63 (L) = 197MB/ 1:16 hrs, 9.21.08. This was to explain why I’d be dyeing a premature death and its why I put it after #62, to show the cause and effect.  I explain the innuendo to my daughter Serena, in Dragon and the picture of her at North Station in Boston on Google Earth, (read 128F on page 14 as c// to how cold they were to me). The picture they had of Serena reminded me of when they first started pushing Brittany Spears as a “star”. I thought she had no chance of being a normal person and then realized, neither does Serena. That is, ”The Spy Kids” raised by white sharks wouldn’t have much of a chance to be themselves. I start a talk on 12.22.08 and explain that I was “out of energy and out of time” to edit out the redundant scenes. To explain how true that was, I thought I’d be dead in less than two weeks and I was doing rush jobs as last minute clean ups to these “sc”s. I was getting more disabled the more I pushed myself to finish these and I can see how my ability to think and talk started getting worse and worse. This one needs to be edited, but in case I run out of time, this excuse will have to do (for how bad it is). I redid it on 6.25.09, and I read the last four paragraphs to you on it. 
         After “The King and I” scene I play the song “Break out”, because as I explain afterwards, it was “c//” to my leaving Alaska and the pornos, and a hopeful song for the 2008 elections. To prove what a “hopeful song” that was to the 2008 elections I played it in sync with a scene from Narnia on #126a; but the “blue print” plan for good clean government was rejected. However the “break out” song now applies my escape from earth to go to heaven early, hence that’s why I played it. I re-tell this with much more revelations at  #126a & b on page 12.   
              I show what I typed on a Google Earth marker but it isn’t legible, so I’ll retell it here: Hazelwood elementary is  where I went to school in Campbell, California and was near a gas station that had a “25/25” sign. That’s 25 cents for a gallon of gas and 25 cents for a pack of cigarets (in 1967). In 1968  I was in the Boy Scouts and my family (Mark and me) were in competition with the Watsons.                                      
        On 3.25.89 captain Hazelwood (is a “c//” to the elementary) was on the Exxon Valdez when it caused a two billion dollar oil spill after it left Valdez, Alaska; on the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday earthquake, 3.25.64 that killed over 30 people in Valdez, Alaska. Both were parallel the 3 times my wife took 25 guys in one day in Valdez, (that’s what the #325 means) and is a sign that both of those disasters were the wrath of God against Alaska and the oil companies for the cruel “joke” they played on me. (See also “Gen 3:25” as it applies to the 9.11 disaster at 100b.) The “X on Valdez” oil tanker being the most prophetic symbol of it is probably why they were picked out of “the seven sisters”, i.e. the other six owners of the Alaska pipeline. (See the 3.25.08 class at 325 p.m. for more information about me and “big oil”, at 51 minutes on #96, that’s repent {51} or cry 96 tears).                                                                                                                                   
        I realized all of that was a sign of what happened to the “happy days” of low gas prices and safe, friendly and moral neighborhoods. As Sherlock Holmes  said to his assistant “Its (capt Hazelwood) elementary my dear Watson.” Boy Scouts can produce good kids and immoral neighborhoods can produce very ex-pensive wrath of God disasters that increase the cost of living. Another example is the Cape Cod canal and the loss of the Quincy shipyard, both were the wrath of God against Massachusetts, Rori’s home state. I explain that after the movies “A Street Car Named Desire”, a slanderous version of me with Rori verses “Pretty Woman”, a glorified version how we met. All of that is at 40 to 1:14 minutes on #10. (The Cape Cod canal and the 3.25.64 Alaska earthquake were advanced payments, also known as “serta perfect sleepers”, when they wake up to their losses.)          
        The blacks have a saying that “it takes a village to raise a child”. My father in law told me that anyone could whip a kid for misbehaving (in Massachusetts) and they wouldn’t tell their parents because they’d get it again from them. I’ve noticed it also takes a village to reform a prostitute,(Pretty Woman), but there’s not much chance of that when the entire village conspires to not tell me that my wife was cheating on me as much as she possibly could. They also knew their sin would “snowball” from the “village” (of 3000 people) of Valdez and take all of Alaska and then all the USA in on their little “joke” on me. Like I told my ex wife after she turned a christian couple against me, “I don’t care if the whole world is on your side, if God is on my side I’m still going to win.” I didn’t know I was The One nor the size of the conspiracy against me but Rori knew it and knew that I was inspired by God to say that and it was a sign that God would back it up and confirm what I was saying was true. So there. page_17.htmlpage_14.htmlpage_12.htmlpage_10.htmlhttp://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/63.mp4shapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1shapeimage_2_link_2shapeimage_2_link_3
62 (L) = 334MB/ 2:09 hrs. On 9.15.08 I combined the videos (61, 64 & 84),  that told of how they ruined my “hot rolls”  and how I’ve gained so much weight from black magic curses and that motivated me to sum up the reasons why women have been branded demons. That is also why I inserted this as #62, just before #63 as the “obvious” reason for my premature death explained on #63.                                     
