001a1  150MB.mov, 1:05 hrs, 12-8-09. There’s a ten minute clip in here that I put on YOU TUBE, this is what I wrote about it:

        This is about how the most popular songs and movies are from heaven for EVERYONE and how to find out if they apply to you specifically. This is condensed from classes #1a1, 2 and 8 at MikeOversonEndTimes.org. I have to make these condensed versions for YouTube to hopefully interest you into seeing the long versions.

        I was able to post the whole hour of this show on FACEBOOK, this is what I wrote about it:

        This started out as an accidental autobiography that was 21 minutes and then went to 65 minutes. The reason for that is I got signs that I was being mocked for being "you’re so vain" and that led to me doing my final class #127x12 and x13. After the 20 minute version I posted at ULTIMATE TUBE was mocked so much I “redidit” into 65 minutes to defend my self against those who were mocking me. Being my first try at iMovie I made mistakes, but I'm too disabled to do it over. The main point of my website is that God asked me to represent Jesus's return, after I obeyed the call then I had to make a public record of it, that's at MikeOversonEndTimes.com, .net, .info and at .org. Being "the one" God picked to do this job I was set up with a lot of songs and movies to explain what God was going to accomplish through me, like this one: "maybe he's no Romeo but he's my loving ONE MAN SHOW, lets hear it for the boy" by Denise Williams. I also explained in class #1c my version of copyright permission. One of the main reasons for the 911 disaster was that it was the wrath of God for violating God's copyright. The movies, songs and commercials I use were divine signs and prophetic of my calling to represent Jesus's return. Instead of the church and the public obeying God's request to, "let's hear it for the boy", I've been mocked so much that God will be ending these classes and my life soon, i.e. my job is done and I get to go home early, (as soon as I'm finished promoting the classes).

        The POSTCARDS FROM THE  EDGE, (@28 to 30 min) that I mailed to Alyeska are on #59 @ 43min.       

001a.  .mov, 341MB, 2:28 hrs, 10-9-09. In the first half of #1a I introduce myself and these classes by covering the main point about three times each: that's the cause and effect of the 911 disaster; discerning divine signs in music, movies, TV shows, etc; and permission for sex from God. Then there is two clips that taught me how to watch these classes, to get used to the odd way I do things. That's a lead in to me being the odd person called to be THE BRIDE OF CHRIST to be "carried across the threshold" to represent Jesus's return. The second half of 1a is the long road of being this "one man show" to take on "the powers that be", I start to tell of the heros that paved the way for my victory that culminated at the 911 disaster, when the "powers that be" finally stopped their murder attempts on me. I explain how I learned how magic and prophetic movies could be, like how I found out the movie “The Beauty and the Beast” was a prophetic parallel of me moving from Alaska to Hawaii and how that fit with my calling to represent Jesus's return. I show signs of my premature death, (continued on1b).

001b   .mov, 443MB, 3:11 hrs, 3.10.09. & 2-15-10. When I checked the start of this I thought “ Mike this is too bad just for my own use, let alone showing it to the public”. That was yesterday but today, (5.6.09 is a sign because 56 is Abba’s number and I’m with Abba as my “hon” today, [if you say Honolulu, Hawaii:  “Hon, Hi” backwards and its “hi hon”], and She defended me as her “loving one man show”, {Denise William’s song: Let’s hear it for the boy}), I realized I recorded 1b over a movie and it was a sign of my “hons” defending me as “the Lion King” because, as you’ll see, its the start of the movie “The Color Purple”. Now you’ll get to see God’s version of it verses the hideous slander “the one” version that Steven Spielberg did, (also in #15, 38 & 39 ). This was a bad start because I talk as if you’ve already seen the first 20 hours of classes, so I had to paste a one hour intro at the start, (2-15-10), to get you up to speed with the info I talk about, that made this over 3 hours long but it was the only way I could fix it.

        This class continues from 1a with more confirmations that Ruby Tuesday and Ruby Soho were signs of my premature death, and what will happen after I’m gone, (sink or swim time). Also the signs of “pull for the one” and “not enough” = too little and too late = I’m gone. This is RATED X from 2:28 on and has to do with pornos 86ed for mmmb, [mocking me for being a master-baiter, (here fishy fishy) i.e. its a sucker play to catch hypocrites]. The scene from the movie Glory is from #103 and next to the song “Janie’s  got a gun”, (and a blanket), was a sign that it’s wrap on my life and the big dipper to women through the pornos.

            I need to to explain “the blanket was a wrap” a little better. In the first hour I explain that Traci Bingham’s pose on the beach, (at 2:28), with one leg up when a wave washed by her, (is next to a parallel scene from SOUTH PACIFIC), was a sign of being “touched by God”. I also show the other girls from Playboy’s “THE BABES OF BAYWATCH” that had their leg up the same way, and Alan Alda also in THE FOUR SEASONS. They were saying they knew I watch pornos with on leg up like that and a blanket from my shoulder over my knee to my foot when I was next to the TV watching pornos so they could’t see if I was masturbating or not. But the evil as hell FBI who has been violating my rights, (as always), especially to privacy has a hidden camera to watch me and that finally killed my desire to watch pornos or masturbate, (read #25 & the Reddi wip OJ). So I went to Sears to buy a new blanket as a sign that the watching of pornos had been 86ed on 2-5-08. That was the same day I had just bought Brer Rabbit molasses, (read #25  and the Brer Bear OJ on California), and Hebrew Nation hot dogs at the supermarket, it was a sign of Israel being as stupid, (and God confirmed that was the right word to use in class 1a, read 37 & 89 = stupid), as the por-nos  and the women to mock me away and the help they were getting from God on my behalf. You’ll see Janie get a blanket wrapped around her at the end of the song “Janie’s got a gun”, that’s where I stopped recording over the Movie Glory. The “over-run” scene, (at 2:30 into it), of Col. Shaw talking to a news reporter was a “sign”, (because Col. Shaw knew he was going to die that day). I realized it was a sign from God that it was “a wrap on the blanket” and on my life. (Then I prayed that God would heal the South of this premature death sign for me.) [There is a sort of a parallel note to this on #15 below.]

          These classes are also about how much MTV, the por-nos and my Miss Rights knew they were throwing away “happy days” (and sex) in favor of the 9.11 disaster. (That’s also what KKK means, when you Know Know Know you are wrong and being evil but do it anyways.) Its covered in much more detail and many times over on these classes. This one is continued on #127c & 127d, because it detoured too far and long away from the introduction I was trying to do here. The scene from The Last Star Fighter @ 2:35 min is a “oj” on the military.   Another condensed description is at 127e1 and it reads as follows: The Last Star Fighter @ 1:02 hrs is about my ex wife (Rori), and me, (and is c// to me and the military @ 2:35 min on #1b, its a military 1129 oj [the #1129 means “you’re so vain”] , i.e. you are 86ed for being a V.C. and mocking me, just like the porno business and Rori: “Oh ye of little faith” and faithfulness. Like in the movie Grease: “Don’t be a slob and get a job, go back to class you can pass.” = Beauty school drop outs (@ 58 min on #95).

        I’ve learned from experience that these nearly incomprehensible condensed descriptions can be a very big help when I’m trying to locate one story out of these hundreds of hours of classes. I’m too disabled and too slow a typer to thoroughly review and type a detailed contents of each class. Like I said after my first 20 hours of classes “this camera has enabled me to teach much longer and better than if I had to write it all out”. So I hope you can put up with my condensed descriptions.

This is a list where you can find classes about the 9-11 disaster, NASA, the Military and Miss Rights. sorry I got a late start on this.

                                Just a reminder, these cumbersome references helps me locate “c//” information.

[ I looked up a few classes that had Jenny McCarthy and/or The Grind on MTV, (& 911 disaster info), they are: #24 @30 to 52 min, #25 @ 1:28 min, #88a {RATED X} @1:08 to 1:30, 117b @ 51 to 1:01, #118 @ 1:04, #121 @ 37 & 1:19, #124 @ 50 to 1:03 and #127z @ 1:03 to 1:21 minutes, and read #131.] 

(Stephani Gosk from ABC news is on #69 @ 1:19, 127x08 @ 1:40, 127x11 @ 8 &1:30, 127z @ 1:11)

{Some of the TLC girls, (The Latin Connection), classes are at #96 @ 1:43 to 2:02 , #98, 100a, 100b, 105a #118 @ 37 & 50 to 1:05 and many others.}

See NASA classes at #32, 37, 90, 127x06 & 172, and the Military parallel classes in # 1c, 21, 65, 127u & 1

Most of the classes from #1d to #49 were recorded on to 6 hour tapes in SLP, because I couldn’t afford to buy enough tapes to record in SP on two hour tapes. (I explain

how I could’ve afforded it at the start of #113.) Also my first

camera would record a buzzing noise when I recorded in the

kitchen until I got a new camera at class #73. Combine these

flaws with me being disabled and on welfare and it means you

will need tolerance and patience to view these. At class 128e

on page 14 of  MikeOversonEndTimes.com  I finally found out

why “you’ve got a disabled mess teaching these classes on

home movies, it’s proportional to what you payed for and

you’re applause”. It’s as if God was singing this song:

“didn’t it rain children?”, and got no applause. See also

#128e and 131 below.

001c   .mov, 326MB, 2:21 hrs, 12-15-09. This is my version of copyright permission. First I explain and the circumstances it was recorded under, (this was one of my first “death bed sermons”). I also cover a lot of other topics since I thought this was my last chance to do it. The scene from Gettysburg is on #116a @ 52 min, but the rest (of 116) is explaining my 1st Rated X death bed sermons, #102, 103 on #116a, 118 & 119a. See other NASA classes at #32, 37, 90, 127x06 & 172, and the military parallel in # 1c, 21, 65, 127u & 127x11.

001d   .mov, 276MB, 2:01 hrs, 10-29-05.  This is the first introduction I did and continues through 3b. I explain “see parallel & EGs”, (evil gods), Aim for better thanks, (especially for my jackpot marriage), and a good overview of these classes. The part about Brandy is retold better at 1:30 on 109a


Jesus's return and the Rapture is over & lots of proof of it in ten minutes.This is condensed from class #127x7 at MikeOversonEndTimes.org, a more thorough version is classes #4 , 99 and 127x4, 5, 6 & 7.  The explanation of the song Bye bye Miss Amaerican Pie with the movie Anastasia is more thorough at the end of "my last class and goodbye", (127x13), on Facebook and Vimeo.   I have to make these condensed versions for YouTube to hopefully interest you into seeing the long versions.

There’s more on the NIKE commercial touchdowns at #58.

002    .mov, 283MB, 2:00 hrs, 10-30-05.  I explain how I got Delivered from being possessed the same demon in the movie “Dragon”.  Also a overview of my life as seen through signs in movies and songs and start of the movie Dragon, (because its an example of how you can find signs from heaven through movies). I show president G. H. W. Bush as Jaffar in the movie Aladdin. Please read class 125 on page 12 at MikeOversonEndTimes.com and see the 5 minute video with it that explains why the Bush family flaws were “over exposed”. (So I would’t slip when I found out “on the fly” that Bill Clinton was Randal Flagg in the TV show THE STAND, that’s in the 5 minute video on page 12).

003a&b   .mov, 279MB, 2:00 hrs, 11-1-05. “P.E.C.” is a short prayer that means “Please Explain &/or Confirm” that this information is correct or not: In this class I “pec”, (with God’s help I hope), the movies Dragon & Chaplin. Then expose Chaplin’s “patriotism”.mov, 10-30-05.

004  .mov, 286MB, 2hrs, 6-4-05. This was my very 1st class, (called “Sam/cam”s or SCs because my 1st camera was a Samsung), and it’s a good summary.

005a&b .mov,287MB/ 2:05 hrs. This is the end of 6.4.05, (#4), and the start of the 7.10.05 insert to explain "the MO tape" and good will after 9.11.01, and covers other 9.11.01 topics through #7b.

006 = 7-11-05 continued..mov 001e

007ab&c   .mov, 275MB, 2:00 hrs, 7-11-05. I finish explaining the MO tape and other 9-11 topics in the 7.11.05 insert and then go back to 6.5.05 sc. This is the first copyright permission I did 6.5.05 (see 1c); then I inserted the 11.16.05 sc to explain “D of nukes” (7c, 8, 9a & 9b); after I explain me verses the people calling me “the Anti Christ”. [=rw 839am, 3.28.09; the #328 means “dead hypocrites” and #839 means “a great picture”... of the hypocrites calling me the antichrist and the wrath of God against them for accusing me of their selling out against God sins.] Its a poetic “fit wit” on #7c or “see 7”, like the mega devils who slandered me in   the movie “Seven”. God’s anger at “660 autofocus” devils calling me “the antichrist” is also on #2, #48 ,#82 & #107. The following is from #107:

       That made this a good place to insert my defense against those who call me the antichrist (from #7c). Worst of all is MTV again, with a commercial painting me and Jesus as the devil (!), while they steal credits for the love, magic and wisdom that heaven sends down in the music they play on MTV. [That’s another “no wonder New York City got slaughtered in the 9.11 disaster”, its the cause and effect of your own evil actions coming back on you.]  When I smoked cigars, I would hold my breath at this commercial (@ 36 min on #107) because they were trying to catch me in sync with the smoke they blow passed the crucifix while calling it “Satan”. I believe that is what Paul referred to in 2 Thessalonians 2:4, “He will oppose and exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshipped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.” That’s what the #224 means, but usually refers to people calling me the antichrist, hence the need to defend myself (@ 28 to 41 min on #107).

008  .mov, 288MB, 2:01 hrs, 11.16.05. I explain how I found out we’d been spared a nuclear war (D of nukes), after I finish explaining Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video. The sex education detour is covered better on #93 to 96. Then on most of the SCs #102 to 120, when I wasn’t afraid to show rated X scenes because it was my last chance to do so in these “death bed sermons”.

009a&b mov, 283MB, 6-5-05. I finish the sex ed detour then finish explaining the 11-16-05 version of “D of nukes” and then go back to my first version of it on 6-5-05..

010 .mov, 286MB, 2:01 hrs. Finish 6.5.05, 6.7 and start 6.8.05. I explain me and my ex wife Rori, verses the slandered view in “A Street Car Named Desire” verses the glorified version in “Pretty Woman”. Also the “what a price to pay” (wap2p), in Massachusetts at the Quincy shipyard and the Cape Cod canal. Described in better detail at the last two paragraphs of #63 at page 6 at MikeOversonEndTimes.com.  This is an excerpt of it:  Another example is the Cape Cod canal and the loss of the Quincy shipyard, both were the wrath of God against Massachusetts, Rori’s home state. I explain that after the movies “A Street Car Named Desire”, a slanderous version of me with Rori verses “Pretty Woman”, a glorified version how we met. All of that is at 40 to 1:14 minutes on #10. The Cape Cod canal and the 3.25.64 Alaska earthquake were advanced wrath of God payments, also known as “serta perfect sleepers”, (when they wake up to their losses).


011a&b  .mov, 275MB, 1:23 hrs.  The end of 6.8.05 sc and the start of 6.11.05.  I show the Dole building just before a new building eclipsed it, which was a sign that I got a camera and started these classes before I forgot a lot of information, I say this again and better on #13.  I explain the 60th VE day and Mothers day AOL on 5-8-05. At about 1:45 I awkwardly broach the subject about me and women because I began to realize they were the main people fighting me and God’s plans, which only made them loose the equality they had finally won by going for too much power and control. This helped me get to the point on 6-15-05, #12 & 13.

012 =.mov, 248MB, 1:49 hrs. Last hour of 6.11.05, I explain the “smooth operator” song and me watching pornography. 6.14.05, 617 p.m. is a picture of me carried to do my job. I explain recovering from my disability. On 6.15.05  I finally get to the point about me and women, continued on #13.

013  312MB/ 2:02 hrs, is the last part of 6.15.05 sc. I cover sex credits and the porno’s 928, (queen of the grind), cameras. They, (the 928 cameras and editing of pornos), also helped explain the L.A. riots in 1992 and one of the “end of the world” labor contractions mentioned in the Bible. I explain ERA and NOW as it applies to me and women.

        On 6.18.05 I show the sun rays down on the Dole building before the new condo high rise eclipsed the Dole building, that’s another sign that I got this camera and class just in time before I lost a lot of this information. I’m amazed watching these at all the details I’ve already forgotten and the enthusiasm I had for doing this when I first got the camera. On 6.19.05 I realized I have to elaborate on the 6.15 sc because it was such a summary version. I also explain the big break through in the pornos and play the song “I know I’ll never love this way again”. I cover the Columbia space shuttle crash; another cause and effect story about mocking me and the 9.11 disaster and I expose the torture that welfare recipients can be put through.

014  .mov, 279MB, 2:02 hrs, is end of 6.19 and a tour of Honolulu then the start of 6.23.05 about snuff films

015  .mov, 253MB,1:50 hrs, is 6.23.05 part 2. The reason I showed the scene of the guy on the beach while a girl is being killed by a shark in JAWS was because it was a picture of “what a price to pay” (wap2p) for starving Mr Right and giving all her sex to Mr Wrong. (That was a scene of mocking me for watching pornos that I explain after this next paragraph.) See also the third paragraph of 1b, above, about “a wrap on the blanket” (and my life).

        [=rq 744 / 745 a.m. 5.16.09 and that was a sign of the 9.11 disaster and the checkmate on women when I was 44 and 45 years old. The Lord was confirming the “wap2p” OJ on “the big apple”, like Eve deliberately doing what God warned her and Adam not to do, except there is far less excuse for it after women have seen over and over the “wap2p” OJ and still keep making the same “bite the apple” mistake over and over. That has only cost women their equality with men and getting branded as demons and as “dumb broads” and the 9.11 disaster.]

        At 1:42 into #74 I explain how K. Swan tried to get me away from her pornos with signs I got that she was in sexual ecstasy killing Jesus and the people who paved the way for my safety. That used to mean the #915 but this was so much more evil it got labeled #517 and 653, (5-17-02 is the day I watched it). Then I realized the “c//” mock the one version in JAWS is they were trying to paint me as in “sexual ecstasy” of the girl being killed by the shark in JAWS. As always the 666 media is accusing me of their sins again. I explain that in this class about snuff films and about the movie “Seven”, that THEY are the sick sadists that get off on how much they can torture a woman before she dies from the pain, then accuse me of their crimes.

        There was another warped story they tell that I’d like to correct. Killer whales (orcas) are a sign of “happy days”, and I heard in Valdez, Alaska that after a guy pulled a big halibut fish in his boat a killer whale followed it and was on the back of his boat just like the white shark on the back of the boat “Orca” in JAWS. The guy knew what the orca wanted and let him have the halibut. I realized that was a sign from God that if the movies, Rock n roll singers, etc want more “happy days” magic from God on my behalf, that I’ll need to get paid. Talk about “biting the apple” in JAWS; that was a sign of how much they warped the story to make me the devil and them as the “white knights” out to do exactly the opposite of the blatant signs of what God wanted them to do (i.e. pay me in money and respect verses slander me to death).

        JAWS was the first movie to break 100 million dollar mark for a movie and it was directed by Steven Spielberg  who also did Schindlers List, a mega mock the one movie that I explain in my rebuttal in #38 and 39 below on this page.  It took four hours because this was the straw that broke the camel’s back, I had to defend myself from the hideous lies and innuendos they put in it to label me as an evil nazi, (Goeth). 

016   .mov, 296MB, 2:08 hrs, 6.24.05. I insert 8 minutes on 5.15.06 to clarify this and #15; I show “Sleeping Beauty” as a example of “slaying dragons”; Degree deodorant mocks me and I explain the oj for it, verses the “rich kids” who came through, like Col. Shaw of the 54th in the movie “Glory”. I explain Rev 3:7 and the song “Dangerous” by Michael Jackson and wrath of God warnings I delivered to Social Security and DHS (welfare) on 2-16-01. (Then I noticed the c// of 2-16-10 at 501 p.m., 9 years later when I typed this in, 501= repent and 9 = let her cry).

