the part that made them mad, to show why they are so mad at me and to show what they did to get me back. I show scenes from Cape Fear that show that Nick Nolte was playing my hons (God), and how praying is counted as sex with God. That was to explain a rated X scene that was a “sign” of me praying. When I had to show one X scene, I thought I might as well show a few more signs I found in the por/nos. I found more information that helps explain two Korean Airlines jet crashes that were actually the motivation for this video, because I didn’t want the information to go to waste or be forgotten, so it got me to do this video because I realized it was do it now or never.http://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127q1.mp4
127q2 = 322MB/ 2:08 hrs. 6.19.09, one rated X scene. I explain the end of 127q1 with the start of 100b as it applies to the song “the warrior is a child”; and the C// por/no scenes of me obeying God’s call verses (the church) girls who didn’t, and then compounded their sin when they mocked me for obeying what the lord asked me to do. Just like in 127r where I cover how much I was required to get pictures of myself at Pearl Harbor and how much I was mocked for doing so. The start of this SC is a lot of “C//” wits that are hard to follow at first, but it makes sense when I finish showing what I’m talking about.  
        The motivation for this SC was an “I love you, good bye” to Brandy. It was just like I did with the TLC (The Latin Connection) on #100, and to California on #25, and to the por/nos on #104 (I explain that these are after glow thrill of doing things in God’s will on 116b, 6.25.09 sc). The “good bye” part was the “get over it” scene replayed from The Little Mermaid on #102 & 127q1, because it keeps getting clearer. Just like the por/nos and the NFL that are mad that their shows are so “video aged” (boring), is also covered with more “soar loser” information. On 109a, from 1:29 to 1:39, I explain how Brandy became a soar looser and how God used her mocking me to get me to admit my calling to represent Jesus‘ return.  http://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127q2.mp4
127r = 322MB/ 2:08 hrs. 6.21.09. I explain about half of the pictures I’ve taken since May 1997. On the day I moved in here (5.9.97 to apt 420), I missed capturing an awesome sight because I forgot I had a disposable camera. That was a sign to never be caught without a camera again.
I retell how all those who knew the 9.11 disaster was coming went into denial after they saw how terrible it was and then tried to accuse me of their sins with “You knew!” (and didn’t tell us). [Then I tell it again on 109a.] I play the song “Material girl” by Madonna and realize it was a C// to when I talked about Obama earlier in the SC. The picture of the Copyrite store (at 2:02), can be seen as the Super Geeks store they changed it to at the start of #88a.page_11.htmlhttp://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127r.mp4shapeimage_22_link_0shapeimage_22_link_1

Because I like a chronological list of these I will insert here that I had to do a table of contents that became 109a and 116c, then redo #63 and 116b and explain the last three on 116d. that was on 6.23, 6.24, 25 & 6.27.09.

Chronologically #100b was done next on 6.14.09.

Chronologically #127g was done next on 6.4.09.

Chronologically #50b was done next on 3.22.09.

Chronologically #50a was done next on 3.8.09.

127e3 (L) = 330MB/ 2:08 hrs, 5.26 & 7.18.09. I continue #127e2 about Pearl Harbor and egs and show the c// to Ms Rights that didn’t come through. From 51 minutes on I got detoured on “soar losers” and 
“get over it”. I re-explain that mocking me mercilessly has bought me an early ticket to heaven.   page_17.htmlhttp://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127e3.mp4shapeimage_23_link_0
127s (L) = 322MB/ 2:08 hrs, 7.4.09. I think I got tricked into doing a SC but I’m sure glad I did because it was blessed with a lot of “4th of July” magic, including a sign that Mexico should probably join the United States. I first mention that on 127k above, except this time I show the scenes from Lonesome Dove that I just talked about at 1:56 on 127k. This is rated X for all the signs I show in the porno ads. The “Hi Rose” porno that I talk about is at the very end of #53 in a short over run scene, The luck I had with this caused me to do 127t the next day. At the last 8 minutes I call Google’s bluff (to get them to list my web site), and I had to do it again at the start of #127u. All the parts I deleted from this are at the start of 127v, (I had to make room to call Google’s bluff). page_17.htmlhttp://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127s.mp4shapeimage_24_link_0
127t = 322MB/ 2:08 hrs, 7.5.09.  Because I got lucky on the 4th of July I felt obligated to explain it and celebrate it with another SC the next day. I wasn’t sure this was a good one until I used so many over-runs of it on 117a, the SC I did 7.6.09. Both times I explain the TV show: “Cheetahs in the Land of Lions” as a play on words that the eastern states (not just New England), are “cheaters in the land of lions. The last 12 minutes I play the songs of the Ipanema girl (sp?) as the Levi’s “Reason no.153” girl, and “tell me sweet little lies”,(if you want to get sex miracles from heaven). Then I show the signs I found at each of the ten minute chapters on 127s. http://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127t.mp4