         I thought psalm 92 & 93 didn’t apply to me and so I inserted Shakespeare’s Hamlet from #113 to prove it did apply to me. I also cover the movie “The Four Seasons” and my first rated X class at the end, 9.16.08. It came out milky white because it was the forth dvd recorder downstream but I had to use it because the three upstream copies all failed. When “Murphy’s Law” kicks into high gear to ruin the copies of my classes its usually a sign of a ill will backlash or a black magic curse from the ladies or the FBI, i.e. no good deed goes unpunished, (that also explains why women have been branded as demons). 
        After watching 127e2 (@ 31 min), the Memorial day SC, and seeing  that Admiral Chester Nimitz was a bit over weight, I realized it was like what the apostle Paul said, that the lord gave him a thorn in the flesh that was offensive to keep him humble about the awesome calling he had. When I saw the two mega awesome raise the US flag scenes before and after the pictures of Adm Nimitz I thought, “nobody is allowed to have that much glory”. That also helped explain what I say about John Adams and Ben Franklin (both born and raised in Massachusetts and over weight adults) when I quote John F. kennedy (on #1a at 40 min), and even though Nimitz is from Texas I think he’d agree that “Life is not ‘fai-ah’ (fair), some great people are over weight and some are not”.
61 (L) = 307MB/ 2:03 min, 3.16.06. I explain the 
movie “Paint Your Wagon” and the Garden of Eden
 sexual permission, (sex perms), in it. The end, 
(3.19.06) is summed up with #64, #62 & #84 on 
#62, but this (as with #64 & #84), is the long version.                                                                                                    
         Paint Your Wagon is a very good picture of how
 “civilization” can ruin things. I explain the before
 and after picture of what went wrong with California.
It’s also a good picture of why God
 picked me, (as Ben Rumpson), to represent Jesus’ >>
return, and a good picture of me as “the man of  >>
lawlessness... the one who brings destruction.
 He will exalt himself and defy every god there
 is and tear down every object of adoration and
 worship.  He will position himself in the temple 
of God, claiming that he himself is God....” That
 was a trick that God played on the prudes at MTV>>
and in the church from 2 Thessalonians 2:3 & 4, as
is explained next in 2:11 & 2:12, (and in this video)>>>
“So God will send a great deception upon them,
and they will believe all these lies. 
Then they will be condemned for not believing
 the truth and enjoying the evil they do.” That got me to put this ^^^^ clip from #107 in here.
         I put this ten minute video together of “2 Thess 2  & the one” ^^, to show who is “666” and who isn’t. I show MTV as an example of the 666 media (also explained below). In another class I show that the FBI was branded as 666 for how much they tried to kill me, and because they think they can take on God, and because they are at the top of the list of people responsible for the 9.11. disaster, (it’s a very long list of people who could’ve prevented the 9.11 disaster as I explain many times over and at the top of page 8). Next on that list is the 666 media, (e.g. MTV), and New York as I explain below. Next on this clip I tell who was possessed by the devil. On the date 7.11.94, (the #711 also means 666), I ate at “Hillary’s restaurant”  as a sign that Hillary Clinton was who the devil possessed before “HELL FREEZES OVER”. That’s the prophetic title of “The Eagles” cd that they released in 1994, (when the band finally reunited), at the same time that the Lord tricked me into driving across the USA over four times, (7.94 to 1.10.95), as a sign to the USA, and to the world, that HELL HAD FROZEN OVER. I also explain that New York voted for the 9.11.01 disaster when they elected Hillary as their senator in 2000. All of this was to explain who is NOT the antichrist but the person God picked to represent Jesus’ return, (that’s me and these classes at mikeoversonendtimes.com). I just realized that’s one reason why there are so many songs and movies with divine signs and innuendos to me, it was another confirmation from heaven that I really was called to represent Jesus’ return,
 (a siren at 1050 a.m., 8.24.09, was another confirmation from my “hons” that this is true). Of course the 666 media will deny this and 660 paint me as the devil as I explain below.