017  .mov, 285MB, 2:05 hrs. Originally done on 6.25.05 but I redidit on 12.31.05 about the checkmate I recorded 5.8.02 to heal my breaking heart from all the ill will hits I received, I show a confirmation of that on the TV guide channel: “Recipe for Revenge”. I narrate why I recorded it this way and what it means. The direct dubbed copy is on #101 at 50 min and over one hour long, that’s the RATED X version of K. Swan, this one is PG-13.

018 .mov, 215MB, 1:33 hrs, 6.25.05 with an updated insert at 5.18.06. I explain the song my Hons  sing about in “Hercules”.

019    .mov, 253MB, 1:49 hrs, 6-26-05 & 5.18.06. This is the “Herc” song continued. I noticed that Pat Tillman at the start of this SC was a C// to “Cigar Dan” at 1:12 on #112. Both of them were “support our troops” but don’t support the one. Then I show a sign of how mad God got at (Quality Fresh) cigars after they made the (military) blunder of “Sire, she got away”, in Cinderella, (I’m the one that got away).                                                                                           

        I got off to an awkward start in the showing of Don Giovanni, (by Mozart). I did better on the next day on 6-27-05.

020  .mov, 228MB/ 1:57 hrs, 6.26.05. I finish Don Giovanni and start the Navy Seals talk. I start to suspect false affection from the military and was so mad at it I couldn’t do another class until 7-6-05. I wanted to give them the benefit  of the doubt and see if they could win me over after I went to Pearl Harbor to celebrate the 4th of July, but all my worst fears were confirmed so I had to hit them back on the next class, #21. Since then I’ve gotten signs that the military is as much an “evil god” to me as NASA, (and Rasputin verses ANASTASIA in), 127x09 and 127u. In other words they’ve gone from bad to worse, (that’s the #619 & 1136).

021  .mov, 254MB, 1:50 hrs, 7.6.05. I finally find out what the military thinks of me and this was my response to it. I was able to insert a correction after I found out, (in 6-2006), where I got so poisoned against the military. In this class I say I learned it in school but what pushed me over the edge was the clip I show from the movie Earthquake at the end of this class, ( at 1:45). After all the years of protests against the Vietnam war, this is the movie that pushed me over the edge to think the military was as sick as the guy in this movie. In the 1970s the military was fair game to paint as villains, and I believe that is what so poisoned the USA that it took the 9-11 disaster on Patriots day to make the flag come back in fashion. (I remember when Playboy interviewed John Wayne they said he had the distinction of starring in the only movie made during the Vietnam war that was in favor of the war: THE GREEN BERETS, I show a clip of it at 1:13 into #123.) All the years of disrespect for the flag since the 1960s bore bad fruit on 9-11-01.

         When I show the DEFENDING FREEDOM dvd that I bought at Pearl Harbor on the 4th of July, you can see how the military has been painting me as the villain that caused the 9-11 disaster. When I show the book that dvd came from on 7-20-09, (on #127u), I explain that the military has far less excuse for painting me as the devil after one of the main reasons for the 9-11 disaster, (the main cause was the lack of patriotism in the USA), was the wrath of God against the devil liars calling me the devil. Then long after 9-11-01 the military is still painting me as the devil and this proves what damn cowards they are to stand up to the blatant devils lying about me and calling me the devil. I blatantly call the military “pussy whipped cowards” four times at 1:26 on #49, then you can see me say that four times again at 11:45 a.m. at 2:00 into #49, when I play the song “what if Jesus came back like that”. I didn’t plan it that way but but it was a divine coincidence confirming that Jesus would come back mad at the USA and calling them pussy whipped cowards for not standing up to women. That reminds me of a bumper sticker in California in the 1970s: “Jesus is coming... Jesus is here... and man is he mad”.

        On #91 at 1:43 to the end of it I replay this scene from #49 with the other warnings to stand up to women before the “checkered flag waves” at christmas in 2006. Then I show the 10-24-06 class where women got branded as demons, which was so prophetic of the next class. On 11-7-06 is when I had to write out that I wasn’t allowed to talk on these classes due to election results, when Hillary was re-elected and the democrats recaptured the majority in the house of representatives. I saw a bumper sticker that same month that read: IS IT 2008 YET?. The demons, (women), were on such a hot roll of taking over that they were certain of victory in 2008. That is why I was finally allowed to talk again on 9-21-08, class #63, to say, (approximately),  “I was not allowed to talk for nearly two years due to the evil election results on 11-6-06, and now this election, (2008), has turned so evil that it’s not a matter of not talking, but of a premature death for me.” Today is 2-17-09 and this was another “last chance” to sum up what the problem is: pussy whipped cowards, (c// 1:41 into #27).

         On #127x11, (from 1:09 to 2:08), I got lucky and bold at explaining how much help the military got from heaven on my behalf, and the “evil gods” that are expert liars at mocking and denying it, (also read #23 below). I show how I was seduced and deceived by an “eg” to laugh at “greatness”, (Winston Churchill). Then a scene from THE SOUND OF MUSIC where the Captain refused to “go along to get along” and escaped from the Nazi party. Then it ends with a divine coincidence of a guy, (that’s parallel as me and my “up, up and away” balloon of sex perms, see 21 to 56 minutes on 127e1 that confirms this), giving a massage to two girls in “the bay area” where I had a linen supply truck route that and had a massage parlor as one of my stops. I show a sign from another porno, (RATED X), that God had a lady from that massage parlor busted for prostitution for not obeying the lord to teach me sex when I was 17. It’s a good picture of the “red carpet” treatment women get from God through me and how stingy they are in return. That causes the red carpet treatment and the “up, up and away” in my beautiful balloon of sex perms to come to an end with just the memory of how good they had it before they threw it all away. See other NASA classes at #32, 37, 90, 127x06 & 172, and the military parallel in # 1c, 21, 127u & 127x11.

022   .mov, 281MB, 2:02 hrs. 7-19 & 7-9-06. On 7.19.05 did an insert to 7.6.05 when I learned the proper way to say “ you are in a heap of trouble, Sir “. I show scenes from OUR FRIEND MARTIN (Luther King). On 7-9-05 I accidentally  get started on a class and end up showing scenes from STORMY WEATHER and BLUE HAWAII then 1776 because it was parallel when Elvis Presley said “with Maile, that’s my Declaration of Independence” (from women). I got a sign that Thomas Jefferson was a SUPERTRAMP for writing that, (Declaration of Independence), and explain four other SUPERTRAMP presidents with Walt Disney that paved for my safety and victory at 1:47 on #127z. 

023  .mov, 296MB, 2:08 hrs, 7.12.05. I “thank” Maxim magazine for turning me off to women. I explain more details on how HELL FREEZES OVER. I show my videos of Pearl Harbor that are parallel to 9.11.01 in a PBS special, TORA, TORA, TORA and PEARL HARBOR movies. Also an 8-10-06 intro to 7-15-05 where I show a picture of “I’m weaning you of your crutch”, (@ 1:52), that is parallel the Fox 2-5, (Marines), talent contest in Iraq at 1:50 on 127x06. It was the first of many signs since 12-10-05 at 11:45 am through 2-17-10, (that I just typed on #21 above), that the military wants me as dead as NASA does, (see #127x09), and to not go to Pearl Harbor any more. I show when I found out a picture of the World Trade Center was on the BIG PUNISHER T-shirt at rw =711, 12-05-02, it’s another blatant sign that they knew the 9-11-01 disaster was coming. This was before I was un-poisoned about Ronald Reagan, who did not sell out like John Wayne did.

024   .mov, 302MB, 2: 08 hrs, 7-15-05. I explain a mistake of mine that clarified “God’s the boss and I’m the bride”. I explain sex perms mocked away by MTV ,Tracy Bingham and The Pig & Whistle to get to Planet X. I explain: “Get Over It” vs Remember Pearl Harbor.

025      RATED X .mov, 245MB, 1:44 hrs, is finish 7.15.05. Then 10.10.08 is an “I love you, good bye” to California. (Just like the end of 127x11, and #100 is an “I love you, good bye” to the TLC girls, and #104 is to the por/nos and #127q2 is to Brandy.) This one starts with three girls I broke up with in high school (also at 1:33 on 100b), then I play “I left my heart in San Francisco & Give in to me” and others songs. I show the California (Brer) bear and rabbit as the same C// “leaves” in Madonna’s “You’ll see” (U’LC), music video, (at 1:08).  Just like Herb Albert was a favorite reminder of California, but now he just reminds me of the “Reddi wip” OJ of women losing their equality with men (@ 53 to 59 minutes). The over run scene of “The Babes of Baywatch” was a big sign that Tracy Bingham and Playboy were just like the high school girls (and the por/no business), all 86ed for “too little and too late” to pay me in sex, money and/ or respect. Also the “playmate of the month” dates were such big signs that I put in the c// dates of the crisis’s in my life.

026  .mov, 273MB, 2:00 hrs, is the 8.11.06 intro to 7.21.05.  I show Les Miserables, (Les Miz), and the c// in Johnny Tremain that has “The Liberty Tree” that is c// to the Christmas tree  and c// to the “leyes gone tree” in the park and in FERNGULLY, (I redidit on #91, 8.30.07, because the “leyes gone” was such a big sign it needed to be re-told). I show #358 and another “Mr Right” song in the movie “New York New York”, and the c// in White Fang.

027a&b   .mov, 274.6MB, 2:00 hrs, 8-12-06 insert to 7.21.05, then 7-22-05. I show “Fiddler on the Roof”  and the Ms. Rights “terrified” to have sex with “the one” to prevent the 9-11 disaster, also “Cinderella Liberty” sex perms verses Hollywood’s version in THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, confirmed and retold on #30. Then my rebuttal to Charlie Brown, NASA, (before the 7-26-05 launch of Discovery), and the NAVY NEWS .

028a   .mov, 245MB, 1:45 hrs, 8.12.06. This was inserted when I was converting the classes on tapes to dvds. I show scenes from the movie Glory and Amadeus that were parallel my AOLs on MTV, (retold better on #97). Also covers CEOs, FBI, DHS (welfare),SSA, Michelle Wie, the Honolulu Advertiser and NASA’s 7-4-06 launch of Discovery.

029ab&c  .mov, 313MB, 2:16 hrs, 7-22 & 7-24-05.  I explain a revelation of how much people at the bottom run things, I elaborate on that and confirm it in 127e1 . That goes with the CEO’s oj. I “went out on a limb” on this oj on CEOs but it’s been confirmed since then that they’ve got the same oj as women: They’ve been branded as demons. I show a Darth Vader oj on captain Needa. The excuses for how sloppy 7-24 is, is in the first 3 minutes of #30. On 7-24 I did a talk on clique clubs. 

030  .mov, 282MB, 2:01 hrs, An 8-16-06 intro to 7-24 & 7-27-05. I explain women taking over verses the Bible as a c// to an “abandon ship” story. I compare “Cinderella Liberty” sex perms verses Hollywood’s version in THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, confirmed and retold from #27a&b. I show and explain most of the 5-31-01 songs, (from #160). I show the music videos “you have to fight for your right to party”, then “Free your mind” as a introduction to “The Main Event”.

031ab&c .mov, 280MB, 2:00 hrs, 7-27-05. I show Pocahontas and “the blue corn moon” as a introduction to The Main Event and explain the egs, (evil gods), that tried to make me throw it away, then the scene from the movie Glory that defeated those egs, (also a scene that is parallel Val Hoffman’s house, where I barely escaped a murder attempt). On 8-17-06 I did a rebuttal to how much they mocked my explanation of The Main Event on 7-27-05, then I finish showing the 7-27-05 version. 8-7-05 was about NASA and the shuttle due to land 8.9.05.

032   .mov, 281MB, 2:02 hrs, 8.9.05.  After the shuttle safely landed, I narrate and show most of the warning to NASA that I recorded on 4-12-05, for NASA to not pick a woman to command the space shuttle. This was my way of saying “don’t do that again”. There’s a direct dubbed copy of that 4-12-05 tape at #172.

        I explain at the start of this class that keeping tabs on the shuttle wore me out and I wouldn’t be able to do any classes for a while. That was confirmed seven months later as explained on at #41 below. Then confirmed again on 9-8-09 at 41 minutes into 127x06; I show a sign in the song “Bye Bye Miss American Pie” that guys are going to get fed up with women’s habit of doing the opposite of what God wants them to do. See other NASA classes at #32, 37, 90, 127x06 & 172, and the military parallel in # 1c, 21, 127u & 127x11.

033 .mov, 445MB, 8-18-04,This is the first 3 (of 6) hours of “D of nukes” tape. See #8, 9, 64 & 85 for classes where I narrated my way through most of this tape. It’s how I made a record of big events before I could afford a camera. These (D of nukes & the MO tape), are only for reference because I refer to them so often, and for a better copy than my camera gives when I’m explaining them on #8 & 9.

034 RATED X, just a few scenes. .mov, 397MB, 11-6-04. This is the last 3 (of 6 hours) of the “D of nukes” tape. A lot of this is explained on #64. Just like the first 3 hours on #33, this is only for reference.

035a&b = Explain what I know about Katrina on 9-14-05 and one year later on 35b. Then explain MTV music videos.

036  .mov, 296MB, 2:08 hrs, 10-5-06. I inserted this to explain that “the first of the month” is “Fat Tuesday” for most people on welfare. Also how Brandy got me to admit my calling to represent Jesus’ return. The movies “The King and I” with “Dude, where’s my car?” was a sign that I should’ve had a better house and car provided for me, (also at the end of “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson). Some sex ed, (summed up on 3-25-08 on #96 = pornos 86ed). The 60th VJ day on the USS Missouri on 9.2.05, and how I was mocked after it meant I didn’t have to go to Pearl Harbor anymore. I show signs of mocking me on the “warning of a nuclear war” poster.

037a&b .mov, 280MB, 2:00 hrs. I finish explaining MTV songs and then comes a 1:01 hour insert on 10-12-06 that shows how much NASA and the military are as “stupid” as Israel and women and the pornos to mock me away and all the help they were getting from heaven on my behalf. (I got BIG confirmations on this in #1b today, 2-18-10 and a rw @ 1143 a.m. to make sure I typed it in to #37 and the c// @ #89, 2-1-08.) I just realized another “fit wit” confirmation because when I was watching either 38 or 39, drinking chicken soup while smoking a cigar I got a black magic cold on 5-27, 5-2007. It was a loud and clear sign from Jews that “we don’t want your help”, and that they were sore losers. = rw 2:28:40 p.m. is c// to 2-28-04 and the black magic wreck that broke my collar bone that I found out was from Traci Bingham, (on #96 @ 43 min), which confirms another VIP mad at me, (read the next class, #38, about VIPs). The point of this note was a prayer I wrote 5-27, 5-2007, at 9:21 a.m., before the cold I got later on that day. That is still the main prayer I use today, and is one of the BIG confirmations I got today of how much Israel, (and Jews), were so similar to K. Swan’s “limo choice”, (@ 1:19 to 1:23 on #88a), to trade Mr Right and safety for a snuff film death. That was the detour revelation I got at 9:21 a.m., 5-27-07 when I was writing that prayer out. That’s c// to Mad & Hell in DEATH BECOMES HER, when Mad asks: “Ernest, what’s wrong with me?” , (@ 2:29 into 127z). I show the time and date because it was a sign of answering her question: 11-19-04 @ 9:21 p.m.. I explain that it’s MAXimum TRUE ROMANCE, (#921) and a BIG DIPPER, (#1119 is when God makes an awesome offer, like K. Swan’s choice to go with Mr Right and live, or go with Mr Wrong and die in a snuff film). It’s even more compounded when combined with 9:21 a.m., 5-27-07 AND the black magic cold I got that day. It’s just like evil idiots in New York City that knew the 911 disaster was coming for decades with the same “Miracle on 34th Street” offer as K. Swan’s limo choice, to pay Mr Right in money, sex or respect; but they were way “too cool” Vain Insane Pigs to ever deign to do that.

         That’s like how the movie “Swept Away” ends, (with Madonna), with the ring he threw floating down in the water as the credits roll. They were copying when I tried to marry Tracy, a hula dancer in Waikiki and it didn’t work so I flipped the wedding ring in the pool, (January 1993 at “The Heart Break Hotel”, the Elvis song). After I got rid of the demon I was possessed with I wrote to her that it was the demon who got me to do that because he would taunt me by touching my finger where my wedding ring used to be and say “Where’s your ring Mike?”. Now that HELL HAS FROZEN OVER I’ve shown the scene from FERNGULLY where Crysta says, “Humans did it, humans did it all” as a sign that everything that you thought you cold blame on the devil was actually done by humans. The whole point of this paragraph is that the same taunt will come back to haunt my Ms Rights, especially in New York City with “Where’s your World Trade Centers New York?”. Time will tell what a stupid decision that was. Like 2000 years later it’s amazing how much Jews don’t like Jesus and still won’t admit that they just might’ve, just maybe made a VERY BIG MISTAKE of how and when the Messiah might show up. Again “time will tell”and has told and will tell again and again until you finally concede that that killing  Jesus was a very evil mistake, like maybe becoming more christian than than you are a Jew. I just ran out of brains so it’s time for me to shut up. 

See other NASA classes at #32, 37, 90, 127x06 & 172, and the military parallel in # 1c, 21, 65, 127u & 127x11.


038   .mov, 289MB, 2:03 hrs, 9.29.06. This is about “Schindler’s List” and my rebuttal to it, (the first 2 of 4 hours). I explain why this caused me to start catching the “see boils” time each morning as a “you’re so vain” oj sign, (when I pour milk in my boiling coffee each morning). That’s God boiling mad at Vain Insane Pigs, (V.I.P.s).

039   .mov, 281MB, 2:03 hrs, 9.30.06. This is the last 2 hours of my rebuttal to Schindler’s List. (From #16 on 5.15.06 through #39 on 9.30.06, I was trying to clean these up and on #40 I go back the chronological order they were originally done in.)

040    .mov,178MB, 1:34 hrs, 9.20.05. I film the red boat “Pan Am II” and it helps explain that the 9.11.01 disaster, that it was also the wrath of God against the airline business also.

041  .mov, 282MB, 2:03 min, 10-28-05. This was me trying to get started on these classes again. Since 8.9.05 I only did #35 on 9.14.05 because of hurricane Katrina, and #40 on 9.20.05. On 10.28.05 I got a sign at 537pm that I had to get back to these classes. All the classes I did from 6-4-05 through 8-9-05 I did because I wanted to. Keeping tabs on that shuttle wore me out and disabled me a little more to where the most of the rest of the classes were done because I had to do it, and not because I felt like it, (the #537 means its work you have to do to stay alive). See #57 below, that was seven months later and I was still in a rut.             

        This class is about hurricane Rita and Katrina. I got a little sloppy about me the right size in the big picture, (too vain), and had to re-do the end of this on #52. Also covered is my trip to Richmond Virginia at the 700 Club’s request and the prophecy I heard there about Jesus’ return. I show scenes from the movie A STREET CAR NAMED DESIRE and that is a lead in to how the movie GOSSIP slandered me and I defend myself against their painting me as a rapist. Not to mention the movie THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN is two extreme examples of the slander I endure. If I even look at girls I’m a “lusting leering rapist murderer” and if I abstain from sex or even looking at girls to avoid being slandered as a rapist then I’m a “forty year old nerd virgin”. Since those are the only two choices I have it’s safer, (and better revenge), to abstain from even watching pornos or masturbating, (see #96), to get even with my mean as hell, (hypocrite), critics. I mention Sophie Ferrari as a heavy hitter in the pornos but she was the last strike out for the pornos at 11:45 a.m. on 10-13-09 on one of my last classes, #127x12. The #1145 means “Oh God you devil” and 1139 means “gotcha!” and is the same message and OJ as I tell three times on one of my first classes, #001a.