Chronologically 7.6.09 came next with a table of contents of 117,except I got detoured into doing the two hour sc #117a.  Then came #126b on 7.14.09, that also goes good with 127u below. Then was #127e3 on 7.18.09, above.

127e4 (L) = 223MB/ 1:26 hrs, 3.16 & 7.31.09. The #731 means “its a wrap” and I mention a few times that this the last job I had to do to finish my job. Anything I do after this will be the icing on the cake, but this is the cake or the bottom line. Maybe I can do a better job on it later but I had to do this much to finish my job for now. I continue #127e2 & e3 about Pearl Harbor, It only took those 4 hours to finally get back to the half hour I wanted to show from 127e. I show the news on TV from January 1999 when they first opened the USS Missouri and on 9.2.05, the 60th VJ day on the MO. Both times they showed Murray Yudelowitz, a former crew member who flew here from New York. I explain afterwards that I think I had the same calling as he had: to keep going to Pearl Harbor to help people remember what happened there. Murray’s last two words were a sign that his job was done and he didn’t have to keep coming back: “ I leave you with two words: we remember.”. Then I explain why that also applied to me not having to go back to Pearl Harbor. I also find and explain another sign in “Singing in the Rain” of how much they knew the 9.11 disaster was coming and their false affection and treachery to me. I explain that you have to have a good reasons for killing people or you will have to answer to God for it. I explain why I believe that’s a “Red Rubber Ball” on the Japanese flag and that it was parallel Robert E. Lee in the Civil War (who started Arlington cemetery), i.e. they didn’t have good enough reasons for killing that many people. I also mention the Japanese flag, like Miracle Grow, should try to be known for how well they repent. (Like I’ve done, God picked a Scrooge to represent Jesus’ return, as I explain on 127f below.)
                At 1:09 on #79 is a version of Proverbs 3:11 & 3:12  (“My child don’t ignore it when the Lord  disciplines you, and don’t be discouraged when He corrects you. For the Lord corrects those He loves just as a father corrects a child in whom he delights.”) Its a version of God teaching me not to steal or over drink in the movie The Reluctant Dragon, and an example of self deception because my definition of “fair use” was actually stealing the whole cartoon of The Reluctant Dragon from Disney (its easier to get forgiveness than permission). That was parallel to a “rw” I got at  311/312 p.m. on 7.31.09, as it applies to Japan, to acknowledge a correction as Proverbs 3:11 & 3:12. That’s at 1:25 on #127e4, then I tell a story of when the Lord punished me for over drinking (it took years for me to acknowledge my mistake that well).page_17.htmlpage_8.htmlhttp://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127e4.mp4shapeimage_26_link_0shapeimage_26_link_1
127u (L) = 222MB/ 1:31 hrs, 7.20.09. At the end of 127s, I had to call Google’s bluff (that they wouldn’t list my web site), I had to do it again at the start of this one. It was a good time to call the military’s bluff also, i.e. who’s got power behind their threats and and who’s just bluffing. There’s also some suggestions to changing the way the military does things. Then I explain some New York “Ms Rights” and play the songs: You are a native New Yorker, and: The eyes of a New York woman. There are a few signs in the over-run scenes that compliment this as well as #126b, that was only 30 minutes and fit perfect with 127u on a two hour dvd, both were about about big dippers to New York that were c// to the USA page_17.htmlhttp://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127u.mp4shapeimage_27_link_0
127v = 109MB/ 41 min, 7.4 to 7.31.09. These were miscellaneous SCs that were being deleted except 127e4 was only 1:26 min and so I used the extra 41 minutes left on the dvd to rescue these from being deleted. Like all of what I had to cut out at the end of 127s so I could fit in the last 8 minutes to call Google’s bluff, is the first 8 minutes of this sc. Its rated X at the end and I show pictures of the pornos I wrote about at the top of page 8 and how it relates to the “pump 10” songs on page 14. http://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127v.mp4

