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128F = 150MB/ 1:01 hrs, 10.9.95. When I realized the usual 
back lash to the good will of 128c,d & e, my 10.8.95 AOL
 (no good deed goes unpunished), I had to do an AOL 
10.9.95 to show my anger. The song “You ought to know” 
(@ 13 min) seemed to sum up my anger best (and God’s,
 i.e. Venus’s anger). I also noticed #128F is a c// to
 highway 128 in Massachusetts by Boston (who also 
got an F), my visits there were a (divine sign:“as cold
 as it gets”) and parallel to the coldest temperature 
ever recorded at the South pole: -128 degrees F or -86
 degrees centigrade, or 128F = c86ed (see 86ed and
 see #63 for how cold they were to me when I visited the
 Boston Garden on Google Earth). The song “You’re never
 gonna get it” (by En Vogue @ 20 min), seemed to sum that
 up well. When women say that its: “what else is new?”, but
 when Venus (or God) says it, you’ve got trouble. It was just my luck that “Crazy cool”(@ first 17 min of #93 and 50 min of #94) and “As I lay me down” (@ 20 & 59 min on #128a) were sandwiched between those two songs, this 3 minute video sums up the whole hour of 128F, all four songs were about losing magic from heaven. I think that’s the innuendo in “you ought to know” when Alanis sings “I hate to bug you in the middle of dinner”, because of all the pump stations on the Alaska pipeline (Pump 1 through Pump 12) only Pump 10 had a TV set on in their dining room. I saw a wrist watch in the Pump 10 control room in 1985 that could play a scene of a pretty woman strip and give a bj. That was kind of like a movie in the 1970s that did a spoof of the Geritol commercials with “When I feel tired I take Geraldine”, then a sexy stripper enters the room and strips and gives him a bj. God owns all time and I realized that sexy watch and that movie were referring to my wives. Also my hons (Abba, the Holy Spirit and Jesus are the 3 ladies in the USA swim suits in the picture with the Star Spangled Banner, below) were referring to me on the cover of Whitney Houston’s cd (@ 22 minutes into # 86, when I mention I only worked a few days at Pump 10). I used an electric screwdriver to put up sheet rock in the instrumentation room, very similar to the room where Whitney is in, at the picture below. I think that is what Whitney recreated on her cd, because she has so many “pump 10” songs, especially the biggest: “The Star Spangled Banner” (see the 4 min clip below from #23) at the Super Bowl (1.27.91), during Desert Storm in Iraq. For proof of that being the biggest pump 10 song see the 1 minute video Flags of Our Fathers on page 8 (with a 8 min clip of 127v; explains both pages 8 &14) where I found out who the “Goddess on the mountain top” was in the song “Venus”. God was referring to when they raised the US flag at Iwo Jima on 2.23.45. That also helped explain the 911 disaster at the top of page 8. Like when ENVY shoots down “810s” it causes Venus or “the town pump” or the easiest girl in town to turn into the Levi’s #153 girl who stops putting out, (Levi’s commercial #153 on MTV was just like the Ipanema girl song @ 1:55 on #127t). Like I said, when women say “you’re never gonna get it”  its “what else is new?”, but when Venus stops putting out you’ve got trouble, and that’s what happened 11.14.95 when MTV blew it for the last time and ended these AOLs.                                                                
        When I took the pictures below (of Whitney Houston’s cd cover), it reminded me of “The Politics of Jesus” on the cover of Newseek magazine with a picture of a big cross wrapped with the American flag (see the clip below, “a USA wrap on the cross” from #87b). That’s an awesome picture of “its a wrap” on the book of Revelations, Jesus’s job, and God’s patient plan to create “Liberty and justice for all” on earth, (see the first 5 min of the next clip on this page). The “new Jerusalem” in Revelations 21 is also explained on #87b (@ 55 to 58 min), that its Jer-USA-lem. We’re still a ways from “peace on earth (to all whom God favors)” (Luke 2:14, NLT) but that is what the angels sang when Jesus was born. How much more are they celebrating it 2000 years later when its so much closer that even hell has frozen over. (See the four minute clip “Les Miserables”, at the bottom of this page for how true Luke 2:14 is now.) I was able to use this next clip from #81 (of reviewing #80), to elaborate on this “end of the world wrap”. Actually that little picture of Mary Poppin’s 
 (on the cloud above my hons, below) got me to put in this
15 minute explanation of the end of the world in the Bible. page_6.htmlpage_9.htmlpage_8.htmlpage_8.htmlpage_9.htmlpage_9.htmlhttp://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/128F.mp4shapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1shapeimage_3_link_2shapeimage_3_link_3shapeimage_3_link_4shapeimage_3_link_5
128e = 120MB/ 41 min, is the end of the AOL 
10.8.95. That was the end of my first really big AOL,
with more divine signs than I had ever seen on TV
 before, and a lot of people saw it; how much MTV
and the rock n roll stars and the sponsor’s commercials were hearing from God. Not to mention “America on line” with God through my “learn on the fly” AOLs . It was a big example of “didn’t it rain children?” (= “rw” 723 pm,  7.23.09 and a siren which means it “was Total Ecstasy”, that’s a “wasTE” of magic.) Then the whole thing was shot down by the usual “big deal”. I just realized that’s one reason why you’ve got a disabled mess teaching these classes on home movies, its proportional to your applause, and what you payed for in the one minute clip (above) called “A friend like me”. Like if God sang “didn’t rain children?” in the video above and got no applause. 
        I just realized God was telling me in that clip that I’ve “never had a friend”, except for God and all the people She got to pave the way for my safety, especially “the greatest generation” represented by Captain Call in the clip from Lonesome Dove (above) called: “Ain’t never had a friend”. Sandwiched between these two clips is #128c and Dead Presidents, that’s another sign of more (BIG) friends through this: 
“just find a place to make your Stand and Take It Easy” calling of mine.> 
That song by “The Eagles” is synced to this “View from my studio”clip.>
 The M3 street sweeper is “c//” to my brother Marty, c// Martin Hawaii
trucking, c// the L.A. porno business & c// Hollywood at 1:25 on #118
 through most of 119 (rated X), about the dumbest screw. That’s also
parallel Hawaii and the (yellow) Dole building under the sun in this clip.>http://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/128e.mp4
128c = 635MB/ 4:17 hrs, is 10.6.95 MTV Jams and the preview to “Dead Presidents”, 10.7 is Soul Train and 10.8.95 is mostly “Planet Janet” on MTV. Not every thing I watched was recorded. Like when the divine signs got so big at night on 10.8.95, I rewinded the tape to record it over the redundant scenes of Janet earlier in the day. http://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/128c.mp4
128d = 165MB/ 1:07 hrs, continued from 128c.http://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/128d.mp4
128b = 347MB/ 2:20 hrs, is more of #128a, with more detail.http://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/128b.mp4
128a = 192MB/ 1:15 hrs of #97 that best explains my AOLs on MTV.http://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/128a.mp4