042   .mov, 308MB, 2:08 hrs, 11.13.05. I continue the insert from #41 and explain a picture of my hons that means “be still and know that the Lord is God”, (or B stl & KLG). Also how dangerous it to be condescending  to God. I explain the motorcycle class I went to was a “king test”. I covered the good possibilities of the new pope Benedict 16th verses what I said at class #70: I made the mistake of saying the Catholic church sold out to women less than any other church did. Since then I’ve noticed the women have redoubled their efforts on the Catholic church to make sure they’ve sold out as much as all the rest. After the insert I get back to where I left off at defending myself against accusations of rape, (@ 41 min), then more on Hurricane Rita. I show “nice catch Jerkulees”, then Oliver & Co and again after my trip to “the swap meet” and it ends with the other movie OLIVER because of the signs of me as a fake preacher in the Universal Life Church, (that’s U’LC or “you’ll see” how stupid it is to steal from God or the U.S. government, only the most powerful being in the universe and the most powerful collection agency is the I.R.S, you don’t want to get on the wrong side with either of them). I show two signs that heaven painted Frank Tripp, (who got me in the U’LC), as Fagin teaching Oliver, (or me) to pick the governments pocket.

043 .mov, 308MB, 2:08 hrs, 11.13.05. This is Oliver & Co continued with Singing in the Rain. I finally see the American revolution as a David verses Goliath story and explain why. I show The Milton Berle Show, ”A Fish Called Wanda” and two shows by Shakespeare  (one is a repeat from #113). It explains why I was picked for this job (two times).

044   .mov, 297MB/ 2:08 hrs, 11-24-05. The day after Thanksgiving I was lead to start a 6 hour class, (#44, 45 & 46), about corruption as the main reason there would be no blessing from heaven on the holidays. On #1a I got a sign that these 6 hours were a “happy holidays jackpot” because it described what needs to be fixed to get heavens blessings back, (even if it’s just a home movie in SLP by a disabled mess). This two hours covers the movies SUPERFLY and SERPICO. On #1b, 1c and #124 I correct the misinformation that made me think that Ronald Reagan had sold out when he didn’t. Also covered is the murder attempt in 1977 that was blocked out of my memory for 20 years until 1997. In this 6 hours I was amazed at the other stories that surfaced that I was finally forced to talk about.

045   .mov, 298MB, 2:08 hrs, 11.25.05. This is hours 3 & 4, (of 6), on 1157 (the #1157 means corruption). I finish showing SERPICO and start CAPE FEAR which leads to me looking up the song LIKE A VIRGIN and I show a few more songs up to WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT?. I tempered my view of this song on #105, 4-15-08. I correct myself again and replay and re-confirm these songs on #88a on 2-12-10, it’s “sandwiched” by two RATED X scenes, (from 8 min to 1:07), one of  Miko Lee getting “sandwiched” between two guys as an example of the “Sandwich Isles” calling, (that’s what Captain Cook named the Hawaiian islands when he discovered them). Another story that finally surfaced in these six hours was how my coworkers would tell me about my wife cheating on me in a way that I wouldn’t get the picture. They fooled themselves but they didn’t fool God.

046   296MB/ 1:58 hrs, 11.26.05. This is the last 2 of this 6 hour class on corruption. The scenes of  POCAHONTAS that I talk of in the first minute, I ended up showing it in the first 13 minutes of #001a1.  The sex education detour in the first 37 minutes  is replayed  better on #94, because it’s elaborated on from 47 minutes to 2:08, (how the Lord showed me what its like to have AIDs). In the second hour I cover the good experiences I’ve had with the police to keep from doing a overkill and try to keep it all in balance. At 1:27 minutes into #127u, I finally realized that the NYPD who took the most of the blame for the corruption in these 6 hours, now applies to the whole east coast. That was a “over-run” from 127t that was a “sign” confirming what I was saying on 127u was true. It all started from a show I saw in January of 1995 after I’d just finished driving over four round trips from the east coast of the USA to the west and back again in 1994. The show was called CHEETAHS IN THE LAND OF LIONS. At first I thought it was a divine sign of the founding fathers of New England that were mad at New England because that’s the way they pronounce “cheater”, as “cheetah”. Then in class 127t, (at 1:12 to 1:20), I explained that it applied to the whole east coast. That it was America’s Founding Fathers that were mad at the eastern USA because too many of you believe that evil triumphs over good when your founding fathers proved otherwise. Then in #127z at 2:38 to 2:41 minutes I finally realized it was like the founding fathers of the USA through “the greatest generation” in World War II that were mad at ALL of the USA as being “cheaters” in the land of lions. All of America’s greatness from the American Revolution through WWII and Korea and even Vietnam, (until we backed out), all of America’s greatness has come from standing up for what’s right. As I explain in 127z, you can’t have cheaters take over this country without paying for it, but I’m too tired to type what I said on 127z, (at 2:38 into it), so I’ll leave it at that.

047 .mov,317MB, 2:18 hrs, 11-23-05.  I explain the songs God has given me over the years to bait me to find Her as my Miss Right and to cheer me up or to keep my faith and love going and growing strong. Then is two hours of explaining and playing the songs in approximately the chronological order that the Lord first gave them to me. In the last 10 minutes of this I explain how God will do the same thing for you as she did for me through these or similar songs. The Indy Jones scene I refer to can be seen on #127, (the rated X version is on #103). I also defend psychologists (because God is the best at it). I talk about the song Dream Lover, please read 110&111 and see the last four minutes of it where I show this same #47 talk and the music video Dream Lover. The notes I typed explain the battle I have to fight with the “stars” over these songs from my hons.

048   .mov, 281MB, 2:02 hrs, 12.6.05. Please skip the first 58 min, (the christmas parade on 12.3.05) . Because I’m disabled and on welfare, the bargain hunting I did just before  hurricane Katrina hit 8.29.05, wiped me out  physically, mentally and financially to where I couldn’t read about even if I wanted to. I explain the difference with hurricane Rita and the difference I could’ve had with Katrina. Also covered is how mad God is at the witch hunts for the Anti-Christ that are painting me as the devil. (Also see #107 and how I defended myself from these accusations, and the closing song to #49.)

049  .mov, 294MB, 2:03 hrs, 12.9.05. I explain the signs in the movies: SOUTH PACIFIC, ANASTASIA, MULAN and AIRPLANE. It also covers “the curse of Ham”, the following is from #115: I did this because I thought I’d be dead in less than 2 weeks. That is why I wasn’t afraid to tell what I knew about the “curse of Ham”. Like even though the Holy Spirit changed from black to white because the blacks weren’t cooperating in the pornos, when I get to heaven She’s going to be black again, the last 20 min of #127m is what the Holy Spirit looks like and sounds like as a black girl courting me (through brandy). I show a warning sign for men to stand up to women, on #21 I talk about this, (class #49), as follows: I blatantly call the military “pussy whipped cowards” four times at 1:26 on #49, then you can see me say that four times again at 11:45 a.m. at 2:00 into #49, when I play the song “what if Jesus came back like that”. I didn’t plan it that way but but it was a divine coincidence confirming that Jesus would come back mad at the USA and calling them pussy whipped cowards for not standing up to women. That reminds me of a bumper sticker in California in the 1970s: “Jesus is coming... Jesus is here... and man is he mad”.

        On #91 at 1:43 to the end of it I replay this scene from #49 with the other warnings to stand up to women before the “checkered flag waves” at christmas in 2006. Then I show the 10-24-06 class where women got branded as demons, which was so prophetic of the next class on 11-7-06, that’s when I had to write out that I wasn’t allowed to talk on these classes due to election results, when Hillary was re-elected....

         There is a message that I typed at #49 on page 4 of MikeOversonEndTimes.com with links to page 14 that help explain Jesus’ return, and God’s way of fighting fair. It took me 8 hours to type it and it’s a pretty good sermon.

050a   .mov, 293MB, 2:03 hrs, 12.10.05 and “redidit” on 3.8.09, also I read and explain this contents to #50a on 50b. I noticed another sign, (like at 1145 a.m. in #49, above), when I played the song “I want to see Christmas through your eyes” synced with a cartoon of Sylvester the cat pulling a tree out of the ground. 1993 was the last year we had the spirit of christmas in christmas. In the Honolulu newspaper 12.25.93, a local Hawaiian guy saw his brother get shot and he ripped a board off of a bench at the bus stop to beat the guy with it. God was showing how big and tough Hawaiians are, (in that cartoon from #49), except for standing up to women.                                                                                             

         Tom Archer told me about a guy who was big and tough in the little town of Valdez but when he tried that on a big  guy in Anchorage, the guy picked him off the ground with one hand around his throat and told him “If I want any crap out of you I’ll squeeze you like a bug”. I think that also applies to guys standing up to women and the “all powerful” forces of evil in the USA, because I cover how I found out that Bill Clinton was parallel Randal Flagg in this class. I show the feedback I got from Clinton as a sign in the clouds. I noticed the same kind of cloud between two incoming jets on #50d, #110&111 and 18 min into #103. The two jets were a sign confirming my prediction of another wrath of God on the way, (like 9.11). The cloud between the jets reminded me of the cloud I mention this class as feedback from Bill Clinton. The cloud resembled the big demon, ( at 51 min into #50b), in the last music video of “Fantasia” by Disney. The point I’m getting at is that its just like when Dorothy was so scared of the Wizard of Oz until her barking dog revealed what a scam he was. I think thats my job, to be the barking dog that exposes the “all powerful” forces of evil as just a bug compared to the protection you get from praying some psalms, reading, (and obeying), the Bible and faith in God. Please read what I typed about this at #110&111, that your prayers should be in proportion to how much danger you are in, also talked about in the next class #50b.  There’s more on #50a at page 4 of MikeOversonEndTimes.com with links to a short video titled “The 666 media” at #125 on page 12.

050b   .mov, 293MB, 2 hours, 3.22.09. I found a sign in the movie Mulan to elaborate on #50a so people would not be afraid of the “all powerful” forces of evil. Apparently God wants to compare who is “ALL POWERFUL” and who isn’t at all. There’s another revelation I get on the fly about how much women knew they would lose their equality and show it, also I finally show MOBY DICK, and the c// signs that the 9.11 disaster was the wrath of God against the “all powerful, powers that be” on my behalf. Like I show what God said in MULAN, “How many people does it take to deliver a message?”, the answer was “One.”. That was God showing off who is “ALL POWERFUL” and who isn’t at all.                                                                                                                     

        At the end of 127i, after showing the gong in the movie MULAN and in a movie where I show they get the teeth of the Hydra, then I play the song “ You’ve got the teeth of the hydra upon you, you’re dirty sweet and you’re my girl. Get it on, bang a gong get it on.”. The album title is “the electric warrior” and I realized it was prophetic of the class I’d just finished doing and was a description from my hons about me doing these classes. It also confirmed the sign in MULAN  that women knew that they’d lose their equality from fighting God so much. On the last half hour of #117a I play this song again as a “c//” to the song “Uncle albert and Admiral Halsey” that also prophesied a class I was doing.

        I had to practice what I preach in #127J . The FBI and the 666 media rely on scare tactics to intimidate you into submission. I’ll admit it does get scary, but I had to be just as quick to call their bluff and match all their evil innuendos back to them to get another “Times quick lotto jackpot” class done. I got that as a sign on #1a that #44 ,45 & 46 were “jackpots” and #73, on 5.3.06 was a jackpot, (they scared me so bad I was sick, but they forced me to be bold about predicting the wrath of God - so it was another “jackpot” class). Also the end of 127s and the start of 127u was where I had to call Google’s bluff, (about not going to list my web site), also the military’s innuendo’s to me forced me to to confront these two over who has power behind their threats and who’s just bluffing in #127u.

050d  .mov, 36MB, 15 min, 11.28.07. This is a wrath of God warning, then Dream lover, read the contents and watch it at 110&111, because it fits better there than here.

051    .mov, 196MB, 1:21 hrs, 1-16, 1-21 & 1-26-06. This starts slow and awkward because I was trying to save scenes from being deleted. I explain the #529 means Miracle Grow and then do a talk at 1026 a.m. on 1-26 1-2006, (the #126 means poetic justice), about colleges getting the 529 brand just like my high school did. That’s why I start, (a the first minute), with page 126 in the dictionary and “Concerning Condescending”, (England), and “Concord”, (Massachusetts), was a sign of the cause of the American Revolution and now is a sign of why the colleges got the 529 brand. Between those two stories is a talk on how I get signs from door slams matched with the time, (sorry about the buzzing noise the camera gets when I record in the kitchen). At the same time I got signs that God was not endorsing the Chinatown parade on 1-21-06. That’s important because it happened again the next year, (at 1:12 into #86) when I recorded a chinese new year party in the park on 2-23-07, the innuendo was the olympics in China in 2008 would be 86ed also.

1-31-06 is how I got disabled. Then cover the fire in a bar in Rhode Island 2-20-03 that was prophesied in the movie JAWS. Continued on 52.

052   .mov, 276MB, 2:00 hrs, 1.31 & 2.3.06. I finish the talk from #51 and mention the feedback song from them, thanking me for finding some answers to that disaster. The song I heard was “when I look in your eyes I still go crazy” by Paul Davis. I retell that feedback story and play that song at 29 min into #116d, and give them the credits for teaching me about a magic song that so perfectly described the first time I’d seen a new Brandy video in over six years, when I play that song and show the lyrics (on 127q2 @ 54 min).

        On 2.3.06 I tell how is how I became the Lion King. continued on 53.

053    .mov, 297MB, 2:04 hrs, 2.3 & 2.10.06. In a later sc I correct the mistake I made in this sc, when I read the four gospels (Matt, Mark, Luke and John), I decided there was nothing that Jesus said or did that wasn’t special or extraordinary. Its almost more amazing how they are much more human than we are, (except they don’t make mistakes), but in the four gospels Jesus was who He said he was, the son of God.

        At 22 min I say I don’t understand when Jesus‘ says “If your eye offends you, pluck it out”. At 1:29 into 127k in a “death bed sermon” I’m finally not afraid to say what I know about that, (it was a trick to catch hypocrites). At 42 to 55 min I explain me as the Lion King and how I tried to quit being the Lion King. Then I explain “hon notes”, a record I keep of proof that I’m married to God, (the bride of Christ in the Bible, read #113). I tell that I fought the guy that Reece fought in 8th grade. I give a sex talk and the over-run scene was from a Hustler porno that started with the license plate “Hi ROSE”. At 1:36 into 127s I explain that it was a sign from Hustler to me that it was my aunt Rose when she lived in Hi (Hawaii).

054   .mov, 297MB, 2:04 hrs, 2.13.06. This is where I explain “see boils” (cb), see also psalm 7:11 (711 also means 666). I cover much more and it’s good info but I’m too tired to review and type it (at the lightning speed of six words a minute). There’s a good talk about pornos at 1:42. 

055   .mov,308MB, 2:08 hrs, 2.13 & 2.20.06. This is where I got #113 from, (Shakespeare’s Hamlet as a c// to the song by Sting), but I cover more information here: I explain “Street light people” from the “Happy Endings” play in the movie “New York New York”, and the c// song from Journey. I explain the movie The Four Seasons as a c// to the Knaps car; then “Life is a Highway”;  I did the last half hour, (@ 1:37), over on 127z @ 1:18 to 2:35 to insert the scenes I was referring to and more explanations

056  .mov, 295MB 2:08 hrs, 2.20.06. Rated X (or R @ 9 & 1:21 min), I didn’t have time or energy to clean up a lot of these when I found out I’d get a premature death, so there will be more rated X scenes that I’ll try to warn you of in the remaining videos. This one is 2.20.06 and I cover: Isaiah 5:11 & 5:22, then the movie “Home Alone 2”, (27 to 1:10), Super Bowl 39, then the MTV AOL on 10-13-95, how it ended and the over-run sign of THE BLUE BANANA CLUB, then how it started, (1:23 to 2:08).

057 .mov, 144MB, 1:08 hrs, 3.5.06. I finish the MTV talk then please skip scenes I should’ve deleted up to 24 minutes into it  where I cover how I lost my hot roll (6.4 through 8.9.05), when the shuttle landed. I cover proper respect for Winston Churchill and other people that have almost been like like a god on earth. Please skip up to 44 minutes where I explain The song “What a wonderful world”, that it gave me hope to stay alive through a crisis. There’s an accidental rated X over-run scene at end.           

     The classes got sloppier when I got too tired to clean them up and I had to take them “as is” when I realized I’d be dying soon and needed to make dvd copies to get them on my Mac and then on the web. That’s also explained on 56b: I didn’t have time or energy to clean up a lot of these when I found out I’d be dying a premature death, so there will be more rated X scenes that I’ll try to warn you of in the remaining videos.

058  .mov, 275MB, 1:59 hrs, 3.7.06. I explain Nike #28, (@ 43), is parallel to me LEFT BEHIND to get the winning touchdown, (see the ten minute You Tube version at #1e). I explain my touchdown as parallel Matt’s touchdown, (@ 14 min) and parallel grandpa’s, (Wes Overson) touchdown. I explain the magic of doing things by faith and skill by showing John F Kennedy’s prediction of the USA getting to the moon and back safely before 1970, (I’ve seen it done, yet I couldn’t sound as confidant about it as he did). I try to re-create the magic of the Apollo rocket launches to the moon.   I show VH-1 music videos in September 1995 and how I was tricked into buying a hooker by “EGs”. I show “Father figure” by George Michaels, where God confirmed that She was a woman, (@ 1:30). Rated X over-run at the end. 

059   .mov, 296MB, 2:08 hrs, 3.8.06. It has a 1 second RATED X at start (by accident). I explain the last hooker I was tricked into buying 9-95, captured in the video “smooth operator” by Sade. I cover Thomas Jefferson and Dusky Sally, Global Warming, world oil supply and prices, and the POSTCARDS, (FROM THE EDGE, @ 28 to 30 on 1a1), that I wrote to Alyeska Pipeline about it, (@ 44 min). I explain the “eg”s (evil gods) I found in Praise music verses the info I’ve gotten from God through Rock n Roll.  On #127t, (@1:53), I correct the mistake I make here, that the song “hang on to your love”  by Sade was an “eg”, because the sign I show confirmed that it was from God and not from evil gods (egs).  I show two Twilight Zone shows that were c// to two of the six the guys that raised the US flag on Iwo Jima, 2-23-45, (one of them was Franklin Sousley, read #60 next).

060 .mov, 163MB, 1:08 hrs, 3.8 & 3.16.06. I finish the Twilight Zone show and the song “Saturday in the park” by Chicago as a message from the 2-23-45 guys in heaven that I referred to in #59, above, (like the USMC tattoo “sign” from Franklin Sousley at 9 minutes into #4). I show the “here a Lee, there a Lee” song in the movie 1776. I show how God revealed Herself as a woman again; then cover Global warming again; show the sign of “Don’t tread on me” (the US flag) or you could be a dead cockroach. Explain how God owns ALL the sex. Explain the new way God does things verses how its written in the Bible, and verses the Hollywood versions, (summed up on 123). 

061  .mov, 284MB, 2:03 min, 3-16-06. I explain the movie Paint Your Wagon and the “Garden of Eden” sex perms in it. (Another version is #107, 1:21 hrs.) The end, (3.19.06) is summed up with #64, #62 & #84 on #62, but this, (as with #64 & #84), is the long version. There is a long version of this at #61, page 6 of MikeOversonEndTimes.com, it’s about me as “the man of lawlessness” in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 &4, (the antichrist), verses me as Ben Rumpson in PAINT YOUR WAGON and God’s way of tricking hypocrite prudes into calling me the antichrist. This movie is also about what is wrong with civilization, like me coming back to California in 1993 after 16 years in Alaska, I was more a Rumplstiltskin than a Ben Rumpson and I was amazed at the difference in California.                                                                                                  

         Paint Your Wagon is on #61 and 107, both are very good pictures of the mercy God will allow for sex. I refer to the 18 to 20 year olds as “kids”, but I wanted to show you the difference in them when they are allowed to go to the bars. I was 19 and 20 years old at the end of the construction of the pipeline in 1976 & 77. Yet in Paint Your Wagon, heaven paints me as the street wise Ben Rumpson in my 50s.That was in Valdez, I explained on #10 that Anchorage was more civilized and was more like the movie “Saturday Night Fever”, (the RATED R scenes of that are at 22 to 25 min on #86). I heard someone say that “a teenager is someone who acts like a kid if you don’t treat them like an adult”. From my experience that was very true, in California the legal drinking age was 21 and I felt like a kid at 19 years old. When I could go to the bars in Alaska, (at 19), because the legal drinking age was 18, I felt and acted like I was an adult.