Chronologically #127e4 was done next on 7.31.09.

127w = 66MB/ 25 min, 8.13 09.  I show 127t and 127u on this page (13), to show how much I tried to get Google to list my web site, because they finally did and I show its the top of page 2 of 83 pages. Also the first feed back to the paid sites across from my site because of their evil innuendos to me. http://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127w.mp4
127x2 = 100MB/ 40 min, 8.22.09. Continued from 127x1. I sum up some “checkmate” stories and then some predictions of the next “wrath of God”, that might just be the cause and effect of women taking over. The “no ghosts allowed” symbol from Ghost Busters and the “Humans did it. Humans did it all”, line from Ferngully means that (probably) nothing supernatural will happen. I’m too tired and under payed to say more now. http://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127x2.mp4
127x1 = 324MB/ 2:08 hrs, 8.22.09. What I noticed was the biggest point of this was where I inserted scenes of The Grind dancers and songs on MTV from early 1995, that was parallel to the scenes of the movie 1776 that I show after a red Rubicon Jeep. It was a big comparison of when God calls you to do a job and you obey the calling verses those who say they never heard a call. The scenes from The Grind prove that they did hear God call them but they were too “chocolate chicken” to obey it, (to prevent the 9.11 disaster).
         Another big sign I noticed was when I show an offer of mercy to the church through the song and video on page 9 at #88c, there is a similar picture of K. Swan that’s next to it. That was after I told that she was so mean to me that I asked the Lord to not call me to end her suffering for the snuff film death I knew she was going to die in. It was a sign that she was a parallel to “the mother of all whores”, or an example of how mad God was at the church for selling out against God. I gave a brief warning to the church to not refuse this offer of mercy on page 9 @ #88c, this was another sign confirming that warning was true. It’s just my opinion, but I think it applies mostly to churches calling Saint Peter’s in Rome “the whore” and the devil when they don’t realize how mad God is at them for being much more guilty of selling out than the Catholic church is. The disharmony of christians could be the problem, like I got a good sign in the four minute introduction that the Lord was pleased with me for obeying a “blue print” song and movie that were signs for me to forgive the church and fall in love with the church again.
         The start of this is continued from #127w, “I show 127t and 127u on this page (13), to show how much I tried to get Google to list my web site” and on this one,127x1, I show the “see boils” (cb), information of how reluctant Google was to list my site. Then continued from 127w is more of “the first feed back to the paid sites across from my site because of their evil innuendos to me”. I tell what I finally remembered about a gang bang at Dream Inn that was a fulfillment of when I had to dream of a girl that could take the whole Buffalo Bills football team. Also another gang bang story from Penthouse Forum that’s continued on 127x2.http://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/127x1.mp4

     This 8 minute tiny movie is from class #127n, I thought it could make a short introduction to many prophetic warnings of the 911 disaster that I have found. As for copyright, it's easier to get forgiveness than permission, especially when they got these divine signs from heaven on “the one's” behalf. These signs were found in The Perfect Storm, a PBS 911 special, The Twilight Zone, and a porno (rated G), because Randy West says "It's 11:55" just before I show Rod Sterling say the same thing, that's where I learned the #1155 means “The Twilight Zone, or erie”. Class #32 and 127k is where these stories are told in more detail.