         That is the last of the classes. The next two are repeats to explain my AOLs on MTV (that’s America On Line with God through me watching MTV). After these two classes,128a &b, I provided copies of my biggest AOLs on MTV 10.6 95 to 11.14.95. The reason is because I refer to them sooften and its a record of the big dipper God offered them through me and because there are a lot more signs than I’ve explained. These signs should become more obvious as time goes by (how much God knew the end from the beginning).

Its a miracle that I still have these, I barely knew that I was “the one” or what that involved with me and Rock n Roll. I’ve been recording music videos since 1991 when I would take them to work because we didn’t have any music channels on TV on the Alaska pipeline. [That line got me to sync the song Nightshift to scenes from White Fang but it turned into a 20 minute introduction that you can download here. It needs to be watched twice to make sense.] By October 1995 I started to notice there was more magic and divine signs than I had ever seen on TV before. Learning all this on the fly I missed a bunch of info and signs that have become much more obvious as time goes by. There is a God who is the master of the “close call”  who got me to record these over movies that I had bought because I was so broke I couldn’t afford to buy tapes. Then to keep them through my evictions and the homeless shelter. Then to over come everyone treating me like just another bum on welfare, to remember that I was called by God and all those AOLs were very important. Then to re copy them to other tapes before the originals went bad, then to copy them to dvds when I finally bargain shopped for my first dvd recorder 8.28.05.  (All that shopping wiped me out financially, mentally and physically, so I couldn’t pay any attention to hurricane Katrina, 8.29.05. I explained that on #48.) Then to finally see so many signs in these AOLs that proved they (MTV & New York City) knew the 9.11.01 disaster was coming and yet still refused to help me and prevent the disaster from coming.

              How poetic that I should end all these classes with another redundant sermon about the 9.11 disaster. It reminds me of Patty Duke playing Helen Keller, at the end of the movie it finally clicked what her teacher was trying to teach her and thus began the extraordinary life of Helen Keller. Its quite a thrill when “Deacon blues” ( by Steely Dan on # 61 ) gives way to a congregation that gets the message the Lord gave me to deliver.