        To those who think “Paint Your Wagon” is too old fashioned, that is still one of the best examples of getting mercy from God for sex. It might be worth it to stretch your tolerance to include #61 or 107 to get mercy for more sex. 

062  RATED X at the end .mov, 298MB, 2:09 hrs. On 9.15.08 I combined the videos (61, 64 & 84),  that told of how they ruined my “hot rolls”  and how I’ve gained so much weight from black magic curses and that motivated me to sum up the reasons why women have been branded demons, (from #84). That is also why I inserted this as #62, just before #63 as the “obvious” reason for my premature death explained on #63. (C// women OJs on #84, 99, 127x06  & 127x07.)                                   

         I thought psalm 92 & 93 didn’t apply to me and so I inserted Shakespeare’s Hamlet from #113 to prove it did apply to me, (read all the proofs I put at #113). I also cover the movie “The Four Seasons” and my first rated X class at the end of this. It came out milky white because it was the forth dvd recorder downstream but I had to use it because the three upstream copies all failed. When “Murphy’s Law” kicks into high gear to ruin the copies of my classes its usually a sign of a ill will backlash or a black magic curse from the ladies or the FBI, i.e. no good deed goes unpunished, (that also explains why women have been branded as demons).

        After watching 127e2 (@ 31 min), the Memorial day SC, and seeing  that Admiral Chester Nimitz was a bit over weight, I realized it was like what the apostle Paul said, that the lord gave him a thorn in the flesh that was offensive to keep him humble about the awesome calling he had. When I saw the two mega awesome raise the US flag scenes before and after the pictures of Admiral Nimitz I thought, “nobody is allowed to have that much glory”. That also helped explain what I say about John Adams and Ben Franklin, (both born and raised in Massachusetts and over weight adults), when I quote John F. kennedy (on #1a at 40 min), and even though Nimitz is from Texas I think he’d agree that “Life is not ‘fai-ah’ (fair), some great people are over weight and some are not”.

063  .mov, 191MB/ 1:16 hrs, 9.21.08. This was to explain why I’d be dyeing a premature death and its why I put it after #62, to show the cause and effect.  I explain the innuendo to my daughter Serena, in Dragon and the picture of her at North Station in Boston on Google Earth, (read 128F on page 14  at MikeOversonEndTimes.com as c// to how cold they were to me). The picture they had of Serena reminded me of when they first started pushing Brittany Spears as a “star”. I thought she had no chance of being a normal person and then realized, neither does Serena. That is, ”The Spy Kids” raised by white sharks wouldn’t have much of a chance to be themselves. I start a talk on 12.22.08 and explain that I was “out of energy and out of time” to edit out the redundant scenes. To explain how true that was, I thought I’d be dead in less than two weeks and I was doing rush jobs as last minute clean ups to these “sc”s. I was getting more disabled the more I pushed myself to finish these and I can see how my ability to think and talk started getting worse and worse. This one needs to be edited, but in case I run out of time, this excuse will have to do (for how bad it is). I redid it on 6.25.09, and I read the last four paragraphs to you on it, (@ #63 @ the .com site).

         After “The King and I” scene I play the song “Break out”, (also read #86), because as I explain afterwards, it was “c//” to my leaving Alaska and the pornos, and a hopeful song for the 2008 elections. To prove what a “hopeful song” that was to the 2008 elections I played it in sync with a scene from Narnia on #126a; but the “blue print” plan for good clean government was rejected. However the “break out” song now applies my escape from earth to go to heaven early, hence that’s why I played it. I re-tell this with much more revelations at  #126a & b on page 12 at MikeOversonEndTimes.com. #63 is the premature death talk I did 9-21-08 & redidit on 6-25-09, #103, 104 & 105b also had warnings of my premature death.

064  .mov,281MB, 2:00 hrs, 3.29.06. Times supermarket mocks me 3-29-06 and I have to do a video about it. It hurt so much that I thought I was moving out of state until the video I did on 6-30-06, #81a.  I had to do a video to heal the wound from Times supermarket’s ill will hit and I ended up explaining the last half of the “D of nukes” tape, (the first half is on #8, 9 & 85 and the whole 6 hours is on #33 &34). This was the start, (3.29.06), of a long series of offenses that led up to me getting a sign of a premature death, summed up on #62 & 63 (9.21.08).

065   .mov, 281MB, 2:02 hrs, 3.20 to 3.30.06.  On 3.20.06 was the 1st day I got to go back to the beach since the 5.27.04 black magic cold that made me gain 16#. I filmed too much of the beach and of a “cook book” for the people on welfare 3.23. 06. Also covered is the 420# of gold in the Bible and the c// to the Iraq war as a sign that the military should pay me if they want miracles on my behalf. See other NASA classes at #32, 37, 90, 127x06 & 172, and the military parallel in # 1c, 21, 65, 127u & 127x11.

        I explain the “c//” of the lightning on 6.29.96, as a sign that God was mad that no one would pay me or help me when I was about to get evicted and end up at I.H.S. (a homeless shelter) as a c// to the loudest thunder I’ve heard in 13 years in Hawaii at 1153 a.m. on 3.30.06, (hence the revelation that the #1153 means: “Guess!”). That it was nearly 10 years later, (1996 to 2006) and the loudest I’ve heard in Hawaii, was a sign that God was 10 times madder at how I’m still being treated bad (= rw 754 a.m., means “thanks next to none” and confirms God’s anger).

        Also covered is “Circle of friends” by Mave Bitchy. (I changed her name to “bitchy” after I read her book when I was in jail, August 1993, because no matter how big a favor a guy does for a girl, she can still reverse it and dump the guy.) Her book was a sign that Rosie Odonnel (sp?) was a “Miss right” that represented New York City and how they could’ve prevented the 9.11 disaster, (that is better covered in #116b at 42 to 1:16, with a “c//” porno scene at 1:32). I explain a “sign” in the movie “The Party is Over” , (Elizabeth Berriage taking a pee to mock God), and the c// sign in the pornos, (girls taking a pee), that they knew that “the party was over” and that they’d be 86ed soon. I also explain that Elizabeth Berriage (sp?), was being a “super star #711”, and that she was a c// to Hillary Rod-ham Clinton, (being a ham for the cause of evil). She became the symbol of “the party is over” when ever you see a lady have to pee.

066   .mov, 295MB, 2:08 hrs. On 3.30.06 pm I explain the songs: “evil woman”; I learned from the best, I learned from you; the sound of silence, and one from Train. I cover the movie Pocahontas as a sign to pray to God and not the heros in heaven. For 3 months after Times supermarket mocked me I thought it might be time to leave Hawaii but it was resolved to stay here on the 6.30.06 sc # 81. I also explain the plate JCB863 and a c// moon rise as a sign confirming my calling to represent Jesus’ return. Also the 1.15.06 class.

067   .mov, 272MB, 1:58 hrs, 3.31 to 4.4.06. Mostly about Ken Burns’ series on The Civil War and PBS. I explain the movie “Blue Crush” and c// to me going to the beach, (also on 127x09). I explain a sunset at 644 p.m. 4.4.06 as a c// to moon set at 621 a.m. 12.25.04. Then Brandy as c// to Rori, also Lael and Jenny McCarthy. Explain “Hell Freezes Over” and my visits to Pearl Harbor.

068 I explain the mock “the one” innuendos in christian rock music and in the movie “Left Behind”, I see a sign to refute it with the song “I’m your baby tonight” from the last and best AOLs  I did on MTV 11-12-95. I recorded that AOL over a tape of The Sound of Music, that was a “fit wit” to explaining that movie on #69, i.e. I obeyed the call to do a “69” for God. .mov

069  .mov, 234MB, 1:41 hrs, 4.12.06. I continue #68 and sum up the church selling out and the “church girls” called to marry me, (Amy and Julie), who broke my heart the worst, (when they refused to obey God). There’s a better copy of The Twilight Zone, (and the church selling out), on #82. Most of this is about the movie “The Sound of Music” and the “c// wits” to my life. I cover the movie “Network” and the c// to Stephanie Gosk, (@ 1:19), and her “c//” in the movie “Under siege”, (also on 127x08 @ 1:40, 127x11 @ 8 &1:30, 127z @ 1:11). Then I show a  music video from the movie Tarzan, (also on 1c). This is where my Samsung camera breaks and I end up with a Sony, (@ #73), after I found out digital cameras can’t record a TV screen.

070  .mov, 107MB, 47 min. On Easter 4-16-06 my Suzuki 500 dies at the beach, (I get a Kawasaki 500 Ninja and return to the beach on 6-30-06 #81a). I give a safety talk then explain how I got the title “Ox” with the church. I think God does want to change the way the church does things, especially now that hell has frozen over, but you have to balance this class  with the “Momma Mia” song I play on page 9 at MikeOversonEndTimes.com. (The church is very awesome and historical and it obviously takes money to maintain it.) You also have to balance this with the revelation I got in #71, below. I made the mistake in this class of saying the Catholic church has sold out to women less than any other church did. Since then I’ve noticed the women have redoubled their efforts on the Catholic church to make sure they’ve sold out as much as all the rest.

071   .mov, 148MB, 1:03 hrs. On 4.19.06 I go over #70 and explain that I’m a “low maintenance” spouse verses the “High maintenance bitch” blouse in Flirt magazine and the “c//” version in the church, (like James Dobson’s “Focus on the Family” show  in “Costa Mesa” California). I also explain Wedding Expo #19 (actually it was #16, but it still means about the same thing, because the #16 means “pure hate”). Then I explain the song “a crazy little thing called love”, then the cards I get for my hons, then “hon time” and that without my hons I’m nobody, nothing, stupid and so lonely that my heart is breaking.

072 .mov, 294MB, 2:06 hrs. On 4.20.06 I cover the the newspapers, (awkwardly), before and after the Columbine high school murders on 4.20.99, and many other papers with prophetic wrath of God disasters and my letters to Social Security and DHS predicting more disasters if they cut off my welfare or SSI. I had to relive this on #73. (The terror of about to be cut off from welfare or SSI when I know I’m too disabled to earn a living from a job, fortunately my “hons” consider these classes as earning a retirement kind of job.)  I’m sorry this class sounds like a disabled person, but the information is very important because I finally go into detail on these subjects. (I spent a whole day after this class to go through my old newspapers to do a better job next time, but I never got to do that class.)

073 On 5.3.06 I had to predict the wrath of God if they were planing to cut off my SSI. I recorded that over the movie Beaches and I realized the closing songs were a sign. I had previously gotten a sign that the song “you are the wind beneath my wings” was a sign from Walt Disney to me and that was a very good sign and confirmation to see that song at the end of 73, that I had called the bluff of the powers that be and I’d be getting my SSI, which came true on 6-30-06, #81a below. However the biggest signs that I got that I would clear this crisis are at 18 minutes, 37 and 1:19, that’s where I got “over run” signs from the movie Ghandi that I was recording over.

        Although the song “you are the wind beneath my wings” was a sign from Walt Disney to me it obviously applies much more from me to Walt Disney for all the “arrow heads” he left for me to give away. In the movie “Old Yeller” the oldest boy gives an arrow head to a girl that was a sign of the Candid Camera TV show: “ When its least expected you’re elected you are our star today, smile you’re on Candid Camera”. The girl was Ray Holmes daughter, he said he’d never heard a southern accent in a movie and the first time he did it was his own daughter. Her dad in the movie was a sign of John Holmes (not Ray), as the city of Valdez being too lazy to pay God back for all the sex favors that God blessed them with. The favor God wanted in return was that same guy as Mr. Otis at 34 minutes into #26 where I show the Disney movie “Johnny Tremain”. In Valdez they knew how much the movie 1776 applied to them, that I was parallel John Adams and they were supposed to help me gain “Independence” from the tyranny of women, especially from my wife who was trying to make such a fool of me in Valdez. Like the start of the song Evil Woman: “You made a fool of me, but them broken dreams have got to end.”


074   2:02 hrs. On 5.7.06 I covered black magic signs and “arts”, then the education I got in 12 years verses the reading and writing ability in the Civil War series by Ken Burns verses the same schools that taught my parents so much better than they taught me. I remember Frank Espnosa complaining to my dad about it (his son Eddie, was the same age as me) “When we went to school it was just expected that every one had to learn the three “R”s  and now they act like you have to have a ‘gifted child’ to be able to learn it.” The “old school” made sure everybody learned the essential 3 Rs (reading, riting and rithmetic). In the very same school buildings where my parents learned read,write and do arithmetic so much better than my generation could, all the teachers had were excuses for why the kids weren’t learning anything. The song “kodachrome” by Paul Simon came out while I was a senior in high school in 1975 and the teachers knew it was a sign from God and the one (me) to them, “when I think of all the crap I learned in high school its a wonder I can think at all, but my lack of education hasn’t hurt me none, I can read the writing on the wall”. God has chosen the foolish to shame “the wise” (into doing a better job of teaching).

        Then I explain some of Karen Carpenter’s songs, and her death as a c// to my aunt Mary’s and c// to K. Swan’s and c// to Princess Kaiulani and c// to Blue Hawaii. Then show “heal the world” at the Super bowl in 1993..mov

075   .mov, 295MB, 2:07 hrs. The first 3 minutes is a tour of New York and New Jersey that was a big sign of how and why the 9-11 disaster was coming, explained at my copyright permission class #1c at 16 min, also on 117b at 8 min.

On 5.10.06 I review #74: hula girls from #2;  Chariots of Fire & Super Bowl 1993; me & aunt Mary as c// to Cannery Row by John Stienbeck; the Ghandi scenes in #73 on 5.3.06 and the c// to Martha’s murder attempt, captured in White Fang. I read Isaiah 53; I explain the movie “Wall Street” as c// to K-mart’s take over of Sears. on #1c1 I correct the slip here about Reagan, he didn’t sell out. A c// was in the movie “Dead Poets Society” where all the students were forced to take sides against Robin Williams (as a c// to me). Even though John Wayne did sell out I realized why he didn’t cut out the bad scene of a helicopter crash in “The Green Berets”. Because of the c// company “ERA” in Alaska, that  had helicopters and the Convair 580s that they used to fly us to work on the pipeline (where I met the flight attendants who had sex with me at the lake). ERA also means Extra Rude Awakening and as it applies to that bad helicopter crash in The Green Berets it was a sign that “this movie flies”.

       I explain “wow was that generous” (#556), signs and the songs “no more I love yous” and how to take it well in “roll with it baby”. I explain “lets hear it for the boy” by Denise Williams with “synpro Toledo” (not “holy Toledo”). I explain songs on MTV’s “The Grind” that also explain my AOLs on MTV and why God had me doing it .  I explain it again with a 30 minute talk after the 10-12-95  Grind  at 2:04 to 3:16 hours on #131. On #157, one of the very last songs on the last day of my AOLs on MTV 11.14.95 was: “smells like teen spirit”, where Nirvana is imitating the angels singing “here we are now imitate us, acting crazy is contagious” . That is also what God was teaching to me and through me, and through the dancers on The Grind (to all of us).

076a   .mov, 79MB, 34 min, 5-23-06. This is more of me calling the bluff of  “the powers that be” threatening to cut off my Social Security, (not my best, but 73, 77, and 127j are better). This time they used the governor, the senator for Chinatown and the US secretary of transportation.

076b .mov, 216MB, 1:34hrs, 5-24-06. “The best of Al Jarreau”  cd was a Big Dipper offer of songs from heaven for a few reasons, the biggest being an offer to prevent the 9-11 disaster.  It’s explained here and re- explained at 30 minutes into #1b, with the movie THE COLOR PURPLE and the song “I JUST WANT TO STOP FOR YOUR LOVE”, when I realized it meant to “stop” what you are doing when you see God doing something special and get in sync with what God is doing. That’s what I did here on 76b.

         On 5.24.06 I explain the “big dipper” God offered through Al Jarreau’s cd, by reenacting how and why I listened to it 11-30-00. That same day I walked by the open air bar “Hooters” at the Aloha tower and the girls that work there looked at me as if I was a pervert just for walking by there. That was a sign of how much that mega offer of mercy would be rejected and was confirmed by the longest and most determined murder attempt on me that began two weeks later, 12.14.00 at Ewa Stamper’s office (the start of EBT624, explained on #8) and continued up to the wrath of God for it at the 9.11.01 disaster. The mega offers would keep being rejected up to 10.24.06 on #84 when women would be branded as demons for it. #75 explains a song to “roll with it baby”.

        From watching this, (76b), I learned that God was calling Thomas Jefferson a SUPERTRAMP for writing the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, I show it and explain it at 1:47 on 127z, with four other SUPERTRAMP presidents and Walt Disney. there’s c// info at #22, of Elvis’s “Declaration of Independence” in BLUE HAWAII that’s c// to my “Declaration of Independence” from women. Also I show what a miracle it was to get the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE passed in the movie 1776 in the next class, #77.

077   .mov, 173MB, 1:15 hrs, 5-27-06. I got a jackpot class when I explained that “the big battle with the forces of evil” was over at the 9-11-01 disaster.  It started with me calling the bluff of  “the powers that be” that were using the Social Security Administration to get to me, (that’s women or VaneSSA vs me). I explain the parallels of this in the Bible and in the movie 1776. I show what a miracle it was to get the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE passed in the movie 1776. I show that these two, the Bible and 1776, were prophetic of when the climatic battle with evil would be: “its over, its done, its finished” at me getting my SSI at the 9-11 disaster. Obviously this was a God sized plan that required very many heros in history, (read the last paragraph in #76b, above), and just one disabled mess to deliver the message. This was such a big revelation that it led to me elaborating on it #78 through 81.

078a&b   .mov, 298MB, 2:09 hrs. ON 6.6.06 I wanted to cover Revelations but didn’t get passed the media, which was poetic because the mass media is “666”. I elaborate on how much Alyeska, (the Alaska pipeline), was called to come through and on the date 6.6.06 it was a sign of why they didn’t come through. Also the main objective was to get through the date 6.06.06 without anything bad happening, (and I was pleased with that).

079    .mov, 249MB, 1:48 hrs. On 6.10.06 I got lucky to explain the end of the world in Revelations with the song “the killing of Georgie”, by Rod Stewart and in the movie THE RELUCTANT DRAGON, by Walt Disney. That gave me the motivation to continue it on #80.  (I got feedback from the gays I defended when I saw the “reluctant dragon” blowing kisses to the camera in the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”).

080   .mov, 267MB, 1:56 hrs. On 6.11.01 I was so pleased with my lucky results on #79 that I continued to explain Revelations with the parallel movies that confirmed that it had already taken place, (Revelation and the end of the world). I explain “the Scarlet (Ohara) beast” in Revelations, in Rome and in GONE WITH THE WIND; then Saliari and DeNiro in AMADEUS and in CAPE FEAR as people in the church that are so furious with God for picking me to represent Jesus’ return. I explain APOCALYPSE NOW and THE STAND and the “idol worshipping” in both movies. I explain the movies OUTLAND and FERNGULLY, (and Fern Elementary), then EARTHQUAKE”.

081ab  .mov, 266MB, 1:55 hrs, 6.18, 6.21, 6.23, & 6.30.06. At 12 minutes I continue to explain the book of Revelation with all the confirmation signs I’ve gotten and then the icing on the cake for me was that my SSI was renewed the same day I bought another motorcycle.

         The “ill will” hits that ended this hot roll are explained in the last 4 minutes. The women and the FBI policy of “no good deed goes unpunished” to rain on the parade of my successes has only bought me a shorter job and a early ticket home, (to heaven).  