          On class #7c on page 1, is where I got this defense of me and exposure of those calling me the devil... “a great picture”... of the hypocrites calling me the antichrist and the wrath of God against them for accusing me of their selling out against God sins. Its a poetic “fit wit” on #7c or “see 7”, like the mega devils who slandered me in   the movie “Seven”. God’s anger at “660 autofocus” devils calling me “the antichrist” is also on #2 , #48, #82 & #107.
                                                        The following is from #107. 
       That made this a good place to insert my defense against those who call me the antichrist (from #7c). Worst of all is MTV again, with a commercial painting me and Jesus as the devil (!), while they steal credits for the love, magic and wisdom that heaven sends down in the music they play on MTV. [That’s another “no wonder New York City got slaughtered in the 9.11 disaster”, its the cause and effect of your own evil actions coming back on you.]  When I smoked cigars, I would hold my breath at this commercial (see it in the ten minute video above^ and @ 36 min on #107), because they were trying to catch me in sync with the smoke they blow passed the crucifix while calling it “Satan”. I believe that is what Paul referred to in 2 Thessalonians 2:4, “He will oppose and exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshipped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.” That’s what the #224 means, but usually refers to people calling me the antichrist, hence the need to defend myself (@ 28 to 41 min on #107).  I also retold this defense (and exposed MTV and people in the church for painting me as the anti-Christ)  on page 14.      
        Paint Your Wagon on #61 and 107 are both are very good pictures of the mercy God will allow for sex. I refer to the 18 to 20 year olds as “kids”, but I wanted to show you the difference in them when they are allowed to go to the bars. I was 19 and 20 years old at the end of the construction of the pipeline in 1976 & 77. Yet in Paint Your Wagon, heaven paints me as the street wise Ben Rumpson in my 50s, (and because I moved back to California in 1993 at 36 years old as a “Rumple Stiltskin”).  Valdez was a “boom town” just like in this movie, however I explained on #10 that Anchorage was more civilized and was more like the movie “Saturday Night Fever”. To those who think “Paint Your Wagon” is too old fashioned, that is still one of the best examples of getting mercy from God for sex. It might be worth it to stretch your tolerance to include #61 or 107 to get mercy for more sex.  page_17.htmlpage_8.htmlpage_1.htmlpage_1.htmlpage_4.htmlpage_8.htmlpage_11.htmlpage_14.htmlhttp://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/61.mp4shapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2shapeimage_4_link_3shapeimage_4_link_4shapeimage_4_link_5shapeimage_4_link_6shapeimage_4_link_7
60 = 170MB/ 1:08 hrs, 3.8 & 3.16.06. I finish the Twilight Zone show and “Saturday in the park” by Chicago as a message from the 2.23.45 I refer to in #59, above. I show “here a Lee, there a Lee” song in 1776. I show how God revealed Herself as a woman again; cover Global warming again; show the sign of “Don’t tread on me” (the US flag) or you could be a dead cockroach. Explain how God owns all the sex. Explain the new way God does things verses how its written in the Bible, and verses the Hollywood versions. 
59 = 325MB/ 2:08 hrs, 3.8.06. It has a 1 second rated X at start (by accident). I explain the last hooker I was tricked into buying 9-95, captured in the video “smooth operator” by Sade. I cover Thomas Jefferson and Dusky Sally, Global Warming, world oil supply and prices, and postcards I wrote to Alyeska Pipeline about it. I explain the “eg”s (evil gods) I found in Praise music verses the info I’ve gotten from God through Rock n Roll.  At the end of  #127t I correct the mistake I make here, that the song “hang on to your love”  by Sade was an “eg”, because the sign I show confirmed that it was from God and not from evil gods (egs).  I show two Twilight Zone shows that were c// to the guys that raised the US flag on Iwo Jima, 2.23.45.http://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/59.mp4
58 = 313MB/ 1:59 hrs, 3.7.06. I explain the Nike #28 commercial, (see the “Winning Touchdown” video {30 seconds } on the Welcome page), the #28 is parallel me because I explain that its parallel my youngest brother Matthew and his touchdown and  grandpa’s touchdown, all divine signs (@ 14 and 43 min). I show VH-1 music videos September 95 and how I was tricked into buying a hooker by “eg”s (evil gods). I show “Father figure” by George Michaels, where God confirmed that She was a woman (@ 1:30 min into it). Rated X over-run at the end.  Welcome.htmlhttp://mikeoversonendtimes.com/video/58.mp4shapeimage_7_link_0

I explain why this is numbered 8,10 & 9,11 on page 8.

To download a class, click anywhere after the number of the class for Firefox, for Safari 4 control click and then the Download Linked File or go to Mobile me.

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“2 Thess 2:4 & the one” is still worth a listen.