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I explain why this is numbered 8,10 & 9,11 on page 8.


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47b = 291MB/ 11.23.05. This is 2 hours of explaining the songs and approximately the chronological order that the Lord first gave them to me.
47c = 25MB/ 10 min, 11.23.05. This is the last 10 minutes of this sc and I explain how God will do the same thing for you as she did for me through these or similar songs. The Indy Jones scene I refer to can be seen on #127 (the rated X version is on #103). I also defend psychologists (because God is the best at it).
48 = 297MB/ 2:02 hrs, 12.6.05. Please skip the first 58 min (xmas parade 12.3.05) . Because I’m disabled and on welfare the bargain hunting I did just before Katrina hit 8.29.05, wiped me out  physically, mentally and financially. I explain the difference with hurricane Rita and the difference I could’ve had with Katrina. Also covered is how mad God is at the witch hunts for the Anti-Christ that are painting me as the devil. (Also see #107 and how I defended myself from these accusations, and the closing song to #49.)
49 = 316MB/ 2:03 hrs, 12.9.05.  I explain the signs in the movies: South Pacific, Anastasia, Mulan and Airplane. It also covers “the curse of Ham”. [Also see #22 and the first 5 minutes of #115 that reads as follows on page 12: ...what I knew about the “curse of Ham”. Like even though the Holy Spirit changed from black to white because the blacks weren’t cooperating in the pornos, when I get to heaven She’s going to be black again, the last 20 min of #127m is what the Holy Spirit looks like, and sounds like as a black girl courting me (through brandy).]
 I show a warning sign for men to stand up to women (summed up on #91). I play the song “What if Jesus came back like that” at 1145 am synced with the same warning to men to stand up to women. That was by accident and a sign that God was confirming both the song and the warning (to men) is true. The rest of this long explanation is a detour sermon I typed on 8.14.09, like #117 is. 
         At 22 & 26 minutes I explain and play two songs that were divine signs for me to move to Hawaii (while showing South Pacific) . I just noticed at 833 p.m. (8.14.09), where she sings “ you will see me... in a low flying cloud” was parallel the two 
pictures of Mary Poppins at the bottom of #128F on page 14. The #833 stands for a “great 33,  Jesus, and a very beautiful woman”, (the #33 means a beautiful woman). That was a sign of God confirming the divine signs for me to move to Hawaii AND that Mary Poppins on page 14 was THE SIGN of Jesus’s returning in the clouds as I explain from the Bible on page 14. That was also how Jesus left the earth in Acts 1:9 & 1:11 “...he was taken up into the sky while they (the apostles) were watching, and he disappeared into a cloud. As they were straining their eyes to see him, two white-robed men were suddenly there among them. They said “Men of Galilee... Jesus has been taken away from you into heaven. And someday just as you saw him go, he shall return!” (As a woman in Mary Poppins.)  
I’ll explain Acts 1:6 & 1:7 after this four
minute video of the movie “Dragon”
called “Planned Outcome”. At the 
start, and the end of it Bruce Lee says
“The great mistake is to anticipate the 
outcome of the engagement... let nature
take its course.” When he says that his
 wife walks by a crucifix (as she writes 
that down for his book). That was a sign
from God (with 833 p.m.), that Jesus’s
return would be different than people 
(and the church) might expect. I let this 
scene play through his son being born and his mother in law’s visit because of her name, “Michael Learned”, was a sign of how much I would learn form this movie, like I just did again at 833 p.m. 
        A perfect example of “don’t plan outcome” was Acts 1:6 & 7, “ When the apostles were with Jesus, they kept asking him, “Lord, are you going to free Israel now and restore our kingdom?”. “The Father sets those dates”, he replied “and they are not for you to know...” Then Jesus gave a hint that they would become christians and not let on that Israel would not, and that would lead to the Jews being evicted from Israel for nearly 1900 years, (that’s my opinion, hopefully 80% correct). After reading the Bible from the start of it and up to Acts 1:6 & 7, (over 800 pages), you would think that the apostles had a very valid question, especially because that would be a very logical extrapolation. It would’ve broke their hearts if  Jesus had told them the future so he left it ambiguous.
         The next stories are of God’s way to fight, I was surprised that it confirmed Bruce Lee’s line, “The knowledge and skill you have achieved are meant to be forgotten...”. In #127y1 & y2 I was doing rebuttals to conservatives and christians mocking my website when I replayed that quote from Bruce Lee a few times and added, “God wants you to be a real christian in the real world, not a Bible quoting nerd because that is offensive to normal people in the real world.”. I never would’ve said that except that line from Bruce Lee was a perfect rebuttal to my critics.