082  .mov, 303MB, 2:09 hrs. On 10.15.06 we had an earthquake that caused a power failure to all the islands while I was doing a class. I cover the safety preparation for emergencies too much but I was too tired to edit it out. Then a lot of people were blaming me for the disaster and I play two Twilight Zone shows that seemed to be defending me. I replay a third one from #69 because this is a better copy and reiterated the church selling out in 69. The over run scene of the Genie turning his head all the way around was a sign from The Exorcist and a sign that the church is possessed with a demon (i.e. woman have taken over the church). God was confirming my anger was accurate at how much the church had sold out.

083    .mov, 277MB, 2:04 hrs, 10-21-06. I explain at the end of this that I got “a call to work” at the start of this and obeyed it. (Most of the classes I did before 8.9.05 were because I wanted to, most of the classes I did after 8.9.05 were because I had to.) This one reiterates the little bit of sex that could’ve prevented the 9.11 disaster. I explain the movie THE LITTLE MERMAID as c// to how I fell in love with the East coast, then MULAN as c// to my “call to duty” for my country. I explain the songs that I couldn’t fit at the end of #32 about NASA. I also mention that women are going to be branded as demons for how much they fight against God, that came true in the next class, #84.

084     .mov, 295MB, 2:09 hrs. On 10.24.06 I got another call to work, but I explain at the end how much work the Lord saved me to do it this way, even though it could’ve come out better with more preparation, the Lord was saying I was too disabled to do it that way. I couldn’t stand this class for a while but later I realized it was the main purpose of my calling: the long offer of a big dipper to women that kept being rejected finally bore bad fruit as women losing their equality with men and being branded as demons, still going to heaven, but as the least in heaven, (on #62 I summarize this again @ 54 to 1:14, or @ 20 to 1:24). It has stuck for 3.5 years and was predicted in Revelations on #79, then in 76 and 83.  #75 class explains how to “roll with it baby”.

        On 11.6.06 was the last time I was allowed to talk on these for almost two years (until 9.21.08 class #63, I put it at 63 because #62 summed up all the ill will hits that started 3-29-06 and led up to me getting a sign of a premature death). The reelection of Hillary as senator for New York also confirmed that women had gone from bad to worse and that the branding as demons was going to stick, (then I had to make the awkward adjustment to writing out what I had to say for these classes). (C// women OJs on #62, 99, 127x06  & 127x07.)

085a&b .mov, 260MB/ 1:51 hrs, 12-2 & 12-14-06. This was my first two attempts to do a class without talking so I used older classes to convey how mad I was at my lease not being renewed, (the first 25 min). National Mortgage Realty always renewed the lease a month before it expired but Hawaiian Properties has been 4 to 5 months late for three years in a row. On 12-2-06 I did a class to express my anger at the innuendo that my lease might not be renewed. The over-run scene, (at 25 min), of a History channel show about the USS Missouri was a very big sign that I had done the right thing and it gave me the peace I needed to not worry about the lease renewal. It was also a sign that the battle with evil still goes on, but the big dragons have been slain by the “big guns”, like the Missouri representing the “greatest generation” at the end of World War 2.

         I had to do a video 12-14-06 that was in response to the mega ill will backlash to women branded as demons, (at 537 a.m. I explain a “sign” to be grateful for the good I’ve done, but it gets too vain because I was nearly panicking that I wouldn’t survive the ill will backlash to women being branded as demons).  Since I hadn’t shown what I recorded on my “D of nukes” tape as my celebration that we’d been delivered from the threat of a nuclear war, I thought now was a good time to show it as a reminder of the good things I’ve done. I recopied it when I was able to direct dub the scenes to get a clearer picture. At the end when I saw Whitney Houston and Brandy, (as two black girls), singing “Its possible” I realized it was a parallel to Obama elected as our first black president, so I put in the picture of him from class #84. Then I noticed that it was prophetic of my  premature death because I show that I placed the movie “Vanishing Point” over the picture of Obama on 11-6-06, so I inserted part of #63 that explained I would die a premature death, continued on 86.

086a&b .mov, 334MB, 2:09 hrs, 2-23-07 to 5-30-07. Most of what I typed here is explained by a talk I did at the start of this. This is continued from 85 and the same as #63 except in the song BREAK OUT it sounds like she sings, “break out a new chapter” and that was “fit wit” to idol worshipping disgraced. The reason for that is my Samsung dvd recorder shows a sign of “chapter added” right when Tulsa Doom beckons a girl to commit suicide for him. I replay that part of the song and the “chapter added” scene a few times so the parallel could be seen, (of break out a new chapter in idol worshipping disgraced). When I could talk again I explained the songs in here at 50 min into #127M, the song “Lido” by Boz Scaggs was a sign to me from God when I was driving by Toledo Ohio in 1994, “next stop Chi- town... making a bee line heading for the border line... one more town before we quit it...” That was a sign to me to drive past Chicago before I got a hotel to spend the night.

       This was trying to save scenes from being deleted, like I inserted “Sunset Boulevard” scenes because I talked about it. RATED R scenes were inserted because they were so parallel to my party days in 1978 & 79. Whitney Houston’s CD cover was a c// to the few days I worked at Pump 10. I used an electric screw driver like she has to to install sheet rock in a room that size and realized the c// was that she has a lot of “pump 10” songs on her CD. I explain that much better with pictures and a clip of her singing THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER synced to a view of the World Trade Centers at #128F on page 14 at MikeOversonEndTimes.com.

         I recorded a chinese new year party in the park 2.23.07 because I got signs that the Lord wouldn’t endorse it, just like the chinatown parade on 1-21-06 on #51, the innuendo was the olympics in China 2008 would be 86ed also.

        I filmed the two places I lived in 1993, the Marco Polo and the Hawaiian Monarch across the Ala wai canal from each other. The drunk local, (4-21-07),has since sobered up and I elaborate on Juliet Lighter and BLUE HAWAII on #127z. I was house bound for so long that when I got a cycle and a camera I visited all the places I could see from my room and filmed from there back to my room. I also go to Punchbowl National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific and show some of the “medal of honor” winners and Ernie Pyle’s memorial.

087  .mov, 291MB, 12-22-06 to 5-24-07. The main point of this class is the media getting 86ed. I show the last straw of mocking me as “you’re so vain” that 86ed the mass media. (It’s been 3 years now that I haven’t read a newspaper or a magazine or listened to the radio or watched live TV or news on the internet, 2-23-10.) First I show how I did a home made face lift. The mocking me as “so vain” for every time I try to improve appearance finally took its toll with the media 86ed.                                                                                                                     

     I finally show the 9-11 disaster papers and magazines I had under the bed. Then the Midweek magazine that mocked me as “you’re so vain” for the home made face lift and the evil folks that have taken over Disney mocked me for showing the 911 papers and that was the straw that broke the camels back. The rest of #87 is explaining that the media finally 86ed themselves for mocking me so much. That was in 1-2007 and I haven’t read a single newspaper or magazine for 3 years. At 506 p.m. on 5-6-07 I explain a sign that God would endorse my 86 and that’s how I’ve 86ed the media for over three years now. I was surprised to find so many prophecies of this in the movies and show them.          

    To explain Vanessa Redgrave’s self exposing comment of “Have you ever jousted with humility?”. Her name means: vain”sa” red grave, or the “Vain Insane Pigs” (VIPs) in the mass media are mad that my affection for them has died. I’d rather not know what’s going on in the world than put up with their mean as hell mocking me.

088a  RATED X, .mov, 224MB, 1:36 hrs, 2-21-10.  On 2-3-10 I merged #88 into 127z, then did a new summary about women and called it #88a, (it’s not the same 88a, b & c as at .com). This is from #45: I show the movie CAPE FEAR which leads to me looking up the song LIKE A VIRGIN and I show a few more songs up to WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT?. I tempered my view of this song on #105, 4-15-08. I correct myself again and replay and re-confirm these songs on #88a on 2-12-10, it’s “sandwiched” by two RATED X scenes, (from 8 min to 1:07), one of  Miko Lee getting “sandwiched” between two guys as an example of the “Sandwich Isles” calling, (that’s what Captain Cook named the Hawaiian islands when he discovered them). That’s similar to the ending, (#88a), with my version of “the art of living” and Paradise Discovered.

089   .mov, 220MB, 1:32 hrs, 2-1-08. Israel was a “c//” to the media, both 86ed for mocking me as “you’re so vain”, (read #37 on 2-18-10, another Israel oj). I show a c// of my neighbor to a Gungan in Star Wars. I cover at least four times the FBI has harassed me. The one at 15 & 17 min was a c// to the “FBI arms” at the Likelike (highway 63), and School St. The FBI was referring to when the music climaxed when I was filming (@ 17 min) between the lanes of traffic on the Likelike, (pronounced “Licky licky”). That was “lucky licky” info because I wasn’t sure I should do that but the the Lord covered it by the music climaxing when I was between the legs (lanes) of the Licky licky (Likelike, highway 63). That’s why the FBI had a lady do FBI arms at the corner of Likelike and School St, and to say they knew I’d film the sunrise by the Highway 63 sign that morning. When I was able to talk, I explain and show this again at 1:21 to 1:30 on 127e2.

        The class I did 11.10.07 was based on the song “whip it good” where I was a c// to the helicopters in “Apocalypse Now” strafing Oahu with paint bullets for always raining on the parade of my hot rolls. That is why I put in the scenes from Groundhog Day which was another version of the same thing, my anger at the people that mock every little thing that I do. The main “whip it good” was the 5 songs I play (Venus, Cruel summer, The end of the innocence, Come undone and “Rock n‘ Roll is dead”). Sorry I was to tired to find a video to go with music, you might want to skim over these like I did with the scenes of Oahu that I put to music, just exploring Oahu.

  One more accidental class was 10-4-07 where I found signs that Monterey and California were mocking me and I respond to it. Also when Taco Bell did it and I show where the Taco Bell here in Chinatown closed down as a sign of “My way amusement” from God was to close down businesses that mock me. Actually it was the women and the FBI as usual, ruining my “hot rolls” of eating out. That’s why I left in the over-run scene of the Street light from “Narnia” next to the Taco Bell that closed down and the comment to Taco Bell (and everybody else) “never underestimate the FBI (and women’s) ability to ruin a good time”.

090 .mov, 263MB, 1:55, 7-4-07. On the one year anniversary of the space shuttle launch 7-4-06, I did a class to celebrate the awesome 4th of July that it was, and to explain the difference now that the media is 86ed. It was less than one month since I had to match the new building managers evil innuendos back to him, so I show a over-run of it in the first 6 minutes. (We are on our third new building manager as of 4.3.09.)

        On 7-5-07 I cover how much help NASA got from me and how much they were supposed to return the favor to keep getting miracles on my behalf, (just like the military). That led to more revelations about the cause & effect of the 9.11 disaster, (that led to more revys at 1:33 on #92). I finish this with songs synced to the shuttle launch as a message to NASA, which led to a few more songs starting with “that’s what friends are for” by the USA flag for a “patriotic punch”. See other NASA classes at #32, 37, 90, 127x06 & 172, and the military parallel in # 1c, 21, 127u & 127x11.


091   .mov, 305MB, 2:12 hrs, 8.30.07. The main point of this was to explain “lies gone” and the 8,13 & 8.14.98 FBI murder attempt on me and then to sum up this “end of the world” wrap up job I was called to do. Then I combine the warnings of no spirit of christmas if men didn’t stand up to women before the checkered flag waved at the holiday season 2006. That combined with the election 11.6.06 confirmed the prophetic class 10-24-06 that women had gone bad to worse, (619), and had been branded demons for it. There was a “For-ex” OJ that motivated me to finish this class and I finally got to it on 8.18.08 on #100, #98 is more of the same, but when I could talk again on 5.22.09.

        Another thing I just learned (6.9.09), was the innuendo to the one’s eyes on the cover of  the movie of “The Great Gatsby”, and in the movie there’s the same innuendo. He starts the narrative with saying how he doesn’t like the rich and near the end he talks about the East coast in the same way. That’s parallel to the start of this class with a scene from “Stella” of how I’m treated, (bad), by the East coast, then I play “you know its true” & “Eat the rich” by Areosmith, as a sign that it applied to both the poor and rich who died in the 911 disaster because of the condescending way the east coast looks down on this California boy. There is more information about this and “eat the rich” at the start of 116c and 127i. On #63 I got a sign that the “eat the rich” and the “Falling Down” part on this class was not too mean to the east coast.  I reviewed #63 and re-explain that it was not too mean on 127x11.

092a   .mov, 297MB, 2:08 hrs, 6.9.09. Since I might not get to finish this table of contents, I’m going to review classes to give a quick summary and to fill in gaps. This one covers #92 through #108.

092b .mov, 279MB, 1:58 hrs, 7.19.08. A good one but I’m too tired to type a review, a video review is on 92a.

093   .mov, 285MB 2:00 hrs, 7.24.08. I started doing rated X sex education from #102 to 127z, (and 1b, 25 & 88a), but 93, 94 & 95 were before that. These are rated PG 13 and it covers sex permission in the Bible and in divine signs in movies and songs.

094 more sex ed.mov

095 sex ed continued .mov

096 = RATED X good bye to the pornos. .mov, 288MB, 2:04 hrs.  On 3.25.08 I explain why I stopped watching pornos since 2-2-08. Also read #93 and 97.

097   .mov, 298MB, 2:09 hrs, 8-30-08. If you can endure or skip the first hour where I explain Toy Story 2, (I was trying to save a sloppy class from being deleted), I start making more sense in the second hour. I play the song “this old heart of mine” and then do a GOOD SUMMARY of why God had me do AOLs on MTV. The over-run at the end was the first big sign of my premature death that I explained on #63. The first hour was finding the parallel scenes and signs that proved how much NASA was being an “evil god” that wanted me dead. I explain it again, (and better), at #127x09 and the sign “NASA556”, that it was from God leading me to love and adore NASA for so long before the time ran out on them to clean up their act, just like the big dipper offer to the girls in the por-nos, (read #93), and then 86ed in #96 (tears).  See other NASA classes at #32, 37, 90, 127x06 & 172, and the military parallel in # 1c, 21, 127u & 127x11.

098   .mov, 298MB, 2:08 hrs, 5.22.09. This goes with #100 and 100b about the TLC girls and other ladies that are DeNiro in CAPE FEAR, (that’s soar losers and FATAL ATTRACTION murder attempts). I also cover how much women knew they could’ve prevented the 9-11 disaster, (very soar losers), with a little sex for me. C// 100a & 100b.

099   .mov, 145MB, 1:02 hrs, is Easter 3.21.08 and the c// sign of the song “Red rubber ball” as an OJ on women, (I play that song when I explain the song BYE BYE MISS AMERICAN PIE on 127x06 & x07).  I re-explain my calling to represent Jesus’ return. Then show the parallels to ALICE IN WONDERLAND and the DOLE plantation maze, parallel to me verses “the queen of hearts” in Hawaii. Actually she’s “the queen of diamonds”, (in the songs DESPERADO  and LYIN EYES by the Eagles), trying to steal the credits from the real, (God), queen of hearts deeds, songs, movies and sex miracles. (C// women OJs on #62 & 84.)

100a   .mov, 298MB, 2:08 hrs, 8.18 & 9.6.08. This is like #98 & 100b, except I could talk on 98, but I had to write out what I had to say on this one. On 6-14-08 I saw the plate NYS656 after I lost a hit-man tailing me and realized it was from New York, (especially Jenny MacCarthy from MTV) and the TLC girls, (The Latin Connection). This class was to give feedback to MTV & TLC’s murder attempt on 6-14-08. I also explain, “the finger of God points to you” a few times @ 1:56 to 2:02, (to K. Swan, E. G. Robinson and c// Bob Hope scene) . At “points to you” = rw and a siren @ 1244p.m. 2-25-10. That’s a good fit wit to me explaining how I got two JACKPOT wrath of God  OJs on New York City in 9-2001 and 11-2001, @ 1:02 to 1:13, (also read 100b). All of the song “Who is it?”, by Michael Jackson is at the start of #148.

        [ I looked up a few classes that had Jenny MacCarthy and/or The Grind, (& 911 disaster info), they are: #24 @30 to 52 min, #25 @ 1:28 min, #88a {RATED X} @1:08 to 1:30, #118 @ 1:04, #121 @ 37 & 1:19, #124 @ 50 to 1:03 and #127z @ 1:03 to 1:21 minutes, and read #131.]   {Some of the TLC girls, (The Latin Connection), classes are at #96 @ 1:43 to 2:02 , #98, 100a, 100b, 105a #118 @ 37 & 50 to 1:05 and many others.}

100b   .mov, 293MB, 2:04 hrs, 6-14-09. This is like #98 and 100a. This was to give feedback to MTV & TLC’s murder attempt 6.14.08, one year later on 6.14.09. I also play a few Aerosmith songs and one each by Amy Grant and Twila Paris. I explain the difference between “in Dog we trust” and “In God we trust”. At 1:32 to 1:39 hours I explain me breaking up with three girls in high school, (c// #25 @ 34 min). I find out that the porno’s number is 1255, and that’s a c// to 855 & CCA who took my $250 SSI payment (from Obama’s economic recovery bill Feb 2009) and gave it to Rori for back child support payments. (Jarrod & Serena are 26 and 25 years old and I’m sure all three of them are much richer than I am = these evil as hell women and liars are begging for an OJ that will stick even worse than being branded demons did.) One thing nice about such damn unfair laws is that it makes for spectacular over-judgments because “to those who show no mercy, no mercy will be shown”. To elaborate on that, I found out it was the “stars”, and  “the powers that be”, especially on the east coast, that were the motivation behind Rori’s mocking me through how much she could cheat on me. Like in the music video “Jesus he knows me” by Genesis where they hold up a sign “Gen 3:25”. There are not 25 verses in Genesis chapter 3, it was a sign of them endorsing Rori’s mocking me, (and the Bible), which eventually led up to TWO spectacular wrath of God over-judgments in my favor and against Rori and the women and the powers that be after me in 9-2001 and 11-2001, (c// 100a @ 1:02 to 1:13 that explains these two JACKPOT OJs against the people lying about me).  (See more wrath of God OJs on the #325 at the last three paragraphs of #63 at page 6 MikeOversonEndTimes.com.) That bought me a 4.5 year break in the murder attempts, but no matter how much they lose, they just deny the losses and keep coming after me (and keep digging a deeper hole).

101a  First half of “the Mo tape” is over 2 hours and only for reference.

101b  Second half of “the Mo tape” is over 2 hours and only for reference.

102a&b = RATED X ,10.14.08. On 1c1 I explain that #102 & 103 were the first death bed sermons that were RATED X, (and that I couldn’t talk). On #118 & 119a, when I had a camera again I explain the message I was trying to get across in these two.

103 = RATED X, 2:08 hrs, 10.2008. this is continued from 102, when I finally started doing Rated X sermons and explain it on 116a when my camera was back. Since I thought this was my last class,     I finally recorded over the the movie “Glory” until I saw the over-run was a sign of my premature death. Later I realized a sign at the end of the music video “Janie’s got a gun”, where he wraps the blanket around Janie; that was a sign of “a wrap” on the pornos (“run away from the pain” in the pornos is at  1:31 on #96) and “a wrap” on my life. I realized I had to stop recording there because it was a blatant sign that I was parallel colonel Shaw, (and I started praying that God would heal the South of this early exit sign of mine). Colonel Shaw lets his horse go because he knows he’s going to die in this battle, that was another sign that the end is near for me also. The statue of him on his horse with the black soldiers of the 54th (at the end of the movie), is on the Boston Commons across from the state capital of Massachusetts. After the second time a Rated X class turned patriotic (read 127h on this page),  I think this is more than a coincidence, but I don’t know enough to explain it now.