        I just put these (similar to) snow flakes between each AOL on this page (14), then I realized it was parallel to class #43 where I explain “Singing in the Rain” and then show a sexy lady (as God) singing “didn’t it rain children?”, on The Milton Berle Show in the mid 1950s (see the song below).  This was another confirmation that it was raining magic from heaven on these AOLs and the public knew it (I show proof of that on 128a, below). However I got feedback from “the church” that it was “acid trash” because I’m the “anti-Christ”. MTV was just as bad painting both me and the crucifix (Jesus) as “Satan” while they (and the rock n roll “stars”) tried to steal credits for all that magic. On class #7c on page 1, is where I got this defense of me and exposure of those calling me the devil... “a great picture”... of the hypocrites calling me the antichrist and the wrath of God against them for accusing me of their selling out against God sins. Its a poetic “fit wit” on #7c or “see 7”, like the mega devils who slandered me in   the movie “Seven”. God’s anger at “660 autofocus” devils calling me “the antichrist” is also on #2 , #48, #82 & #107. The following is from #107:

       That made this a good place to insert my defense against those who call me the antichrist (from #7c). Worst of all is MTV again, with a commercial painting me and Jesus as the devil (!), while they steal credits for the love, magic and wisdom that heaven sends down in the music they play on MTV. [That’s another “no wonder New York City got slaughtered in the 9.11 disaster”, its the cause and effect of your own evil actions coming back on you.]  When I smoked cigars, I would hold my breath at this commercial (@ 36 min on #107) because they were trying to catch me in sync with the smoke they blow passed the crucifix while calling it “Satan)”, (see that in the 6 minute video on page 6 @ class #61). I believe that is what Paul referred to in 2 Thessalonians 2:4, “He will oppose and exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshipped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.” That’s what the #224 means, but usually refers to people calling me the antichrist, hence the need to defend myself (@ 28 to 41 min on #107).  I also retold this defense (and exposed MTV and people in the church for painting me as the anti-Christ)  on page 14. That brings us back to this page (14) and the snowflakes I put between each AOL on this page, then I realized it was a sign of “didn’t it rain children?”. You can see the song on this one minute video.                                                                             

The bottom (line) song is THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER (performed live 1/27/91 at Super Bowl XXV).

        Mary Poppins as THE SIGN of Jesus’s return got confirmed again at #49 on page 4 , with a four minute video that helps explain it.

First I need to explain that this is the worst (15 min) copy you can get of this class (the best are on pg 17), but the sound still comes in good, so this condensed version of #80 & 81 is worth a listen. It was such a good spot to include this explanation of the end of the world that it got me to use iMovie for the first time to put a part of one of my classes on this page, (obviously many more have followed).

        I used the “comic book theme” from

iMovie for this four minute clip from class

#26 (@ 22 min), as a sign of “a child shall

lead them”. I used more than just the closing

song of Les Miserables as more proof that

Luke 2:14 (from #128F above) has come true.

In the song there’s an innuendo to hell on earth (purge-a-tory, also in “a USA wrap on the cross” clip). Since hell has frozen over, this is how people get cleaned up enough to get into heaven, (like Jacob Marley explained to Ebenezer Scrooge). When I mention “the Rhythm Nation drive”, that’s referring to when I drove across the USA over four times in 1994 as a sign to the world that hell had frozen over.

        Read the end of #49 on page 4 for how mad I got at the “who will be strong and stand with me,” part of the Les Miz song. The women standing at that part of the song was the last straw of their “660 auto focus” ill will hits and I had to set the record straight.

        After reading about “the dumbest screw” and listening to “take it easy” I got so mad I had to insert this (2 min) clip of “South Pacific as Hawaii”. That’s God telling me and Hawaii “You no have to work, I work for you. All day long you and Liat play together, make love, talk happy...”. I took God up on the offer and women got branded as “dumb broads” (and demons) for not taking God up on the offer. Nice going.

         The movie South Pacific is covered on #49 & 127c. On #127c, @ 30 minutes I started a catharsis of my anger at these women who were called to come through and didn’t, it continues through the end of 127d and the “jackpot turn off” that killed my desire to watch pornos.  The following is  from #88c: ... the song so perfectly describes how I fell in love with girls in Hawaii after I over came my prejudice against them. The ladies at Pump Station 5 in Alaska told me that the prejudice in the movie “South Pacific” was the reverse of what I would encounter in Hawaii, that the local girls would be too prejudice to be with me verses in the movie when Lt Cable was too prejudice to hook up with a local girl, what they warned me of came true.                           

First I need to explain that this is the worst copy you can get of these classes (the best are on page 17). I convert dvds to m4v files with HandBrake to get them on my Mac, then use Quick Time to make them 4.5 times smaller into mp4, then use MPEG stream clip to get this clip into iMovie, then I have to use the Tiny Movie copy on this page (14), to get a decent download time. Every one of those conversions degrades the video, but the sound still comes in good, so the videos on this page are still worth a listen.