        Now I need to tell a parallel story about a flight attendant named “Muhammed Ali” who gave me and a girl from Valdez, Ak, a tour of the Singapore Airlines 747 we were flying on (in a 1979 trip to the Orient). He said it would be a sign to Mike of the future because of his name, and it was. God was saying that he was a good fighter (like Muhammed Ali), because he was such a good servant and so generous with what he knew. That is what I’ve learned from the different teachers at the Apple store teaching me how to use my MacBook. I think some of them were reluctant to teach me much because I was “the one” and / or because of the classes I was trying to offer. However God was saying that you could be a great fighter by being generous with what you know and not try to win by cheating or being stingy with what you know. That’s also what Bruce Lee was teaching about fighting, and what I’ve learned from experience. There are polynesian cashiers that I’ve seen that weren’t fond of “the one” either, but because of their pride in doing a good job, and respect for my human rights, I get good service from them anyways. That’s a clever trick because they win my respect and admiration and because its God who says if you are a good fighter or not. Like “Reese Sticks King Size” (is explained @ 47 & 1:25 on #53) may also stick to Hawaiians as “Hawaiian Punch”, if they don’t stop the “over kill” in their fighting. An example of God’s way of “fighting fair” was after the same guy at Apple had rescued me from another impossible predicament (with my web site),  for about the tenth time I said, “You earned your cape today.” I later realized that was a sign that computer geniuses wouldn’t be “super geeks” any more. Once again that award came from him being smart AND generous with what he knew, not stingy. That’s like the Bible says, if your enemy is hungry or needs help then feed him or help him. God knows that the most clever way to fight is,  “They will live again in freedom in the garden of the Lord, they will walk behind the plowshare, they will put away the sword. The chain will be broke and all men will have their reward. Will you join in our crusade who will be strong and stand with me...” (see the closing song to “Les Miserables” in the 4 minute video at the bottom of page 14). Also read what I wrote about this at #50a and on #50b, both on this page. 
        When they sing “who will be strong and stand with me” they show a row of people stand with “Les Miserables” T-shirts on. Because most of them were women, (I know that’s a small coincidence to you, but it was one too many ill will hits for me), that was the last straw of their 660 stealing credits for miracles God does through men who become great from doing God’s will. As I explain in that four minute video, “There have been many revolutions for freedom but none of them succeeded as well as the American Revolution did...”. In #78b at 26 minutes I play the song “Peg” by Steely Dan, and show the Blue M & M (explained below), as me following the “blue print” for my life in this song (I believe), it refers to Jean Valjean (the main character of Les Miserables), “Done up in blue print blue it sure looks good on you... you see it all in 3-D, it’s your favorite foreign movie” (that’s Les Miz). In “3-D” means it’s a play and not a movie, and also refers to me doing this end of the world calling in real time. That’s parallel the heros of history singing that it’s my job to get this “winning touchdown” (see the 28 second video of it on the {you are} Welcome page). The “you’re welcome” refers to all the heros that paved the way for me to get this easy winning touchdown. Hear the song “Take it easy” at 128e on page 14, (and read 128e), for more proof that these songs, plays, movies and heros bought and paid for, paving the way for my “take it easy” victory. I just got a “rw” at 233 & 234 p.m. 8.15.09, and that was Jesus confirming that the Blue M & M taking a break inside an Easter egg (@ 28 min on #99) was a sign of Jesus and all the people who paved way for me to get this “take it easy” and “Left Behind” victory. It’s like a T-shirt sign to me from the heros in heaven that read: “We can’t spell success without ‘u‘ “. 
        The part of that song that made me mad was, “who will be strong and stand with me” refers to me standing with all the heros who bought us “Liberty and justice for all”. It does NOT mean standing with the women who are trying to steal credits for all this good while they are so determined to defeat God at the same time. (The movie “Mulan” also describes God’s anger at this with, “How many people does it take to deliver a message?”  Just “one”. That’s in 50a & 50b, below.) Like I said, it was the last straw of their 660 stealing credits and ill will hit innuendos and I had to let them have it with both barrels to expose what liars they are. That’s the same anger that Mel Gibson had as “The Patriot” when he hacked a red coat to death (@ 1:48 on #20). At 1:39 to 1:48 on#20 I explain that is my anger at painting “The Patriot” as Bin Laden, just like in this movie Mel Gibson stole the credits for being The Patriot and painted me as Tavington, which was just as bad as painting me as Bin Laden. To change Mark Twain’s quote, “There are lies and then there are ‘Damn lies!’,and then even lower than that is the 666 media.”. Obviously that was the straw that broke the camel’s back and I had to vent my anger at it, I’m if it sorry sounds too severe, but it’s sticking. What a coincidence, this long detour was a perfect lead in to the next story. 