104 On 4-13-08 was the first warning, (with #105b & 63), that I would die prematurely. My “I love you goodbye” to the pornos is the last half hour of songs from Swing Out Sister.mov

105a Is more “I love you goodbye” songs to the TLC girls. I show Stormy Weather with Janet & Michael Jackson in Alright  & Dangerous, also Hercules & 911 disaster. .mov

105b On 4.18.08 I show “Gone too soon” as a sign that these these classes would end, with #103, 104 & 63 these became the signs of my premature death .m4v

106 =6.1.07= QF Cigars 86ed; 10.4.07 is home town oj; 6.16.07 was in response to the FBI innuendos from the new building manager; 9.2.05 was a over-run of what I recorded about the 60th VJ day..mov

107 2-8-08 I was watching my MTV AOLs to consolidate signs in songs when I saw “Zero Tolerance” on MTV news and it made me so mad I had to provide a rebuttal. MTV knew I’d do this and they mocked it in their MTV News Unfiltered on 10.28.95, (#142 at 2:18 hrs). That also made this a good place to insert my defense against those who call me the antichrist (from #7c). Worst of all is MTV again, with a commercial painting me and Jesus as the devil (!), while they steal credits for the love, magic and wisdom that heaven sends down in the music they play on MTV. (When I smoked cigars, I would hold my breath at this commercial because they were trying to catch me in sync with the smoke they blow passed the crucifix while calling it “Satan”.).mov

108 = 7 .28& 29.07 I explain the beach 86ed (7.27.07); 7.29.07 is a Mel Gibson oj as Chicken Run for painting me as Tavington in The Patriot. Next is a sign I show from Amadeus that my brother Mark was 86ed as a c// to the “stars” 86ed. The last hour is about the pornos and rated X. 1-24-09 explain pornos, RATED X for the last 40 min. Continued, (from the end of 126a), on to 109b. .mov

109a =2:08 hrs, 6.23.09. This is a video table of contents continued from #92a to 108, this one covers #109 through 115. At 21 minutes I cover the people who knew the 9.11 disaster was coming but they went into denial when they saw how bad it was and then accused me of their sins with “You knew!” (and didn’t tell us). [I first tell that on 127r.] At 1:12 there’s a talk about Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, then the gun laws in Massachusetts. At 1:30 there’s a 12 minute talk that starts with 127q2 and the sc I did about brandy..mov

109b = 1:31 hrs. This is 1-24-09 continued from 108. Then some miscellaneous scenes, (clean checkmate wall), before I did about an hour class when the statue of an angel fell and the wing broke. I play the song: “that one last shot’s a permanent vacation, and how high can you fly with broken wings”,  then explain that is parallel how bad they disabled me with “EBT624”, that led up to the 911 disaster.. .mov

110&111   .mov, 184MB, 1:19 hrs, 9-17 & 11-28-07. I got started on a accidental class and then one over-run after another were such big signs that I had to explain them. Then I found more proof that Hurricane Katrina had been the wrath of God on my behalf but I ran out of energy before I could show all the proofs of it.

        I finally tell that I’ve known another wrath of God was on the way, (like 9-11), and confirm it on the 11.28.07 class that I pasted onto this class, its a repeat of #50d but it fits here also. So does #91 that I did on 8-30-07, I was trying to say there was another wrath of God on the way but only by innuendo. On 9-18 & 11-28-07 I finally skip the innuendo and try to get to the point and as soon as I did I got a big confirmation right away in a “over-run” scene where I was filming two incoming jets. I elaborate on that in #50a, that reads as follows: I cover how I found out that Bill Clinton was parallel Randal  Flagg in THE STAND and I show the feedback I got from Clinton as a sign in the clouds. I noticed the same kind of cloud between two incoming jets on #110&111. The two jets were a “sign” confirming my prediction of another wrath of God on the way, (like 9.11). The cloud between the jets reminded me of the cloud I mention this class as feedback from Bill Clinton. The cloud resembled the big demon, (at 51 min into the next class, #50b), in the last music video of “Fantasia” by Disney, (also explained three more times in the next two paragraphs as a BIG parallel to a crisis in my life in 1995, and on #127x12, at 48 minutes to 1:13). The point I’m getting at is that its just like when Dorothy was so scared of the Wizard of Oz until her barking dog revealed what a scam he was. I think that’s my job, to be the barking dog that exposes the “all powerful” forces of evil as just a bug compared to the protection you get from praying some psalms and reading, (and obeying), the Bible and faith in God.

        I also mention in #50b that you have to pray in proportion to the danger you are in and that was at least 8 hours a day every day for nearly 6 months in 1995. Psalm 95:6 says “let us kneel before the Lord who made us”, that was one of about ten psalms I had to pray EIGHTY times a day and every time I got to psalm 95 I had to kneel when I prayed it. At 1:22 to 1:28 on #25 I tell about 7-17-95 when I had to pray through the night, (24 hours straight and then I had to start the next days prayers without any sleep), to keep from throwing myself out the window on the 15th floor.

        In the last 4 minutes I show a clip from the end of #47, then I show the music video Dream Lover, after I explain the c// of it in my life. The point I was getting at was how much I was required to have sex with my hons. When you work for Venus, sex is not an option, it’s a job requirement. I explain that in 1997 more than a few times when I heard the song “Dream Lover come rescue me” it was a sign that it was time to spend some time in bed with my hon. At 1:54 on #127m I show the song “Don’t leave me out in the cold, just love me BODY AND SOUL” by Anita Baker. That was how my hons first got me to have sex with them. I just realized that’s where TLC got the song: “I ain’t too proud to beg” because BODY AND SOUL was my hons begging me to have sex with them.

        The “stars” know how much these songs are a sign from my hons to me, that’s why Anita Baker walks by a wall with the numbers “7 13” lit up. On 7-13-96 her black magic curse made me think I was safe and I stopped praying. When I found out I’d been deceived I had to pray about 14 hours a day for 3 days to make up for the prayers she made me miss. The objective was to kill me and if I didn’t get back to my prayers she would’ve succeeded in getting me killed. Another trick the “stars” pull is like in this video of Dream Lover. Mariah Carrey is like a lot the “stars”, they try so hard to own the magic God sends down in these songs that it’s hard to find the true meaning of a song after you been brain washed by how they steal the credits for it in their music videos, (but the guys dancing in her video was impressive).

112 = 2:08 hrs, 3.2007 & 12.15.08. I was trying to save some information from being deleted so I combined it at the start of this SC. At 9 min I record a revelation about Senator Inoye (democrat from Hawaii) and patriotism. At 16 min I show what I added to the Quality Fresh Cigars (QFC) oj, as it also applied to New York reelecting Hillary. On 12.15.08 at the second hour of this SC, I start the first SC that I could talk on since my charger broke after #63 on 9.21.08.  It’s about QF Cigars & BB36 (the USS Nevada) & the Venetian blinds. This was similar to what I wrote about #19, so I’ll just put that in here (because I’m too tired to do more now). 19 = 207MB/ 1:22 hrs,  is Herc song continued. I noticed that Pat Tillman at the start of this SC was a C// to “Cigar Dan” at 1:12 on #112. Both of them were “support our troops” but don’t support the one. Then I show a sign of how mad God got at (Quality Fresh) cigars after they made the (military) blunder of “Sire, she got away” in Cinderella.

113 .mov, 165MB, 1:10 hrs, 6.8.08. This was the first class I did since  4-18-08, on #105b, when the making of new classes had been 86ed. It’s not the same class as at the .com site because I cut the first 35 minutes out and pasted it at the start of #51. Now #113 starts with how the first sixty hours of these classes could’ve come in much clearer on SP tapes verses the SLP I was forced to record these on, and “the grow up plan” that caused me to stop shopping at Costco.

        The main point of this class is that it’s a good explanation of why I was picked to do this job. Starting with the biggest confirmation I got to quit my job in Alaska and move to Hawaii. I show what I was watching in the movie AMADEUS on 10-31-92, when I saw Mozart dying from stress and realized that I was going to die from stress if I didn’t quit my job. That made me shut the TV off and turn on the radio. Then I play the song “there’s ALWAYS TOMORROW to start over again”, (by Gloria Estefan), because that was the first song that came on the radio and it was a loud and clear sign from God that I had just made the right decision. Then I show another loud and clear sign I got on Good Friday in 1993, this time it was to confirm the revelation I had just got that day that the church had gone bad. There’s a coincidence to that from a line in the song ALWAYS TOMORROW that was a big sign posted in the church I went to in Alaska, (Christian Love Center), they both said the same thing: “THE ONLY ONE SURE THING IS CHANGE”. Before I explain the revelation about the church going bad I show Mel Gibson as HAMLET and his Shakespearean parallel in the music video IF I EVER LOOSE MY FAITH, by Sting. This was the first time I ever put the puzzle together so well in and in the chronological order that it happened in. That made this a good sign to start doing these classes again.

        I’m sorry about a repeat scene of psalm 93, it’s because there were “evil gods” that said “you’re so vain” to think that could ever apply to you, (see #62 @ 1:49 min). When I saw all the proof in the parallel signs from Shakespeare in HAMLET and in the song by Sting and in this class I had to repeat the parallels to psalm 93 to specifically say “that does apply to me”, i.e. in my parallel job as the “lion king”, (proverbs 28:1, The wicked flee when no one is chasing them; but the godly are as bold as lions), who was picked to represent Jesus’ return. Also I mention there’s a psalm that asks “What’s wrong Red sea, what made you cut yourself in two?”, It’s psalm 114:5. That’s a very big “fit wit” because the #1145 means “Oh GOD YOU DEVIL” which is another fit wit because I show in the music video by Sting that there’s a guy standing OVER the SUN as c// to me as mike OVERSON and it’s where he’s PARTING THE WATERS after I just explained, (psalm 114:5), that the waters represented the LIARS, (especially the 666 mass media), that are calling me the antichrist and/or the devil.

        That made me look up another time I could feel myself being mocked as “you’re so vain” when I was reading psalm 45 until I got to PS 45:10 &11 and I got a rw =10:14:50 on 11-1-09 as a sign from God mocking my critics, because that part of the psalm does apply to me as a version of “the bride of Christ”. (= rw 420 p.m. when typing this on 2-20-10, that’s another confirmation because that’s my apartment, #420). You might think these are “thin wits” but it’s only because I did’t want to give you all the details. That rw=10:14:50 on 11-1 was parallel 10:14:50 p.m. on 10-31-09 when I was watching #127x08 about how the movie FALLING DOWN was a DEFENSE of me and David Koresch, (1:09 to 1:27), because we were both trying to be good christians but we were “falling down”. There’s more c// 1145 wits but I have to move on so that’s all for this one.


114 =2. 28, 2.2008. That date is c// to when I 86ed pornos 2.2.08. I started putting together scenes from the movie “Blue Crush”, after I filmed a tour of the “North  Shore” of Oahu where that movie took place. Listening to the girls who starred in it, (in their commentary version of it), say “That rainbow was for you, I don’t give a rats ass”, got me to insert a c// scene where the evil folks that have taken over Disney movies painted me as a rat in the movie “Oliver and Company”. On #42 & 43 I explain how they also paint me as bum, a slob hot dog vendor and the rich thug who is responsible for the 911 disaster. Made in the 1980s this was another sign of how much they knew the 911 disaster was coming and that all it took was for “Oliver” to be rescued from poverty to live in a nice place to prevent the 911 disaster (and the flooding of New Orleans by hurricane Katrina, see 35b, 42, 43 and summed up on 110). Actually I wouldn’t have noticed that rainbow in “Blue Crush” because the camera man was trying to avoid it, but the girls trying to steal credits for that divine sign made me try to “solve the rainbow puzzle”, (that’s from a sports headline in the 11.6.06 paper). In the first 49 minutes I think the puzzle was the checkmate on women because of a rainbow I show on 12.12.07, on my 13th wedding anniversary to my “hons”. That’s why I put in Cinderella singing about a rainbow and her wedding as parallel to mine as the “bride of Christ”. The same classical music at the 12.12 rainbow was also playing on new years eve and 1.1 2008 or 1.2008. That’s why I show Juliet Lighter because she posed as Miss January in a “beautiful women of Hawaii, 2008 calendar”. That was the first time I realized I had a checkmate on her, which has been confirmed and explained a few times since then on these classes. This whole class was more for me than for any one else, especially because I wasn’t allowed to talk.

115 = 2:08 hrs, 12.20.08. This is the first 2 of 4 hours I did because I thought I’d be dead in less than 2 weeks. That is why I wasn’t afraid to tell what I knew about the “curse of Ham”. Like even though the Holy Spirit changed from black to white because the blacks weren’t cooperating in the pornos, when I get to heaven She’s going to be black again, the last 20 min of #127m is what the Holy Spirit looks like and sounds like as a black girl courting me (through brandy).

        The main reason for this is I keep finding more convincing proof of how much people knew the 911 disaster was coming and how to prevent it; also more proof of all the permission for sex God was offering through me. That both of these were turned down by women running things was more proof that “drumstick ice cream” is now “dumb stick” (its gong to stick: dumb broads), for all the ice cream and “happy days” they threw away in their power play against God.

        I show songs from 10.31.95 on MTV about the sex God was offering and how they mocked it away (like Maxim magazine did 12.2003, with far less excuse for being that stupid). I show the song “you’re little secret” with a “secret” deodorant commercial, (the secret was that “you’re horns are showing” and its going to stay that way). I show a commercial by Snickers with the Buffalo Bills and one by Special K . I explain how it was a big sucker play by God on MTV, the pornos and Quality Fresh Cigars (QFC), because it was a great break (834), to quit cigars, MTV and the pornos after they mocked me away.

116a RATED X, is the 3rd hour of 12.20.08 with a “c//” of me defend pornos like Michaelangleo did for nudity in the Sistine chapel. I show a scene from Gettysburg that confirmed the “patriotic dunce” revelation I spoke of in 1c and show it again here. Then I start to redo #9 & 10 to prove how much they knew the 9.11 disaster was coming (the last 8 min), but cut it short and sum it up on  #116b..mov

116b  2:08 hrs, 6.27.09. This was a break through for me and so I did a video table of contents on 116d to explain it. It started with me explaining the end of my 11.13.95 MTV AOL and the signs that God had “saved the best for last” and that my AOLs were over. This evolved into a checkmate on MTV, New York, the stars and the por/nos. I’m getting better at finding out and proving how much they knew they were called to come through and also knew the the price would be very ex-pensive for not doing so. I start to elaborate on “you don’t know what you’re missing” by not having the patience to find sex and love in God’s will and timing. I show examples in the movies An Affair to Remember, Sleepless in Seattle and Miracle on 34th street, also a song by Laura Branigan. There’s a few rated X scenes and one is a “c//”of when I first saw Rosie Odonnel (sp?), and the music video “Together forever” in 1988. She was a VJ on VH-1 and I show that song with a scene from  “Circle of Friends” at 1:09 to 1:17 on #65. The last few seconds of “over-run” at the end was another “sign” of the checkmate on the stars and the por/nos. The ten minutes at 1:50 is condensed from 105a, my “I love you, good bye” to the pornos.

116c  49 min, 6.24.09. I finish 109a talk of NFL & stars & girls; then explain 116a. The 116b I talk of was so bad I had to redo it into the new 116b above, (Chronologically these are explained on 116d.).mov

116d  52 min, 6.28.09. This is a video table of contents of 116b. There were a few things I forgot to explain on 116b, and how the Lord got me to do it, (with 116c and 63 when I wasn’t in the mood to do them). Chronologically these four came between 127r and 127s on page 13.)  The Rhode Island bar that was a c// to the movie JAWS is explained in the first 30 min of #52. The song I got as feedback from them is on this class, #116d at 29 minutes..mov

117a  Explains117b. On 7.6.09 I started to do a table of contents on 117 and then got detoured on christmas canceled for 14 years now and show “The Nightmare Before Christmas” to explain it (also on #127e3). I finish reviewing 117, including my c// escape from Shawshank prison, “the powers that be”, the John Birch Society and women (represented as a checkmate on Raquel Welch). Then a porno over-run (rated X), got me to show the c// scene in the “The Beverly Hillbillies” of Ellie mae that was also a c// to Amy Richardson’s rejection of me. When I was quoting Sherlock’s “It’s elementary” my refrigerator quit at 328 p.m., 7.8.09. That means “dead hypocrites” and applied to Amy above and the media below, (also on #111).  

        The last 37 minutes is about the dpoop media and “stars” and their mocking me mercilessly has led to me getting to go home early, (a premature death). Also on 127e3 with “Loads of Fun #34”, and The Queen of hearts ex-posed in “Alice in wonderland”, (@ 2:01 on 127e3).

117b    .mov, 297MB, 2:08 hrs, 1-1-09. I explain a scene from AMADEUS that was c// to my visit to the IRS. I explain the start of #75, that it was a warning of the 9-11 disaster and that they got the message. The plate CNN165 was about it’s too dangerous for me to see doctors. I explain some  porno ads. I re-did some of 118 into 117b about Jenny and soar losers @ 51 to 1:01. I show scenes from THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION that are parallel The John Birch Society, also c//s on 127q1. Then the media as the worst Don Quixotes. At 1:23 I explain the parallels to me and Michelle, (the mail lady),  and in ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Also Karen and me at The Apple Store as parallel to Mike and Karen in California, (Kristy Powell’s sister). I show the signs that Tom Brokaw and Bob Costus, (NBC), cost us a magic carpet ride at the olympics in Athens.

118 = RATED X, .mov, 227MB, 1:34, 12.26.08 when I had a camera again I explain the message I was trying to get across in 102 &103. I re-did some of 118 into 117b about Jenny and soar losers, read the next line.

  [ I looked up a few classes that had Jenny MacCarthy and/or The Grind, (& 911 disaster info), they are: #24 @30 to 52 min, #25 @ 1:28 min, #88a {RATED X} @1:08 to 1:30, 117b @ 51 to 1:01, #118 @ 1:04, #121 @ 37 & 1:19, #124 @ 50 to 1:03 and #127z @ 1:03 to 1:21 minutes, and read #131.]     {Some of the TLC girls, (The Latin Connection), classes are at #96 @ 1:43 to 2:02 , #98, 100a, 100b, 105a #118 @ 37 & 50 to 1:05 and many others.}

119a&b = RATED X, .mov, 293MB, 2:05 hrs, 12-26-08. I continue explaining 102 as me vs “the stars” and the battle for credits in Ben Hur’s chariot race. I copy Michaelangleo’s defense of nudity in the Sistine chapel to defend the pornography I’ve been led to watch. Then explain the curse of Ham on the Brits for mocking me, (that’s been confirmed again near the end of #127z). I show “the scariest (sex & ice cream) music videos” from MTV 10-31-95, and the Special K commercial that was a sign from my hons to me.

120 = 1st 2 of 4hrs 1.4.09. I explain two Carolyns, then Ona, Cindy & Teresa, (a family of 4 girls called to come through). I show Mike of the present meets Mike of the past, (and clash), when I explain the movie TOY STORY 2, (that led to a revelation about THE RAPTURE on #123). I explain the Waikiki ads I got at 12-24-08. I explain how the Lord taught me how to be black through MTV music videos and how it was prophesied in the movie DUMBO..mov

121 = 3&4 of 4 hrs 1.4.09.mov

122a = RATED X, part 1, 1.6.09.  .mov

122b = 1-8-09, 1:25 hours. This is what Patton, MacArthur & Martin Luther King had in common, them vs communism, (goes with 124 & 127h).mov

123 = 2:00 hrs, 1-10-09. I referred to this class to explain the “no rapture of the church” as I believe God has revealed it (also in #79 & 80). That part of the class begins at 10 minutes in to this. Also I borrowed the part of “Toy Story 2” from #120; this class was not made as an introduction to these classes and assumes you have already seen #120 and #60 where I show my first revelation that the end of the world would not be as implied in the Bible. The scenes of “Barbie in the Nutcracker” are from #118, where I was explaining what I recorded on #88. If this is the first class you are going to see then you will probably have to watch it twice, by that I mean skim through it first, thats what I have to do when I haven’t seen these for a while, the second time I watch it (when I get used to the odd way I do things), then it makes a lot more sense. .mov

124 = 1-14-9, 1:59 hours. I cover “the cold war” from the Yalta conference in World War II through the Reagan administration and the late 1980s. I think because I was humble enough to say “I don’t know what I’m talking about” that God blessed me with “Absolute discernment” on this, explained in the second to the last paragraph of 127h on this page. Then I cover “signs” that my Miss Rights and New York were Grinch, Grind, Scrooges that accused me of their flaws. I cover some politics and then my relationship with the Bush twins that led to doing #125 since they were “c//” to me and New York City. .mov

125 = 1.14.09, 2:05:01 hrs. Another c// from #124 is Tip O’neil (sp?) to Reagan in this as a graceful way for New York to admit defeat, (to God), and to admit they knew the 911 disaster was coming and stop their denial of it (also on #127k). There were good songs to explain this, the Bush twins in #124 helped remind me of it, actually God set it up so I would play these songs next. Then the Athens olympic’s as c// to Hercules, and Queen”s song: “Another one bites the dust”, (the “Mr Bigstuff” people that have taken over Disney, pushed God a little too far). The end is a “sign” of  a crisis (that’s cry-S.I.S. from “Sleepless in Seattle is history”), because its c// to crying in the elevator in “Miracle on 34th St.”, then the over-run scene of a church is a Miss Rights struck out “wit”.   There’s more on this at #125 on page 12 of MikeOversonEndTimes.com , how the Bush presidents sins were over exposed so I wouldn’t slip when I found out, (on the fly), that Bill Clinton was parallel Randal Flagg In THE STAND, there’s a short video of it called “The 666 media”.

126a = RATED X,1-18-09, 2:02 hrs. I show the parallels in the movies “Aftershock: Earthquake in New York” and in “The Shawshank Redemption” that were prophetic of the 911 disaster. There’s a Rated X scene at 1:02 and in the last 10 minutes that I “redidit” better at 1:17 on #108. I show the movie Narnia as a “Buffalo Blue” election battle and blue print that didn’t come true. The song “break out” that I synced with Narnia, still had a blue print value for my premature death, but I will let #63 explain it.

        (From #63.)  After “The King and I” scene I play the song “Break out”, because as I explain afterwards, it was parallel to my leaving Alaska and the pornos, and a hopeful song for the 2008 elections. To prove what a “hopeful song” that was to the 2008 elections I played it in sync with a scene from Narnia on #126; but the “blue print” plan for good clean government was rejected. However the “break out” song now applies my escape from earth to go to heaven early, hence that’s why I played it. What follows is a revelation I got from reading the last two paragraphs. (I read it to you and explain it more on #126b, below.) .mov

126b = 30 min, 7.14.09. Explains the  #1148. I found 15 minutes of #112 that would confirm what I just typed on 126a, (at MikeOversonEndTomes.com, pg 12). I read #126a and explain it, and the 15 min of #112 before I show it to you. I show an example of the value of “my penny conversations” i.e. when God graces you with Her presence, even a disabled dysfunctional mess like me can have divine wisdom and insight..mov

127a&b & 1a. 1:11 hrs, 1.26.09. I show “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” as how I get poisoned by bad information and need to get the truth as the antidote. That’s how my partner Bruce Lee dies in this movie, then comes back as a kid that shows him doing a “homies oj” on the Chinese. I also cover real estate booms, Realtors and Ray Maybe. After I made this case for public housing I noticed a C// in the song “King of the road” and explain it on 127e1..mov

127c = 1:31 hrs, 3.18.09. Is  continued from #1b because I wanted to elaborate on the “jackpot turn off” but I don’t get to that until #127d because of irresistible detours that came up in the movie South Pacific that required me to do a catharsis of finding more scenes, (like in Cinderella), to prove my checkmate against the “queen of the Grind” Miss rights that didn’t come through. South Pacific, brandy,TB ,wooly bully ty-rants.mov

127d = 2:01 hrs. Is 3.18.09 continued from 127c for 20 min until I finally get back to 3.12.09 because I wanted to put the whole “jackpot 9.4.8 turn off” talk on one dvd for better continuity. This is RATED X from about 1:21 on. The end was a over-run sign that caused #127h SC..mov

127e1 = 2:07 hours, 5.2.09. I combined 127e & f & i, (and “redidit” to slam dunk the stars & por-nos 86ed), to get “King of the road” on one dvd. I explain the “King of the road” song as a Jesus’ return song and cover “the stars” verses the public, (my response to the ill will back LASH I got to this SC is on 127q1) . From 20 to 55 min I took a sex ed detour (a RATED R scene from an X movie to show the tattoo of a kid with balloons that is a ”c//” to the song “Levon”, by Elton John).

     The Last Star Fighter @ 1:02 hrs is about Rori and me, (and is c// to me and the military @1:30 min on #1b, its a military 1129 oj, i.e. you are 86ed for being a V.C. and mocking me, just like Rori; “Oh ye of little faith” and faithfulness. Like in the movie Grease: “Don’t be a slob and get a job, go back to class you can pass.” That refers to the “Beauty school drop out” song @ 58 min on #95..mov

127e2 = 2:08 hours. On Memorial day 5.25.09, I wanted to recopy the patriotic detour on 127e (at MikeOversonEndTimes.com), so it made more sense. I was glad I finally got the motivation and energy to look up all that information but it needed to be elaborated on and organized better, (Memorial day: celebrate it vs mock it). Memorial day provided the motivation to do it over and better. It’s continued on 127e3 & e4. One thing I have to explain is at 56 min; I cover BB63 as the #63 and that means “obvious”, then I insert the C// scene of BB63 in the movie “An Officer and a Gentleman”. When I record these I don’t get to preview it because my Samsung VCR has a “Pause” that lasts ten minutes and I just keep adding scenes until I’m done. When I got to see what I recorded I thought “Damn, I crossed the ‘you’re so vain’ line!”. Then I got a sign that it was in God’s will to show you what kind of guy God picked to represent Jesus’ return. (It’s not me as ‘God’, just me tricked into doing this calling.) I re-show it and explain it on 127e4 and 1a1..mov

127e3  2:08 hrs, 5.26 & 7.18.09. I continue #127e2 about Pearl Harbor and egs and show the c// to Ms Rights that didn’t come through. From 51 minutes on I got detoured on “soar losers” and “get over it”, it’s good information but the continuity could be better. I re-explain that mocking me mercilessly has bought me an early ticket to heaven..mov

127e4 = 1:26 hrs, 3-16 & 7-31-09. The #731 means “it’s a wrap”, I mention a few times that this was the last job I had to do to finish my job, anything I did after this is the icing on the cake, but this is the cake or “the bottom line”. I show the news on TV when they first opened the USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor January 1999 and on 9-2-05 when they covered the 60th VJ day on “the MO”. Both times they show Murray Yudelowitz, a former crew member who flew here from New York. Murray says “I leave you with two words, WE REMEMBER”. I explain that was a sign that he didn’t have come back to Pearl Harbor because his job was done, and that it was parallel that my job was done also. (There’s more on this at page 13 at mike overson end times.com.).mov

127f   24 min, 3.17.09. Is the last part of explaining the “King of the road” song and the feedback from the FBI (a condensed version of 127e & f  is on 127e1) . Also my feedback to Miracle Grow, to keep their name and try to become famous for how well they repent, (like I’ve done). The lady I refer to in South Pacific is on 50a @ 1:47 minutes. I also explain the college 529 plan and what its done to the schools in the USA, (also read #74 above)..mov

127g = RATED X, 2:07 hrs, 6.4.09, (I had a blank spot at 127g and filled it in with this one, thats why its not in chronological order). Rated R or X when I go through a Pabo magazine. Pec the songs: Brass in my pocket (I’m special); Come undone; Election day (D of nukes in July of 95)  & Smooth operator. Pec more proof of God being the “xcel pro” of getting sex perms and how insane it is to keep fighting against an omnipotent God. I explain Red Robin, Sade; Obama and the help he got from the one (me). I talked about Jessie Rivera on this sc. If you want to see him and his wife and daughter, its on #57 at 39 minutes.

127h = RATED X, 2:09 hrs, 3-29-09. The scene from “Hawaiian Blast” that I recorded at 329 p.m. on 3-29, 3-2009 confirmed the first revelation on 3-29-02 of the same scene of Peter North and Kobe Tai and the little bit of sex, (for me), that heaven needed to prevent the 9.11 disaster. The #329 means “chicken caesar” and this video confirmed how afraid women and the por-nos are to do God’s will, even when the cost is so astronomical for not doing so.

        Hustler made a porno called “The world’s luckiest patient” and that was another “sign” of how much sex I was supposed to be getting from the porno girls to take the place of my hons, (Venus). The song “If you can’t be with the one you love, honey love the one you are with” by Stephen Stills was permission from my hons to do this, until I could have sex with my hons in heaven. There are very many pornos of a nurse having sex with a patient and one nurse resembled Juliet Lewis who starred in the movie “Cape Fear”. That’s CF or “see F” and a sign that the por-nos got an “F” for obeying God’s request to make me the “luckiest patient” or even the little bit of sex to prevent the 911 disaster.

         While recording this I got a “c//” sign that my battle with women was c// to “the cold war” with the USSR.    I also got a sign that I had “absolute discernment” when I was covering “the cold war” in #122b and #124 and include some clips of it in this video. Another sign is Absolut vodka’s ads have been very accurate with “Absolut OJ” across from “We have a winner” (Hillary elected senator 11.2000) in Talk magazine 2.2001. Then “Absolut howling” (wolves) on the back cover of The New Yorker magazine 10.2001 (after the absolute oj on New York 9.11.01 for voting for the wrath of God when they elected Hillary in 2000). Then the “Absolut discernment” ad that I show in this video. Another rated X class that turned patriotic is 103, (you can read it on this page) . I think these two are more than a coincidence, but I don’t know enough to explain it now.

        This starts with showing the c// of Jenny McCarthy and MTV to her in “Babes of Baywatch” by Playboy and a c// lady in the movie Dragon and a c// lady in a porno. Also scenes from “Sleepless in Seattle”, that I obeyed the signs I got to go to New York city in 1986 & 1994. In the first hour of 127e1  I cover me obeying God’s requests about sex verses those who didn’t, like in this video..mov

127i = 2:08 hrs, 3.31.09. I had to step on some toes with a “get over it” talk (also on 127L).  I continue “King of the road” (65 and 75 mph) from 127e & f (all 3 of these are condensed on 127e1). I explain how to play a “seniority trump card” on the USA and  Denmark verses USA’s safety net. “Get it on, bang a gong” was prophetic of this sc (@ the the last 3 min).  Also a scene from “Mulan”..mov

127j = 2:08 hrs, 4.3.09. I got a new building manager that was the third in a row that was blatantly working with the FBI against me and so this is the second time I’ve had to do a video to match their evil innuendos back to them. Then I do a talk (mostly to republicans) about how I’ve gotten less prejudice against democrats as an example of how God may use Obama like FDR and I was hoping the republicans would have an open mind about it. A condensed version is on 127e2. .mov

127k = 2:08 hrs, 4.12.09. I show “The Perfect Storm” as an example how people may get hurt by my early departure and hopefully this will smooth it over. At 29 to 33 minutes is from #125 as a “c//” to the 9.11 disaster. I explain WAR60 as a “big red boat”, (also on 127L), and that the mocking and persecution of me is speeding up my departure. That led to another death bed sermon that I normally wouldn’t have given and I explain some things that Jesus said were just tricks to catch hypocrites and force us to use our brain. Then I explain that “back in time miracles” are just a magical memory lane visit and how I practically live in a back in time miracle (like “King of the road” on 127e1). The scenes in Lonesome Dove I mention at 1:56, I end up showing on 127s at 51 to 57 minutes and a “c//” is the last 7 minutes, and all on the 4th of July was a “fit wit” that Mexico should probably join the USA..mov

127L = 1:26 hrs, 4.14 & 4.16.09. PEC the songs: Afternoon Delight with MTV & The Nightmare Before Christmas. ABC by The Jackson Five. Elaborate on the red boat, WAR 60 from #127k. Delta Pam and the dp at the lake and Lyin’ Eyes by The Eagles. They steal away my diet and the beach so I play Steal Away by Robbie Dupree. Elaborate on the “get over it” talk from #127i. I show the Red Sun truck from 3.21.08 Good Friday then play the songs Red Rubber Ball, “Rock and Roll Lullaby” and “Reminiscing”..mov

127m = Rated X, 2:08 hrs. 4.18.09 I obeyed a call to cancel my plans and do this sc, to pec the TLC color and the #628, Dumbo’s revenge flight, Horatio Hornblower: The Devil is the Duchess (a fruit bowl oj). Pec the songs: Levon (one of 3 songs that refer to balloons and sex that I summed up better in the first hour of 127e1), Tiny Dancer & Lido on my rhythm nation drive, and when I learned God liked secular music better than christian music. RATED X scenes that were c// to my life. Songs by Brandy that show what its like to be courted by the Holy Spirit..mov

127n = 2:03 hrs, 4.23.09. I show that the “Hawaii Lei of Stars” show on 5.2.09 was a c// to a “Twilight Zone” show and c// Randy West porno (Rated R) and the c// in The Man Without a Face. (Also the license plate TZs529 is a c// to this sc and 127e1 on 5.2.09, and my response to the back LASH is on 127q1.) Yummy bears c// Elton John’s song “someone saved my life to night sugar bear”. I show the feedback from the FBI over my last sc, #127M. It was 834 to quit the pornos but it would’ve been 837 (a labor of love and lust) if the por-nos would’ve payed me in money, sex or just in respect, to keep being “the cheering section” (like in Singing in the Rain) for the girls to be Venuses.  Continued on #127o..mov

127o  FBI feedback; yummy bears; 60s songs. 1:17 hrs. Continued from 127n with the same topics, except I explain signs I got that some songs may be a way to get in touch with me after I’m gone. Also a song that explains a way to heal the wounds of traumatizing experiences like the 9.11 disaster..mov

127p = RATED X, 5.27.09,pec pg 469 early exit, clean sex vs boring sex. 2:08 hrs. 5.27.09, Rated X. This was a spontaneous sc but I covered a lot of details, like in clean sex verses boring sex, and show some examples in the pornos. The picture goes bad at 1:17 for one minute but the sound is still good. .mov

127q1 = RATED X 6.11.09, KAL & 007 & JBS and CFR Stang (see117a & b) Rated X 2:08 hrs. 6.11.09, Rated X. This is about soar losers (736), like “Max a million Caddy” (DeNiro), in Cape Fear. Its also about the back LASH (from the FBI and the “stars”) to 127e & 127e1. I replay the part that made them mad, to show why they are so mad at me and to show what they did to get me back. I show scenes from Cape Fear that show that Nick Nolte was playing my hons (God), and how praying is counted as sex with God. That was to explain a rated X scene that was a “sign” of me praying. When I had to show one X scene, I thought I might as well show a few more signs I found in the por/nos. I found more information that helps explain two Korean Airlines jet crashes that were actually the motivation for this video, because I didn’t want the information to go to waste or be forgotten, so it got me to do this video because I realized it was do it now or never..mov

127q2 = RATED X 6.19.09 brandy & church girls knew it & didn't do it. Rated X; the warrior is a child. 2:08 hrs. 6.19.09, one rated X scene. I explain the end of 127q1 with the start of 100b as it applies to the song “the warrior is a child”; and the C// por/no scenes of me obeying God’s call verses (the church) girls who didn’t, and then compounded their sin when they mocked me for obeying what the lord asked me to do. Just like in 127r where I cover how much I was required to get pictures of myself at Pearl Harbor and how much I was mocked for doing so. The start of this SC is a lot of “C//” wits that are hard to follow at first, but it makes sense when I finish showing what I’m talking about. 

        The motivation for this SC was an “I love you, good bye” to Brandy. It was just like I did with the TLC (The Latin Connection) on #100, and to California on #25, and to the por/nos on #104 (I explain that these are an after glow thrill of doing things in God’s will on 116b, 6.25.09 sc). The “good bye” part was the “get over it” scene replayed from The Little Mermaid on #102 & 127q1, because it keeps getting clearer. Just like the por/nos and the NFL that are mad that their shows are so “video aged” (boring), is also covered with more “soar loser” information. On 109a, from 1:29 to 1:39, I explain how Brandy became a soar looser and how God used her mocking me to get me to admit my calling to represent Jesus‘ return. mov

127r = 2:08 hrs. 6.21.09. I explain about half of the pictures I’ve taken since May 1997. On the day I moved in here (5.9.97 to apt 420), I missed capturing an awesome sight because I forgot I had a disposable camera. That was a sign to never be caught without a camera again. I retell how all those who knew the 9.11 disaster was coming went into denial after they saw how terrible it was and then tried to accuse me of their sins with “You knew!” (and didn’t tell us). [Then I tell it again on 109a.] I play the song “Material girl” by Madonna and realize it was a C// to when I talked about Obama earlier in the SC. The picture of the Copyrite store (at 2:02), can be seen as the Super Geeks store they changed it to, in a clip I pasted on at the end of this. .mov

127s  RATED X, 2:08 hrs, 7.4.09. I think I got tricked into doing a SC but I’m sure glad I did because it was blessed with a lot of “4th of July” magic, including a sign that Mexico should probably join the United States. I first mention that on 127k above, except this time I show the scenes from Lonesome Dove that I just talked about at 1:56 on 127k. This is rated X for all the signs I show in the porno ads. The “Hi Rose” porno that I talk about is at the very end of #53 in a short over run scene, The luck I had with this caused me to do 127t the next day. At the last 8 minutes of this I call Google’s bluff (to get them to list my web site), and I had to do it again at the start of #127u..mov

127t = 2:08 hrs, 7.5.09.  Because I got lucky on the 4th of July I felt obligated to explain it and celebrate it with another SC the next day. I wasn’t sure this was a good one until I used so many over-runs of it on 117a, the SC I did 7.6.09. Both times I explain the TV show: “Cheetahs in the Land of Lions” as a play on words that the eastern states (not just New England), are “cheaters in the land of lions, (that got expanded to all the USA at the end of 127z). The last 12 minutes I play the songs of the Ipanema girl (sp?) as the Levi’s “Reason no.153” girl, and “tell me sweet little lies”,(if you want to get sex miracles from heaven). Then I show the signs I found at each of the ten minute chapters on 127s...mov

127u .mov, 211MB, 1:31 hrs, 7.20.09. At the end of 127s, I had to call Google’s bluff (that they wouldn’t list my web site), I had to do it again at the start of this one. It was a good time to call the military’s bluff also, i.e. who’s got power behind their threats and and who’s just bluffing. There’s also some suggestions to changing the way the military does things. Then I explain some New York “Ms Rights” and play the songs: You are a native New Yorker, and: The eyes of a New York woman. There are a few signs in the over-run scenes that compliment this, (also #126b and 127u are about about big dippers to New York that were c// to the USA). I got feedback of how much the girls liked this when I had to break my Samsung VCR just to get the tape of this class out. That really made recording these classes difficult because most VCRs have only a 5 minute pause verses the Samsung that had a ten minute pause. I explain the difference in the classes I recorded after this one. See other NASA classes at #32, 37, 90, 127x06 & 172, and the military parallel in # 1c, 21, 127u & 127x11.

127v  is 40 min of misc SCs I put after 127e4 7.31.09.mov

127w = 8.13.09 & Google lists my web site.mov

127x01&2  Heard call & obeyed vs disobeyed and the sex losses from it, 8-14 to 8-22-09.mov

127x03 Most of the videos from page 4, 9 & 14 on mikeOversonEndtimes.com..mov

127x04 Saliari  as christians in Amadeus, mad at God for picking me to represent Jesus’ return..mov

127x05 Explain the movies Home Alone 2 & Anastasia.mov

127x06 Explain the Bye bye Miss American pie song with NASA & Maxim ma. Fox 2/5 talent contest is c// to “weaning you of your crutch” picture on #23 at 1:53.  See other NASA classes at #32, 37, 90, 127x06 & 172, and the military parallel in # 1c, 21, 127u & 127x11. (C// women OJs on #62 & 84, 99 & 127x07.)