        Please excuse another parallel story about “fighting fair”. I would always get my motorcycle serviced at Cycle Sports until I saw a very beautiful local girl there (who works their I assume). The two times I came back after that it was very clear they didn’t want my business anymore and so I obliged  them. Then I noticed the parallel to “that girl” and Tracy Bingham on the license plate of their Cycle Sports white pick up truck: “TBS750”. Its like what I said to Tracy Bingham as the the best example of why pornos have been 86ed (on #96 @ 48 min), “What a Venus you are Tracy, to turn me off to all the beautiful women in the pornos.” Its the same as that beautiful local girl who turned me off to getting my motorcycle serviced at Cycle Sports. You ladies are going to have to learn to fight fair if you don’t want your cheap shots to boomerang on you and make you a “TBS750”. The #75 means “the biggest loser”, and 750 means even more so. 
        It only took me from 833 p.m. to 254 a.m. to do this, (plus four more hours because I have to be so careful not to cross the “you’re so vain”  or the “you are too severe” line). I’ve been wanting to do a video of this but this was the first opportunity I had to do it, so I typed it instead.   
50a (L) = 313MB/ 2:03 hrs, 12.10.05 and redid it 3.8.09. I noticed another sign (like in #49 above), when I played the song “I want to see christmas through your eyes” synced with Sylvester pulling a tree out of the ground. 1993 was the last year we had the spirit of christmas in christmas. In the Honolulu newspaper 12.25.93, a local Hawaiian guy saw his brother get shot and he ripped a board off of a bench at the bus stop to beat the guy with it. God was showing how big and tough Hawaiians are except for standing up to women.                                                 
         Tom Archer told me about a guy who was big and tough in the little town of Valdez, but when he tried that on a big  guy in Anchorage the guy picked him off the ground with one hand around his throat and told him, “If I want any crap out of you I’ll squeeze you like a bug.” [When I realized that was God talking to the “powers that be”, (just before He says “How many people does it take to deliver a message” in the movie Mulan), then I knew I needed to do another class to elaborate on it, that’s in #50b, below.] I think that also applies to guys standing up to women and the “all powerful” forces of evil in the USA, because I cover how I found out (on the fly), that Bill Clinton was parallel Randal Flagg in the movie “The Stand”. On #125 I explain the flaws of the two Bush presidents were over exposed so that I wouldn’t slip when I found out about Bill Clinton and the 666 media (Newsweek in this case) were Randal Flagg. There’s a 3 minute video of it on page 12 at #125. I show the feedback I got from Clinton as a sign in the clouds. I noticed the same kind of cloud between two incoming jets (see the “Demon & 2 Jets” video below), on 50c (just 2 min long) and 50d (and 18 min into #103). The two jets were a sign confirming my prediction of another wrath of God on the way (like the 9.11.01 disaster).

 The cloud between the jets reminded me of the cloud I mention in this sc, as feedback from Bill Clinton. The cloud resembled the big demon in the last music video of “Fantasia” by Disney (at 51 min into the next sc, #50b) . The point I’m getting at is that its just like when Dorothy was so scared of the Wizard of Oz until her barking dog revealed what a scam he was. I think thats my job, to be the barking dog that exposes the “all powerful” forces of evil as just a bug compared to the protection you get from praying some psalms, reading (and obeying) the Bible and faith in God. Continued on the next sc #50b. ( The 4 min video “Les Miserables”, at the bottom of page 14 confirms this, with this part of #44 and #91a that follows.) 
        In Proverbs there’s a line that says (approximately) “A good man takes note of of those who are evil, to bring them to ruin.” Many times all you can do is take a note of them, and you’d better be taking those notes discreetly. Then I’m amazed at how God takes it from there and suddenly you notice the “all powerful” big bad guy is gone, or so subdued that he can’t scare you. When they get the fear of God put in them, it is they who become afraid of you. [I just got a “rq” at 1126 a.m. 8.10.09, and realized God wanted me to refer you to watch the four minute “Les Miserables” video at the bottom of page 14, because it explains that if you believe in the Bible and in what our Founding Fathers accomplished then you don’t have to live in fear of evil. (#50b elaborates on this, below.)] 
47a = 26MB/ 10 min,  is 11 min start of 11.23.05sc where I explain the songs God has given me over the years to bait me to find Her as my Miss Right and to cheer me up or to keep my faith and love going and growing strong.