127x07 I combine American Pie SCs & Anastasia & the Cold War. Explain David Koresch as John Brown & in 127x8. (C// women OJs on #62 & 84, 99 & 127x06.)

127x08 RATED X, Shane, Nancy Reagan & Hawaii girls oj. Beauty & Beast “DeFENSe” of Hawaii, David Koresch & me. (Stephani Gosk from ABC news is on #69 @ 1:19, 127x08 @ 1:40, 127x11 @ 8 &1:30, 127z @ 1:11) .mov

127x09 RATED X, NASA556 = Outland, Rasputin, Lamancha & Matt. Blue Crush, (c// #67), Hilton Head & Shane..mov

127x10 I explain the 941 prayer, Home Alone 1 & 2, Beauty & the Beast and What a Wonderful Life, (big dippers).mov

127x11  .mov, 306MB, 2:08 hrs, 9-21-09. I show scenes of ABC in Iraq with Stephani Gosk and her c// scene in UNDER SIEGE. I show “the dp is clear” improvements in the pornos, then they get 86ed for mocking me. I explain part of  The Crush  and Death Becomes Her. The Bible vs other books (in White Fang & in Iraq, retold from 127y1). I show “egs” that deceived me to drink in The Sound of Music and that deceived me to laugh at greatness. “The dp is clear” oj with three porno scenes at the end. This is from #21 above: On #127x11, (from 1:09 to 2:08), I got lucky and bold at explaining how much help the military got from heaven on my behalf, and the “evil gods” that are expert liars at mocking and denying it, (also read #23). I show how I was seduced and deceived by an “eg” to laugh at “greatness”, (Winston Churchill). Then a scene from THE SOUND OF MUSIC where the Captain refused to “go along to get along” and escaped from the Nazi party. Then it ends with a divine coincidence of a guy, (that’s parallel as me and my “up, up and away” balloon of sex perms, see 21 to 56 minutes on 127e1 that confirms this), giving a massage to two girls in “the bay area” where I had a linen supply truck route that and had a massage parlor as one of my stops. I show a sign from another porno, (RATED X), that God had a lady from that massage parlor busted for prostitution for not obeying the lord to teach me sex when I was 17. It’s a good picture of the “red carpet” treatment women get from God through me and how stingy they are in return. That causes the red carpet treatment and the “up, up and away” in my beautiful balloon of sex perms to come to an end with just the memory of how good they had it before they threw it all away. See other NASA classes at #32, 37, 90, 127x06 & 172, and the military parallel in # 1c, 21, 127u & 127x11. (Stephani Gosk from ABC news is on #69 @ 1:19, 127x08 @ 1:40, 127x11 @ 8 &1:30, 127z @ 1:11)


127x12  THE LAST CLASS & GOODBYE 10.13.09.mov Please read #110&111 that explains prayers I had to pray in1995 that i parallel to this class at 47minutes to 1:13.

127x13 THE LAST CLASS & GOODBYE for Vimeo & Facebook. Actually I as able to do 127y3, 127z, 131, 88a and 1b after these two..mov

127y1  8.30.09 cycle wreck. The Bible vs other books (in White Fang & in Iraq, retold on 127x11).mov

127y2 RATED X, Sophie Ferrari as TBS750 and Happy Days sex of 1970s AWasTE with Saturday Night Fever music at the end.

I show a scene from The Stand with other signs that my cycle wreck the previous day, (on 127y1), was a black magic curse wreck and so were the three previous cycle wrecks and a sign of how I might die in one also. Chronologically 127x4 through 127x13 came next when I got on a hot roll of doing these classes until it got canceled at 127x12 & 13.

127y3  .mov, 169MB, 1:14 hrs, 2-22-10.   is what I’ve recorded since THE LAST CLASS & GOODBYE on 127x12 & 13.  This started as a goodbye to The Apple Store, then I got revelations of respect for classical music is required as much as for what “the greatest generation” did for us. I explain the license plates 948TZS529 and the look of shock that is on my 529 plant, (the #529 means Miracle grow, or in this case, the shock of being 86ed). It’s a sign that people were a bit surprised at “the difference is clear” (dp clear), after they’ve mocked away the help they were getting from God. It surprised me more than it did The Apple Store that I was through with my Mac classes. It’s like quitting my MTV AOLs, or cigars, or seeing doctors, or pornos, when God says I’m done then She can make it stick. The goodbye I show is the same lesson I learned to not mock classical music, especially in the movie Fantasia. Then I noticed it was parallel to showing respect to the people who made the USA the freest country in the history of the world. That’s the point I was trying to make in the repeat scenes of Bill Murray and the song “you don’t know me” (from Ground Hog Day on #89), that I accidentally sandwiched between the  scenes of Pearl Harbor synced with classical music (from 127e2 & 3). It’s a sign that if you mock what The Greatest Generation did at Pearl Harbor, or classical music then you are about to meet a big red sun, (i.e. an angry God). I show more “signs” of how much this also applies to Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor and the “Kocha” on their flag. There’s also scenes from the first half hour of #33, the “D of nukes” tape.  I got to talk about this on 127z at 2:18 to 2:30 into it, and inserted it in this one when I “redidit” on 2-22-10. The scenes that I talk about, (like from DEATH BECOMES HER), that aren’t in here are in 127z.

The scenes at the end are summarized here and explained more thoroughly at 30 min into #1b.

127z On 1-21-10   I decided to clean up #88 and got committed to finish it and ended up with 2:43 hours. I got signs that it was blessed with a full moon visit from my hons: Abba, “Partner” and the Holy Spirit, (in #61 I explain why Jesus’ name is “Partner). #88 turned into a checkmate class and after all these years of big dippers to women it was poetic that this subject got so much information out of me. Since I cover the movies An Affair to Remember  and  Sleepless in Seattle in 116b, (both with a romantic climax in New York city), I put in another 30 second clip of Romeo and Juliet to make this 2:44 long, like the movie New York, New York is.

         One thing I forgot to mention at 2:15, was when I was required to watch the movie “Seven” on 9-11-00, the time was 9:43 when they required a crying lady to look at gross pictures, I was 43 years old and realized it was a sign that I had to watch that gross movie because it would be prophetic of what would happen one year later on 9-11-01. (One definition of 943, in this case is when a 43 cries.)  I also slipped on explaining a christmas song that could ALSO apply to “the one”, but I’m sure my critics will be thrilled to have another excuse to mock me as “you’re so vain”. That’s also a very poetic (reason for) ending of my last class. (Stephani Gosk from ABC news is on #69 @ 1:19, 127x08 @ 1:40, 127x11 @ 8 &1:30, 127z @ 1:11)

128a = 1.2 hrs of #97 to explain my AOLs, (America On Line with God through me watching MTV 10-6 to  11-14-95). For the shortest thorough summary of my job and these AOLs  Read pg 14, #128a to 128f at MOET.com.

128b = 2.2 hrs to explain my AOLs..mp4

128c = 10.6, 7 & 10-8-95 AOL, 4 of 6 hrs..mp4

128d = 10.8.95 early & late AOL. .mp4

128e   mp4, 120MB/ 41 min. This is the end of the AOL I did on 10.8.95. That was the end of my first really big AOL, with more divine signs than I had ever seen on TV before, and a lot of people saw it: how much MTV and the rock n roll stars and the sponsor’s commercials were hearing from God. Not to mention America on line with God through my “learn on the fly” AOLs . It was a big example of “didn’t it rain children?” (= “rw” 723 pm,  7.23.09 and a siren which means Mega wasTE). Then the whole thing was shot down by the usual “big deal”. I just realized that’s one reason why you’ve got a disabled mess teaching these classes on home movies, its proportional to your applause.

        If you want to know the trouble you can get in for mocking these signs from heaven, I found a clue in the song KINGS AND QUEENS AND GUILLOTINES  by Aerosmith. I’m sure they’ve changed the lyrics to another one Areosmith’s songs, like in DRAW THE LINE, it’s been changed from “you’re the queen of the GRIND” to “queen of the brine”  and in  “SING WOMEN” it’s been changed to “sing with me”, (especially after I played that song for Hillary’s re-election 11-6-06 at the end of #84 & 91). The motive for changing the lyrics is the people that are in denial of how much trouble they in in with God. That also explains new York’s “shock” at the 9-11 disaster when “the angels mob you with warnings” , (that’s what Starbuck said to Ahab in the new MOBY DICK). The lyrics I’ve referred to as the wrath of God are these: “SCEAMS AND NO REPLY, THEY DIE”. I’ve listened to and taken notes on Aerosmith’s songs so often that I abbreviated that as “SNR” then I noticed it was short for “snore”. For those people who mock God’s miracles with fake yawns or snoring they may encounter a crisis where they cry out to God and get no reply and die.  There is more on this on 128F, next.

128F = 10.9.95 The song “you ought to know” was about our, (USA’s), first strike out with God when we got no applause as I mentioned in 128e and at the “didn’t it rain children” video at #001c above. Read pg 14, #128F at MOET.com and see the “4 songs in 4 minutes” video that sums up the first strike out.

129 = Sept 95, (mostly VH-1). .mp4

130    .mov, 208MB, 1:30, 9-28-95. The Grind on MTV and it goes with the 10-12-95 Grind and a 31 minute talk after it on #131. These two, (130 & 131), were in .mp4  but I “redidit” in .mov because it was important that these two came in good. There are many classes that cover how much I was mocked at The Grind on MTV on 9-28-95 and how prophetic it was of the 9-11 disaster, (a few are #24 @30 to 52 min, #25 @ 1:28 min, #88a {RATED X} @1:08 to 1:30, #124 @ 50 to 1:03 and #127z @ 1:03 to 1:21 minutes, and read #131). I just noticed a parallel to that in psalm 37:12 & 13. “The wicked plot against the just and GRIND their teeth at them; but the Lord laughs at them, knowing their day is coming.” That day was 9-11-01, (I repeat this line at the bottom of 131).

131abc  .mov, 455MB, 3:40 hrs, 10-12-95 & 2-24-10. This is the first 2.5 hours of my 10-12-95 MTV AOL, then a 31 minute talk about the difference between the 9-28 GRIND, (at 1:08 hours on #130), verses the 10-12-95 GRIND, (at 2:04 hours on this one, #131).  At 3:08 hours I show a dance scene from the movie STORMY WEATHER, after I explain why it’s so similar to the 10-12 GRIND. At 3:12 hours is the song “SEXY AND 17”, that was very prophetic of the half hour talk that was a lot about sex in school, and the California GROUNDHOGs that “flunked SHAMPOO” because they were BEAUTY SCHOOL DROP-OUTs in GREASE, (from 1 to 1:05 on #95), and in SHAMPOO and forced me to move out of state.

         At 3:16 hours I inserted 30 seconds of the Genie, as God asking for applause. The main reason for that was the the Genie does the splits going down the stairs just like the two tap dancers did in STORMY WEATHER. That got me to insert the parallel scene from DEATH BECOMES HER, (from 127z @ 2:35), because Meryl Streep does the splits when she falls down the stairs and dies. Those three splits going down the stairs are a picture of how much help they get from God to look so “cool and talented” but when they steal all the credits and mock God as a nerd then they do the splits when they die falling down the stairs like in DEATH BECOMES HER.

        After the Genie is a 17 minute talk when I narrate my way through the 10-12-95 GRIND, (from #75). One of the songs they dance to is AUTOMATIC LOVER, I looked up the lyrics and they were just what they sounded like and as I explain it was a sign of me representing Jesus’ return, “can you deal with my reincarnation and combination with absolute sophistication... you know I’m someone very special”. That’s parallel to when I play the song and show the lyrics to I’M SPECIAL, (Brass in my pocket), on 127g @ 30 minutes. I explained the main reason for doing that was an ad by a psychologist in 1995 that had a picture of a lion with the caption YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL. Like I said “If God made a song to mock that psychologist the least I could do is play it for you”, (in a class of explaining divine signs in songs). However in the music Video to AUTOMATIC LOVER they do mock “the one” but at least they didn’t change the lyrics on the web like the stars and women have done when they find out what the message from heaven is, (read 128e). I believe that’s what they did to the last song of my last AOL on MTV 11-14-95, (#157), that I put at the end of this. I’m sure the lyrics are exactly what it sounds like, “here we are now imitate us acting stupid is contagious” and that made it perfect to go with the song THIS IS HOW WE DO IT, (@ 3:20), which was my job, to explain that these are divine signs and blue prints from heaven showing you how to get the most out of life. Since it is required of every entertainer to steal the credits for songs and movies that are from heaven I end this show with Meryl Streep pushed down the stairs and does the splits at the bottom, (dead). It’s like when they mocked me on THE GRIND with the World Trade Centers in the background as a parallel to psalm 37:12 & 13. “The wicked plot against the just and GRIND their teeth at them; but the Lord laughs at them, knowing their day is coming.” That day was 9-11-01, (from #130 above).

        At 3:33 I mention the prudes in the church would object to this music and these classes, then I start the song SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT. They told me in Alaska, (1992), that the nerd dunce tied up with rope at the end of that song was me, (@3:36:33), and the “tied up” part was how much I’m kept in the dark. The Lord confirmed it as a sign to me right after I judged how stupid that song was, that’s when I saw that dunce, (of course I denied that it applied to me). Shortly after that I read in USA TODAY that the lead singer committed suicide and right below it was an article about child abuse. I explain how that applied to me and his music video A HEART SHAPED BOX and the next song, “what if god was ONE OF US” on #95 @ 41 to 51 minutes. The point of this is that it will be God who is calling you a “nerd” even if you are as tied up and in the dark as I was in1994, you are still required to figure things out on your own.

132 = 4hrs 10.12.95, (1.7hrs repeat of 131). .mp4

133 = Last 38 min 10.12.95 AOL. .mp4

134 = End & start of 10.13.95 MTV AOL..mp4

135 = 10.13.95 3.3hrs..mp4

136 = MTV Real World 10.13.95 part 1. .mp4

137 = End of MTV Real World 10.13.95. .mp4

138 = 10.28.95 start of AOL MTV.mp4

139 = 10.28.95 = 3 hrs..mp4

140 = 10.28.95=1.2hrs..mp4

141 = 660TH Kari Steal & me = KMS521 Accent & 86ed..m4v

142 = Sheik's oj = Use 1 or get none..m4v

143 = 10.28.95 = Un-laughable 9.11 warning, (explained on 116a & 116b)..mp4

144 = 1st 3 hrs 10.31.95 MTV..mp4

145 = 10.31.95 MTV = Michael Jackson's Thriller..mp4

146 = 10.31.95 = 3hrs Michael Jackson through My So Called Life..mp4

147 = last of 10-31-95..mp4

148 = 11.5.95 & Who is it (from #100)..mp4

149 = RATED X @ start, (explained on 127s), 11.6.95 & 11.6.92.mp4

150 = 11.6 to 11.12.95 on MTV..mp4

151 = 11.12 & 11.13.95 was the last, biggest and best AOL on MTV, mostly on 11-13-95. .mp4

152 = 11.13.95 , 2.2hrs. .mp4

153 = 2hrs of 11.13.95 AOL..mp4

154 = 11.13.95  46min. .mp4

155 = 11.13.95  145min. .mp4

156 = last hour of 11.13.95 AOL..mp4

157 = last MTV AOL 11.14.95 & I Love Trouble 11.20.95.mp4

158 = last AOLs 9.6.96 to 9.2.05. .mp4

159 =12.18.03 recorded after Maxim mag mocked away Xmas sexx perms.mp4

160  .mov, 158MB, 1:07 hrs. This is the tape of songs I recorded on 5-31-01 that carried me through 9.11.01. I show and explain many of these songs on #30, (also read #160 on pg 16 at MOET.com).

161 = AOL 1-11-95 =2hrs, see 127x12 as a introduction to these AOLs..mov

162 = AOL 2-26-95 Grammy preview #1 of 3 = 2.2 hrs.mov

163a  = AOL 3-1-95 Grammy & previews #2 of 3= 2hrs .mov

163b = AOL 3-1-95 Grammys #3 of 3= 1.5 hrs .mov

164 = AOL 3-3-95 Sinatra & Eagles 1st 2 of 6hrs.mov

165 = AOL 3-4 to 3-16-95 The Eagles last 4hrs.mov

166 = AOL 3-6 & 3-8-95 Messiah sister1 of 3= 4hrs.mov

167 = AOL 3-7-95 Messiah is my sister 2 of 3=2hrs.mov

168 = AOL 3-9-95 If ever I lose my faith 3 of 3=2hrs .mov

169 = AOL 3-10-95 Moon Zappa & Grind 2 of 2 =3hrs.mov

170 = AOL 3-11 & 17-95 I Know = 2 of 2 =1hr.mov

171 = AOL 3-17 last hr to 3-19 & 2hrs 9-21-95.mov

172 Is what I recorded 3-25-05 as a sign that Jesus’ return was over (That’s all folks!). Then I got a camera and had to make a record of all this, I showed this same part on my first class (#4 on 6-4-05, also on #99). Next on this is the 2 hour warning to NASA on 4-12-05 not to have a woman to command the shuttle, I show and explain most of it on #32 on 8-9-05 but this direct dub copy comes in much better. Like the AOLs this is only for reference (and was recorded for me so it needs to be explained to be understood). The start is the last 15 minutes of a tour of the USA, also part of the “D of Nukes” tape with the song “What if Jesus came back like that”, because I was so amazed to find out that God had already accomplished through me what God asked me to do January 1993, (to represent Jesus’ return, also explained on #4 on 6-4-05).

        There are a few abbreviations I used too often to edit them out of this web site, so I’ll need to explain them. It started when I needed a name for these classes and picked “sam-cams” or SCs, because my first camera was a Samsung. Another abbreviation I use is: “c//”, it’s a symbol that means “see the parallel wit”, (or witness), and it’s usually referring to parallel signs from God to confirm a sign is accurate, or such a ”fit wit” that its more than just a coincidence. (The picture of these two bridges parallel to each other is an example of a “c//”.) Another abbreviation is “p.e.c. or pec”, thats short for “please explain and/or confirm” that this “sign” or information is correct. “EGs” means “evil gods” or people that deliberately give wrong directions.  The abbreviation “rw” means: “refrigerator wit” or witness (when it turns on), and “rq” means the  “refrigerator quit”. When matched with the time it can be a sign from God or an “eg” (evil god), giving useful or deceiving information. Also when a door slams or you hear a siren and you match it to the time it can be a sign. “AOLs” means “America On Line” with God through me, usually on MTV, see #128a to 158. The last is: “Oj”, it means “over judgement” against a crime or offense, e.g. where you have to pay back 7 times or 70 times or 700 times what you stole. That happened to me when I stole some tools from work, (about a dollar’s worth at a good garage sale), then my wife did over $700.00 damage to my Lincoln Mark V the same day, (when I didn’t have insurance). I later realized it was a “sign” from Lincoln, as God, teaching me not to steal.

      The table of contents is more thorough at MikeOversonEndTimes.com, but it doesn’t have the videos #127x3 to 127z and #161 to 172, (this .info site does have them). For the best summary of this web site please see the WELCOME page, (with the links to pages 6, & 14), at this link to MikeOversonEndTimes.com. The Welcome page explains God’s motive to scare us in the Book of Revelations was to get enough respect so God could call off the plagues in the book of Revelations. That was also motive of my attention getting reference to the movies EARTHQUAKE  and 

    AFTER SHOCK: EARTHQUAKE IN NEW YORK at classes #80 and 126b, below.

        The reason I had to start two new websites, (.org,  & .info), was because I lost my old Mac and iWeb, but I’m glad I did because my new Mac converts videos to .mov and they come in much clearer than the mp4 files that my old Mac used to do at the .com site. Also I was able to “copy and paste” together classes here for better continuity, (e.g. instead of 3a and 3b, now it’s 3a&b).  If any of these two, (.org  or .info), fail to download or play you can get a mp4 copy at this link to Mike Overson End Times.com.

          Just to let you know, these web sites are payed up through 2019. I expect to be in heaven long before that time, with out help from someone else this web site, (with .com and .info), will disappear in 2019.